Free Zoo Admission, Today Only!

Haha, I meant to MY zoo.  Yep, that’s right…I have updated photos of my zoo for you all!  I know you’ve been missing my babies so I thought I’d share some photos with you.

First of all, the zoo LOVES JR!  Oskar is known as “Officer Oskar.”  He’s always on patrol.  He will sit next to JR any chance he gets.  If we walk into a room, Oskar will sweep the perimeter to make sure there are no dangers.  He will also occasionally head butt the dog-cats just to let them know who’s in charge around the baby.  Elvis is always laying next to JR on the couch, and occasionally nuzzles up so close to her that he’s practically sitting on her head.  If she cries and we don’t get to her in time (or what Elvis thinks is time) then Elvis will run over to us and start barking, “She’s broke, she’s broke!  Fix her!  NOW!!”  Uma doesn’t really care about her, but she will lick JR every morning.  Uma usually licks JR’s back, leg or foot but sometimes she sneaks in a lick on the face.  Ew.  Especially since Uma’s breath is so bad!  The dog-cats really could care less about JR and tend to stay out of the way. Dog-cat #2 just recently started laying on my lap while I’m holding JR.  I need a bigger lap!  I’m so happy the zoo likes JR!  They’ve all been around babies and kids before and they adore them.  I wasn’t sure how they’d react to having a baby of their own, around all the time.  But, they love her and it is so sweet to watch them interact with her.










How cute is the zoo?  I love those little guys!!  Aren’t you glad zoo admission was free today?!  You’re welcome!


Stop by again soon!  I’m sure I’ll have more zoo photos for you!
Enjoy your day,


Getting the hang of this…

Hey everyone!  {d&k} are still here!  We have been pretty busy trying to get the hang of this whole parenting thing, haha.  K went back to work full-time this week, so I’ve been busy trying to get things done while Juliet sleeps.  I’ve always been really good at multi-tasking…but I must say, I’m awesome now that I only have a couple of hours to get everything done!  I love it!  I feel so productive, hehe.

Anyways, things are going really well here.  We are having a blast with our little girl, even on the little amount of sleep we get a night.  The sad part is, I’m getting more sleep now with a newborn than I did when I was pregnant.  Haha, I’ll take it!

And, if anyone is wondering…the zoo absolutely loves Juliet!  The pugs are always on “patrol” and won’t let her out of their sight.  Oskar follows me everywhere and will lay right next to me, in order to keep an eye on Juliet.  He was always very protective of me, but now, it’s ridiculous.  I’ve never seen him so alert and ready to pounce on a cat.  Elvis lays next to Juliet every chance he gets and he has stopped trying to lick her face.  I think once he realized she was staying, he didn’t feel the need to claim lick her anymore.  Uma, however, must lick some part of Juliet’s body everyday.  She loves to run into Juliet’s room, sniff her entire body, and then pick a spot to lick.  Thankfully it is usually on her leg or back and not the face.  Ew.  The cats could really care less.  Charlie, dog-cat #1, just started getting close to her.  He began nuzzling her this morning and found that he really liked to nuzzle her diaper.  The diaper was covered in black fur after that, haha.  Sebastian, dog-cat #2, occasionally will sniff her, but that’s about it.  He doesn’t mind her and will lay next to her on the couch…but that’s about it.  I’m really happy that everyone gets along and that the pups aren’t jealous.  It must be exhausting being on patrol all day, because all the zoo does is sleep.  Hah.  I’m not complaining!  It makes for a very quiet house sometimes.

I promise to keep up with the blog and share all of my new motherhood stories with you. But, not until next week…my parents come in town tonight {happy dance} and are here for the weekend!  I can’t wait.  And, this is their first time meeting Juliet!  I’m so excited for this weekend!!  I will fill you all in next week…and you know I’ll have photos!


Thanks for hanging around, even though I’ve been horrible at blogging lately.  I will be better, I promise!

Enjoy your day,

Cuteness Overload

Are you ready for this?  I’m not sure you are.  Prepare yourself for cuteness overload….
Yes, those are tiny baby flip-flops. Are you kidding me?!?! Damn you Old Navy and your cute baby shoes!

Look at those adorable preppy onesies and those cute little canvas shoes! Damn you Ralph Lauren for having such stinkin’ cute baby clothes! (These were a gift from our shower – how sweet!!)

IMG_2591 Little baby mittencuffs! Ok, I really just like saying that name. Mittencuffs. Some people say scratch mitts, whatevs. How can you not like the word mittencuffs better?! Anyways, look at how cute it is. This little guy went missing for a few days. I can see why…he’s so tiny! I ended up finding him in the dog bed by the washer. I’m not sure if it fell out and landed in a dog bed, or if a dog really wanted to keep his little paws warm.

Thanks Aunt Sara for these adorable outfits & BGSU onesie! They are so cute! I cannot wait to see what Mini will look like in them!

Photo Mar 23, 7 40 39 PM
We like to use Sebastian as our tester. So far, he has approved and enjoyed the stroller and baby carrier. He enjoyed these socks until he had to walk around in them. So, he approves of them only when lying down. Seriously though, how cute does he look in baby socks?!


See, I told you…cuteness overload.  As if the baby flip-flops weren’t enough, I had to go and throw in my dog-cat in socks.  You’re welcome!


Enjoy your day,

Ninja Cat, Level: Teleportation

I’ve decided dog-cat #2 (aka, Sebastian) has a super power.  Teleportation.  He’s also a ninja.  He’s pretty talented.

He’s a very sneaky thing to begin with.  With dog-cat #1, you can hear him coming down the hall.  He walks and runs very heavy-footed.  Sort of like an elephant.  With dog-cat #2, you can barely hear him coming down the hall, unless he has something he wants to show you (like my yarn balls) and then he makes the dying sea-lion noises.

The dog-cats like to sleep with me.  Sometimes they’ll sleep at the foot of the bed, on my side, or they’ll curl up on the couch in our bedroom.  Most nights, I don’t know if they are on the bed or the couch.  I never feel them.

Lately, dog-cat #2 has been especially ninja-like.  I get up to go to the bathroom several times a night (thanks Mini Mullan!) and every time I do, dog-cat #2 has to come running into the bathroom.  I’m not sure if he’s worried he might miss something… Does he think I need help?… In any case, he has to be in there with me.

Well last night, he comes in and it was all a blur.  I didn’t see him actually come into the bathroom.  I just noticed that he was below me, laying on the ground, pawing at my foot.  Heart.attack.  I start to head back to bed and as soon as I get into bed, he’s in my spot, pawing at my arm and purring.  What?!  How did you get back here so quickly?!


There must be a portal from right in front of the toilet and another right next to my side of the bed.

Now clearly, these are very small portals…only big enough for a 17 pound cat.  That’s why I’ve never seen them.  This is the ONLY explanation.

I’m also convinced there is one in the cat room because as soon as I put food in his bowl, he’s there.  Poof.  I think he takes the one from my bedroom to his room.  Again, only explanation.

And, I’m pretty sure dog-cat #1 used it last night.  I remember seeing him sleeping on my bed right before I closed the bedroom door to lock him in there.  He’s sort of a loner and likes to be locked in rooms by himself.   Rooms, closets, same thing.  He’ll stay in there for hours and when he wants out, he throws his body against the door letting me know he’s ready.  So, last night, he had been in there for a few hours and I was just waiting for the giant {thuds} to start, when all of a sudden, he jumped up on the couch behind me.  What?!  Where did you come from?!  You were locked in the bedroom.  I swear.

I wonder how many portals there are around the house?  The dogs clearly have no idea these exist.  That would be dangerous.  Pugs popping up out of no where.  Reappearing in different rooms.  They are not sneaky, or smart, so I feel it is best they don’t know these portals exist.

Maybe that’s why the dog-cats are so chubby.  They don’t have to walk from one side of the house to the other.  They just teleport.

Like I said, this is the only explanation for this.  And no, it’s not pregnancy brain talking.  It’s definitely teleportation.


Enjoy your day,


79 days

I just saw a countdown today.

It scared me.

It said 79 days until Mini Mullan’s arrival.

79 DAYS!  Holy cow.


We’ve been very busy getting ready for Mini Mullan’s arrival.  I thought we were doing okay.  That is, until I saw the 79 number on the countdown.  79.  That’s not that many days.

We had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and Mini Mullan is doing great!  She’s right on schedule.  Keep up the good work, little one!  And, we had to register for the childbirth class.  Eep.  I’m not really looking forward to this.  I think this class is going to make me worried, scared or have anxiety that I really don’t want.  I’ve been pretty good up until this point.  Not really worrying about anything, especially not delivery.  Maybe because it seemed so far off.  Damn you, 79 days.  I also haven’t been worrying about that because she has to come out one way or another, haha.  And, I really like and trust my doctor, so I’m not worried about the process.  But, I’m sure this class will change all of that.  And, I’m not going to lie.  I’m naive.  I like it in my bubble.  It’s clean and warm.  Perfect for this little germaphobe.  I’m okay with not knowing things.  Really okay.  And, so is K.  He’s a fight or flight kind of guy.  If he knows too much going in, he’s likely to pass out.  No joke.  Head on the floor.  We’ve already warned our doctor.  So, the less he knows, the better.  We’ll see how this class goes.  You may see a bit more panicky posts from me.  You’ve been warned.

We also had to register at the hospital.  Yep, this just got real.  Aside from the wiggly, little alien inside of me, trying to claw her way out, it hasn’t really felt that real yet.  And now, dun, dun dun, it does.  That, and the fact that we’ll be seeing our doctor every 2 weeks now.  That makes it real.  Oh yeah, and those pesky 79 days.

And today, we went and interviewed a daycare.  We really liked it and we hope they turn out to be the best one for us.  We are still looking into a few others, just for comparison.  But so far, we think we know who we want to go with.

So, see…I think I’m doing okay for only 79 days out.  Right?  RIGHT?!?!  Someone tell me yes so I can stop freaking out.  And, the nursery is finished.  That’s huge.  And, we have one more shower here in Texas to look forward to and then we’ll be all set.  I hope.  Fingers crossed.

Well, we do need to work on dog-cat #2.  I think he’s going to be the one affected by Mini Mullan the most.  He’s pretty attached to me.  He has to be on my lap every chance he gets.  I’m worried he’s going to try to lay on top of the baby while I’m holding her.  I wouldn’t put it past him.  And, he’s already tried nesting in her crib.  That is why her door must remained closed at all times.  I can definitely see dog-cat #2 cuddling up with her in her crib.  Did I say cuddling?  I meant smothering.  Have you seen how fluffy he is?!  So, any suggestions on how to get an overly attached cat ready for a baby?  I’m not worried about the pups and dog-cat #1 at all.  The pups love kids and become very protective little watch dogs.  And, dog-cat #1 could care less.  He’ll ignore and avoid her and me at first.  Then, when he realizes I’m still feeding him and he still gets to sleep with me at night, we’ll be best friends again.

Well, there you have it.  79 days until Mini Mullan.  Get ready, world.


Enjoy your day,



I think they know

I think the zoo knows {d&k} are having a baby.  I mean, I had “the talk” with them right after we found out.  You know…the talk.  The one where they find out they are becoming big siblings.  Yeah, that talk.  And, they all seemed excited about it.  Uma kept getting distracted by a piece of lint blowing across the floor, but that’s to be expected.  It’s Uma.

Other than Uma, everyone handled it pretty well.  I’m actually not worried about the pups at all.  They adore kids.  When S was in town with her son, Pax, the pugs would lay outside his door until he fell asleep and they’d be right back there the next morning until he got up.  It was so cute.  When Pax was little, a pug guarded him in his carrier at all times.  Usually there was a pug on either side of him.  If one pug needed a drink, the other would stand at attention until the other pug came back.  They are ready.  And, as for Uma, she is clueless.  All.the.time.  So, she’ll be super excited every day she sees the baby.  Maybe she has short-term memory loss?  Each day is a brand new day to her.  Hmmm.  That could explain so many things.  It could also help me to understand why she hits her head on the back door handle every day, enough to give herself a bump and scar.

Anyways…So, the reason I think the zoo knows that we are having a baby is because they have all become a little extra cuddly lately.  Everyone wants to sleep on me.  Really, ON me.  Not just a head or paw touching me like they usually do.  Nope.  Entire pug/pugeranian/dog-cat body ON me.  Sometimes there are 3 animals that NEED to be on me.  Right now, mom.  Maybe they feel they need to get their cuddles in before the baby gets here.  I don’t know.  But it is definitely a new thing.  Oskar has been laying across my belly at night while I’m in bed and I think he’s crushing the baby.  She normally moves around a lot before I go to bed.  I think she’s having a late night (haha, late night = 9:30 for this girl) dance party in there.  Anyways, the last few nights while Oskar has been on me, no dance party.  I really think his little 20 pound body is crushing her.

And, as for the cats, they keep bringing me things.  Usually cat toys.  And, they are called dog-cats for a reason.  The two of them play fetch all the time.  But now, they aren’t bringing me the toys to throw.  They are little, slim-filled gifts.  Maybe for the baby?  I did wake up the other day with a cat toy on my belly.  Yep, that’s right.  And, it was under the covers.  How did a cat get the toy onto the bed and strategically place the toy under the covers on my ever-growing belly, that not too many things can balance on?!?  They must have had this feat planned out for a while.  As soon as I woke up and threw the covers off, I just started laughing. I actually had to wake K up to tell him because it was that funny.  Why do I have these furry little weirdos?!

So, what do you think?  Do you think my zoo knows?  If any of you have kids and a zoo, did your zoo act crazy too?

Enjoy your day,

Random iPhone Photos

Yep, it’s back.  Random photos I have on my phone.  Prepare yourselves.

K made me waffles for breakfast. So good! K might not cook that often, and he usually burns grilled cheese, but he knows his way around the kitchen for breakfast foods. He is the king of waffles and pancakes.

This is a little comparison I did to show how huge dog-cat #2’s paws are compared to my hand.  And, in case you don’t know this, I have HUGE hands.  Wow. And, he liked it so much, he let me hold his hand like that for an hour. I can’t help it my animals love me.

You know you are going to have a rough day when you slide out of your bed while sleeping and just can’t find the strength to get back in. Poor, old, grumpy Oskar.

Apparently Ewoks and nutcrackers come together as one this holiday season.  I think he’s kinda cute.  I might have to find a special place on the mantle for him this year.



And, do you know what I haven’t blogged about recently?!  Inappropriate or Awesome.  Yep, that’s right.  I will be bringing it back.  I’m sure I will find a whole new set of Inappropriate or Awesome this holiday season.  Get ready!


Enjoy your Tuesday,

Random Photos Found on my Phone

I was uploading photos from my phone to my computer and I found some good ones to share with you!

K’s cast is off! Look at how wrinkly his hand is! He thinks his hand still smells and he’s mad that I refuse to smell it. Ew.

I have some really great little helpers! They don’t mind modeling and testing sizes for me. I often find dog-cat #2 laying on my unfinished crochet projects. I think he’s telling me to make him something.

It was cold enough to wear slippers last weekend. Not anymore. It’s been in the mid 80s all week. But, this weekend it will be down in the 50s. Good thing I kept my slippers out!

I told k the only thing that would make my hand feel better was this giant pink unicorn. He told me to keep walking. Well, after the photo shoot, of course. Thankfully, the splint is off my hand, the swelling is almost gone, and I am down to 1 band-aid. Woohoo! I’m still milking it to get more time away from dishes duty. Shhh, don’t tell!

It’s a “ruff” life, but someone has to live it.

Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy your day,

Well, that was short-lived….literally

Remember Harrison, my fish?

Well, he’s dead.

Yep.  He lived all of one week, to the day.

But, he had a good life.  He wasn’t living in a bucket with 100s of other goldfish.  He had his own bowl.  Some rocks.  And a shrub.

Apparently carnival fish have a much shorter life span than they used to.  When I was younger, I won a fish at the carnival, named him Jaws, and watched that thing grow for years.  He lived for a long time.  And, I really do mean years!  I think at one point we were trying to kill him because we were convinced he was Supermanfish.

Quite honestly, I’m surprised Harrison didn’t go sooner.  I mean, I have two giant dog-cats who had been eyeing his bowl that entire week.  I’m glad he went on his own, and not due to a cat fang puncture wound.

I had a nice burial at sea for him.  As he was swirling around the toilet bowl, I told him to “find Nemo.”  I hope he does.

Happy swimming, little guy.


Enjoy your day,




Weekend plans…

…were rained out.  Booooo.

So, that means I didn’t get to refinish any of my furniture or use my new sander.  Boo.

And, I did not get to reorganize my office because I could not find the shelving I wanted.  However, k found something better…


6 giant fruit crates from our local market.  For FREE!  Yep, that’s right.  Go K, go!  I have been wanting these smaller wooden crates from JoAnn’s but I didn’t want to spend that much money on them.  I wanted to stack them up and build shelves/cubbies.  Well, I didn’t want to spend $12 on each crate, so k and I went looking around for something similar.  Well, after we couldn’t find anything, k hopped on the internet and searched for fruit crates but we couldn’t find anything less than $10/crate.  That was still more than I wanted to pay.  Then, k had his brilliant idea and called over to our market.  They said they get tons of fruit crates in and if they can’t use them for displays, they throw them out.  k found out they had 6 crates that they were planning on getting rid of and k said we’d take them.  We drove right over and loaded up my car with these 6 awesome crates.  Good job, k!!  My plan for these puppies is to build 3 together to make a bookcase.  I need to sand and stain or paint them too.  This is my labor day weekend project! Wahoo!  And, now I will have 2 new, huge, bookcases that cost me nothing.  How great is that?!

So, even though my weekend projects were rained out, I now have those and a new project to look forward to this weekend.

Aside from that, we were really boring this weekend.  We stayed in and watched movies all weekend.  d didn’t feel good, plus it was raining, so it made for a good weekend to lay around.  We did venture out to take the pups to the dog park pond.  Elvis made a new friend that kept stealing his toy.  We had to wait for this pup to be distracted by something else before we could throw Elvis’ toy into the pond.  And, Elvis wouldn’t let his toy out of his sight.  If another dog came near him while he was holding his toy in his mouth, he would growl.  It was really amusing.  He’s very protective of his toys.  This is how he rode in the car on the way home…

He wanted to make sure no one touched his toy…not even his brother or sister.  Goofy dog.

The pups were pretty exhausted the rest of the day.  Swimming in the pond takes a lot out of them.  When we settled in on the couch for the night, this is what I found…


I’m not exactly sure why dog-cat#2 was tired.  He spends all day in that exact spot, looking out the window.  But, he did made for a good cuddle buddy.  And Elvis makes for a good foot stool, according to Oskar.





That’s about all the excitement our weekend held.  How was yours?  Did you do anything exciting?

Enjoy your day,