Starting early

We wanted to introduce Mini Mullan to “good” music early.  You know, start her out of the right foot.  Help her start early following {d&k}s love for music.

So, how did we do this, you ask?  Simple.  We’ve been taking her to concerts for the last 9 months.  How else?!  She has to get the full effect!

We went to two shows in one week a little while ago.  We saw The Lumineers and Needtobreathe.  If you haven’t heard of either one of these bands, crawl out from your hole and check them out.  We’ve already seen Needtobreathe before, but they are an awesome band, so we knew we had to go back.  And, as for The Lumineers….they put on a fantastic show!  I can’t wait to see them again.

And, Mini loved them.  She was having a little one baby dance party all night long.  And, when the bands would finish a song, she would stop moving, only to start again when they began playing.  It was pretty funny.

So, needless to say, I think she is going to love music as much as we do.  Yay Mini!


Here are some pics from the shows.  They are not good quality since they are from my phone.  I completely forgot my camera…both times.  But, you get the idea.


We were pretty far away for The Lumineers, but that didn’t stop us from having a great time!  If you don’t know who they are, check out this video.


Photo Apr 27, 11 46 30 PM


We were much closer for Needtobreathe, but we didn’t have seats so we had to deal with crazy lady dancing, drunk guys stepping on my foot, and that giant random pole in the middle of the venue.  But, again, it didn’t stop us from having a great time!  And, if you don’t know who Needtobreathe are, check out this video.


I can’t wait until Mini is old enough that we can start taking her to shows with us.  We’ll have so much fun!!


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Alien Dance Party

Mini Mullan apparently likes to dance.  Every day.  At 10pm.  So much, that she scared the cat, who was laying across my belly.  Hilarious?  Yes!  Creepy?  Heck yes!

Mini Mullan has been moving around quite a bit lately.  K was actually able to feel her, twice, last weekend.  He has not been able to feel her since.  We are thinking it’s either because 1, his hands are really warm and she likes that so she’s nestled right up next to them, or 2, she doesn’t like him.  I’m going with 2, but K seems to be stuck on number 1.

So, this further confirms my thought that Mini Mullan really is an alien trying to get out.  She’s just getting her workout in, you know, training, every night until the “big day” when she attacks me.  From the inside.  No big deal.  Right?  RIGHT?!  I mean, women go through alien attacks like this everyday.  Some, even come back for round two, three, and even four.

I’m just saying, my alien theory may not be that far off.

And, based on K’s face when he felt her kick, I think he’s on the alien bandwagon too.

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Enjoy your day,
{d&k} (and the little alien too)

I think they know

I think the zoo knows {d&k} are having a baby.  I mean, I had “the talk” with them right after we found out.  You know…the talk.  The one where they find out they are becoming big siblings.  Yeah, that talk.  And, they all seemed excited about it.  Uma kept getting distracted by a piece of lint blowing across the floor, but that’s to be expected.  It’s Uma.

Other than Uma, everyone handled it pretty well.  I’m actually not worried about the pups at all.  They adore kids.  When S was in town with her son, Pax, the pugs would lay outside his door until he fell asleep and they’d be right back there the next morning until he got up.  It was so cute.  When Pax was little, a pug guarded him in his carrier at all times.  Usually there was a pug on either side of him.  If one pug needed a drink, the other would stand at attention until the other pug came back.  They are ready.  And, as for Uma, she is clueless.  All.the.time.  So, she’ll be super excited every day she sees the baby.  Maybe she has short-term memory loss?  Each day is a brand new day to her.  Hmmm.  That could explain so many things.  It could also help me to understand why she hits her head on the back door handle every day, enough to give herself a bump and scar.

Anyways…So, the reason I think the zoo knows that we are having a baby is because they have all become a little extra cuddly lately.  Everyone wants to sleep on me.  Really, ON me.  Not just a head or paw touching me like they usually do.  Nope.  Entire pug/pugeranian/dog-cat body ON me.  Sometimes there are 3 animals that NEED to be on me.  Right now, mom.  Maybe they feel they need to get their cuddles in before the baby gets here.  I don’t know.  But it is definitely a new thing.  Oskar has been laying across my belly at night while I’m in bed and I think he’s crushing the baby.  She normally moves around a lot before I go to bed.  I think she’s having a late night (haha, late night = 9:30 for this girl) dance party in there.  Anyways, the last few nights while Oskar has been on me, no dance party.  I really think his little 20 pound body is crushing her.

And, as for the cats, they keep bringing me things.  Usually cat toys.  And, they are called dog-cats for a reason.  The two of them play fetch all the time.  But now, they aren’t bringing me the toys to throw.  They are little, slim-filled gifts.  Maybe for the baby?  I did wake up the other day with a cat toy on my belly.  Yep, that’s right.  And, it was under the covers.  How did a cat get the toy onto the bed and strategically place the toy under the covers on my ever-growing belly, that not too many things can balance on?!?  They must have had this feat planned out for a while.  As soon as I woke up and threw the covers off, I just started laughing. I actually had to wake K up to tell him because it was that funny.  Why do I have these furry little weirdos?!

So, what do you think?  Do you think my zoo knows?  If any of you have kids and a zoo, did your zoo act crazy too?

Enjoy your day,