Weekend Recap

Over the weekend, we ventured out into different suburbs of the Metroplex.  We went to downtown Plano and Grapevine.  We were scoping out antique stores on the hunt for my new office chair, with no such luck.  I think I need to stop looking for it and the chair will find me.  Come to me, little chair!

Anyways, we had a blast!  We went to the “older” parts of these two towns and wandered down the cobblestone streets and in and out of every shop.  We also had some really, really good food.

We noticed that every shop in Grapevine has what looks like a banker’s vault in the back and the shops have turned it into a little room with goodies in there.  Well, after noticing about 3 of these, k asks one of the shop owners if her shop was a bank at one time because of the vault.  She said that we were in Bonnie and Clyde territory and that all the shops had these vaults to hide their valuables, incase Bonnie and Clyde came through town.  How cool is that?!  You could totally picture that.  You could see the horses coming down the street, instead of cars. The horse hitching posts are still outside every shop.  It is a very cool town.  We are actually going back this weekend for their Grape Fest and wine tasting.  Yum!

So, here are the few pictures that I snapped of our outing.  Enjoy!

{d&k} in downtown Plano.

Only in Texas will you see life-size statues of farm animals. And, k has to pose with every one of them!

Antiques! No chairs though 😦

Yummy pizza. If you are ever in Plano, TX, stop by Urban Crust. It was amazing.

K found this sign and he thinks it fits him pretty well.

We went to a wine bar in Grapevine. Yes, those are wines on tap! We didn’t get any of those because they had house wine half off! Yes, please!

Downtown Grapevine.

K, skating with some statue kids. Don’t fall, k!

D found a sign that fits her to the T!

K posing with some really creepy man!

The town is getting ready for Halloween.

Again, only in Texas will you find life-size statues of animals.  K would have posed, but it was in the median and we were driving.

Well, there you have it.  That was our weekend adventure, summed up nicely with little pictures.  You’re welcome!


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Our weekend adventures

Well hello there!  How’s everyone’s first week of August going?  Can you believe it is August already?!  Where has the year gone?

We were lucky enough to celebrate the beginning of August with our fantastic friends!  Bestest, her hubby, and little man were in town and we had a great time!  We kept things pretty low-key and spent a lot of time at home, hanging out in the air conditioning, watching the Olympics, and waiting for little man to wake up from his naps.  We also ate some really, really good food and, since we had a 2-year-old with us all weekend, got to act like little kids and get away with it!  It was a pretty awesome weekend.  See for yourself:

We took little man to the pool and to the splash pad. {d&k} had never been to a splash pad before and it was am.az.ing! I didn’t think we would be able to get k to leave. I think he was having more fun than the kids. But, we won’t be able to go back anytime soon because I think that two grown adults hanging out at the splash pad without kiddos qualifies as creepy. Too bad.

We had an adult date night at a fantastic little restaurant called Cane Rosso. I saw it on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives a few months ago and knew we had to go. It was delicious. Clearly, from the picture, we couldn’t wait to snap a picture before diving into the pizza. So, this is what you get. A practically licked clean plate. In fact, k may have been licking the plate. Hmmm…

You know that really awkward moment when your husband and your bestest’s hubby start holding hands during dinner? Oh, you’ve never experienced that moment?! I wish we hadn’t either.

We took little man to the aquarium and we all had a blast. I will never get sick of the aquarium! Little man had a good time too. After he looked at an animal for a minute or two, he would yell, “ELSE” letting us know it was time to move on to the next animal. It was pretty funny. So, even though the aquarium was packed, we made it through it record time, thanks to little man keeping us on a tight schedule. We even got to see the penguins during feeding time, which is my favorite thing to see, except for the otters.

We, of course, had to make the usual yummy pit stops. We went to Snuffers (or as bestest calls it, Snuffies – hehe, which I like better) for their awesome cheese fries and burgers. We also went out for ice cream sandwiches and, as you can see from k, they were delicious. I am definitely paying for all the good food we ate this week. It’s a lot harder to move at the gym. Oof.

The zoo loved little man. When Elvis wasn’t trying to jump up and lick little man’s face, he would cuddle with him any chance he got. Oskar would lay outside of his door until he fell asleep at night, and Uma would pace and whine outside his door until he got up in the morning. The cats felt a little indifferent about him. They were fine for a while, until little man pulled Sebastian across the wood floor. By the tail. I think the other cats witnessed that because they hid the rest of the weekend. Even Sebastian would lay on his tail when little man was around. I think they secretly liked the attention.

After little man went back to Ohio, the pugs fell into a sleep coma for 2 days. They are still a little worn out. Trying to lick, cuddle, and keep up with a 2-year-old is hard work!

Well, there you have it. That’s what we did over the weekend with our favorite people. Stayed tuned to see what we have planned for this weekend!

Enjoy your day,

Weekend Photo Overload

Hi there, friends!  As promised, here are quite a few photos from last weekend’s festivities. “Quite a few” is an understatement.  Enjoy!

First – The FOOD photos.  Try not to drool.





* Photo 1:  Black bean and cheese quesadillas. Yum.
* Photos 2 & 3:  Burgers from Twisted Root.  K did not want to pose for that photo…he just wanted to start eating.  Haha.  Sorry to delay you, k.
* Photo 4:  Our very large meal from the Mexican restaurant that didn’t have a menu.  No one told us how much food we would get and that we would have been fine sharing 2 meals between the 5 of us.  Oof.  Well, we know now.
* Photos 5 & 6:  More burgers.  And cheese fries.  Bestest had been looking forward to that moment for months.  She was a very happy and full girl.
* Photo 7:  That pizza was goooooood.  I didn’t even get a chance to take a picture before we started grabbing slices.  I almost lost a hand.  We are dangerous pizza eaters.
* Photos 8 & 9:  The best dessert evah.  Ice cream sandwiches!!  You choose 2 cookies (they can be the same or different) and your choice of ice cream and tadaaaa….best ice cream sandwich evah.  Bestest and I made everyone wait before digging in so we could have our photo-op.  We’re nice like that.

Next up – ANIMALS!  {d&k} took everyone to The Stockyards in Fort Worth, where DW could fit right in with his cowboy boots.  We also went to the Dallas Aquarium and had a blast!





* Photos 1 & 2:  D & bestest made friends with some horses at The Stockyards.
* Photo 3 – We met a few cowboys. Yeehaw!
* Photo 4 – We watched the cattle drive reenactment and that was my favorite long horn.  Isn’t he sweet!?
* Photo 5 – Sara fed a bird at the aquarium.  She was warned, “Don’t worry, he won’t bite” and seconds later he was trying to eat her thumb.  I think the aquarium needs to update their disclaimers!
* Photo 6 – My favorite little guy there…a blind penguin!  He was so sweet and didn’t move from that rock.  We were there in time for their feeding and he just waited patiently until the fish was right by his beak.  After he was done, he was tossed in the water for a swim and he just floated around, happy and full.  I really wanted to take him home but I didn’t bring a big enough purse.  Next time.
* Photos 7 & 8 –  The sea turtle and the manatee were very lively this time.  Both were swimming around and even stopped to pose for pictures.  Thanks, guys!!

Lastly – The RANDOMS






* Photo 1 – I am slightly obsessed with tying toys to Elvis’ head.  And then photographing it. I.can’t.help.it.
* Photo 2 – Bestest & {d&k} took their first trip to Half Price Books.  Oh.my.gosh.  Heaven.  K and I got 2 business books, 2 cookbooks (one was $10), and 3 novels for $40.  Are you kidding me?  I will be back, Half Price Books, I will.
* Photo 3 – We just had to have our picture with Elvis.  Not the dog. The King.
* Photo 4 – You know me…I always have to have a cute {d&k} photo in my Photo Overload posts.  You’re welcome.
* Photos 5 & 6 – K was sent to jail. Twice. Bad k, bad.
* Photo 7 – My parents, DW & B.  Aw.
* Photo 8 – K & Bestest mocking my parents.  Awkward.
* Photo 9 – Every once in a while k has to stop and ponder “things”.  Good thing there was a giant spur for him to ponder on.
* Photo 10 – Every once in a while k also has the urge to stop and “pose” with large long horns.  Good thing we were near a large long horn.

Well, friends.  There you have it.  That is what I documented from DW, B, and bestest trip to the Big D last weekend.  I hope you enjoyed looking at all of our fun. And food.

Thanks for stopping by!
Enjoy your day,

Bad blogger, bad

I’m a bad blogger.  Ok, maybe not a bad blogger, but definitely a bad photographer.  We had a fantastic weekend and I didn’t take a single picture.  Bad d, bad.  I’m sorry.  I’m still going to tell you about {d&k}s weekend, but you’ll just have to imagine what it looked like.  You can do it!

On Friday {d&k} met some friends, the newlyweds, in their neck-of-the-woods and went to a very yummy pizza place.  We’ve discovered a lot of restaurants in the D are BYOB.  Weird, I know.  And, unless you are in on this, you wouldn’t know to bring something to drink.  Thankfully, our friends were in on this mean-little-joke-restaurants-like-to-play and brought some wine.  YES!  So we enjoyed our pizzas and wine, courtesy of the newlyweds, and had a great meal.  Then, it was off to heaven.  Ok, not really heaven, just a little wine & chocolate bar called Chocolate Secrets.  De.lic.ious.  They make all of their own chocolates, cake, and ice cream.  {d&k} had a huge hunk of chocolate raspberry cake and k tried a pb&j chocolate and I had a salted caramel.  I was going to share mine with k, but then I ate it all.  Oops.  Maybe next time, k.  k also had a beer float.  (Yes, we had a fat weekend folks, deal).  It was vanilla ice cream with a vanilla porter beer.  It was really good!  I think we’ll be making that at home very soon.

On Saturday, {d&k} had a laid back day.  We got a few things accomplished around the house and then spent the rest of the afternoon cuddling with the pups in bed and watching a movie.  Then it was off to the Catholic Charities Gala.  There were thousands of people there, dressed very fancy.  People were arriving in limos!  I felt a little out-of-place.  Especially with all the ball gowns and sequins.  I sort of felt like I was at prom, only my pink poufy prom dress would not have cut it here.  It was at the Hilton downtown and this place has a beautiful ballroom!  And, the food was delicious (which to me is surprising…I’ve eaten a lot of catered food and it’s normally not that great).  The evening started off with a live band and cocktail hour.  There was a silent auction during cocktail hour and a live auction during dinner.  There were several packages that went for $10,000!  The Catholic Charities made out on this event!  And then, the evening’s entertainment consisted of a performance by Martin Short.  Yep, that’s right.  Amazing.  He was hilarious.  He even did Fronk from Father of the Bride.  Loved it.  It was a great evening and {d&k} had a blast.  I even snuck in a bit of people-watching, which you know I love!

On Sunday, it was so nice here that we spent the entire day outside.  It was awesome!  We did have to sneak grocery shopping in there, but we did that first thing so as to get it out-of-the-way.  Then we loaded up the pups and took them to the dog park.  It was packed and Elvis was in heaven.  So many packs to run with.  He was being chased by so many different dogs, it was hard to keep track of him.  But, he’s a good little boy and likes to come check in and let us know he’s ok.  Sometimes he runs up to us, then runs after a pup, then back to us.  I think he is showing us which pup he’s playing with.  Maybe to see if we approve?  Hah.  K thinks it is so we’ll watch him.  Either way, I like that he checks in 🙂  During a trip to the water fountain, all three dogs had to take a dip in the mud-puddle that had formed near the fountain.  That was fun.  We spent the rest of the time there trying to get them to stay in the sun to dry off.  Impossible.  I felt bad for the parents of this all-white bulldog who decided to lay and then roll around in the puddle.  He was no longer white.  After the dog park we took the pups to the trail we discovered last weekend and we hoped to stop at the restaurant that backs up to the trail.  Well, it was packed.  Everyone was out to enjoy the nice weather.  So, we didn’t get to stay and eat with the pups.  Maybe next time.  We did pick up dinner on the way home and we sat outside on our patio and enjoyed our food.  I still can’t believe it is the end of January and we were sitting outside for dinner.  This is my kind of “winter.”

So, I hope you enjoyed hearing about our weekend, and not looking at pictures.  I promise, I will be better next time!  I will take more pictures!

Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy your day,