Ninja Cat, Level: Teleportation

I’ve decided dog-cat #2 (aka, Sebastian) has a super power.  Teleportation.  He’s also a ninja.  He’s pretty talented.

He’s a very sneaky thing to begin with.  With dog-cat #1, you can hear him coming down the hall.  He walks and runs very heavy-footed.  Sort of like an elephant.  With dog-cat #2, you can barely hear him coming down the hall, unless he has something he wants to show you (like my yarn balls) and then he makes the dying sea-lion noises.

The dog-cats like to sleep with me.  Sometimes they’ll sleep at the foot of the bed, on my side, or they’ll curl up on the couch in our bedroom.  Most nights, I don’t know if they are on the bed or the couch.  I never feel them.

Lately, dog-cat #2 has been especially ninja-like.  I get up to go to the bathroom several times a night (thanks Mini Mullan!) and every time I do, dog-cat #2 has to come running into the bathroom.  I’m not sure if he’s worried he might miss something… Does he think I need help?… In any case, he has to be in there with me.

Well last night, he comes in and it was all a blur.  I didn’t see him actually come into the bathroom.  I just noticed that he was below me, laying on the ground, pawing at my foot.  Heart.attack.  I start to head back to bed and as soon as I get into bed, he’s in my spot, pawing at my arm and purring.  What?!  How did you get back here so quickly?!


There must be a portal from right in front of the toilet and another right next to my side of the bed.

Now clearly, these are very small portals…only big enough for a 17 pound cat.  That’s why I’ve never seen them.  This is the ONLY explanation.

I’m also convinced there is one in the cat room because as soon as I put food in his bowl, he’s there.  Poof.  I think he takes the one from my bedroom to his room.  Again, only explanation.

And, I’m pretty sure dog-cat #1 used it last night.  I remember seeing him sleeping on my bed right before I closed the bedroom door to lock him in there.  He’s sort of a loner and likes to be locked in rooms by himself.   Rooms, closets, same thing.  He’ll stay in there for hours and when he wants out, he throws his body against the door letting me know he’s ready.  So, last night, he had been in there for a few hours and I was just waiting for the giant {thuds} to start, when all of a sudden, he jumped up on the couch behind me.  What?!  Where did you come from?!  You were locked in the bedroom.  I swear.

I wonder how many portals there are around the house?  The dogs clearly have no idea these exist.  That would be dangerous.  Pugs popping up out of no where.  Reappearing in different rooms.  They are not sneaky, or smart, so I feel it is best they don’t know these portals exist.

Maybe that’s why the dog-cats are so chubby.  They don’t have to walk from one side of the house to the other.  They just teleport.

Like I said, this is the only explanation for this.  And no, it’s not pregnancy brain talking.  It’s definitely teleportation.


Enjoy your day,



Ummm…excuse me…

But, that’s MY bed…




I know my bed is comfortable…that’s why I bought it. But, come on! It’s MY bed! I let the pups out of my sight for 1 minute and this is what happens. There are many, many more photos like this. These are just the cute ones. This is a daily occurence in the Mullan Casa. Does anyone else have pups like this?! Who wait for you to stop paying attention to them for a millisecond so they can run off to your room and cuddle up in your bed?! Weasels!

And, note Elvis’ blanket. He nestled himself into that blanket on his own. And, it wasn’t even cold in the house that day. Weirdo. Little furry weirdos.

Enjoy your day and go check your beds for pugs,

Photos I’ve been meaning to post but have been too lazy to upload from my phone…

I think the title says it all.  It really only takes a minute to plug my phone into my computer and transfer the photos over.  But, there’s this thing called laziness that has taken over me.  So, that “long” walk back to the office, the act of getting the cord out of the drawer and plugging in the phone, then hitting the buttons to transfer the photos really didn’t sound appealing.  Until now.  I felt bad for my blog followers.  I haven’t been keeping up my end of the bargain.  I’ve been letting the photos slip.  So, here you go.  Random photos from my phone, since, well before Christmas.  Enjoy!
Sebastian got his fancy pants brushed. He was very excited to show them off for you. He spent the whole day strutting his stuff around the house. Who knew…brushing your fancy pants makes you feel sexy. Go Sebastian, go!

K helped me make Christmas cookies. One recipe called for K to mix the peanut butter and other ingredients by hand. K thought it would be a good idea to let the pups help him clean the peanut butter off his fingers. Meanwhile, I had no idea this was happening and I just hear lots of little girly giggles. I walk to the other side of the island to find this. Yes, it really was this gross. And, K is terrified of animal mouths. What possessed him to let the pugs lick his fingers?! And poor Oskar’s nubby teeth don’t allow for easy peanut butter pick up, so he bites. Poor K. Poor Oskar. Happy, fat Elvis.

Sworn enemies become best friends when it’s cold outside. Especially if your sworn enemy is as furry as Sebastian. Who needs a blanket?!

Oskar’s newest trick is to jump on the couch and hide in the pillows when we’re not looking. Then, he will wiggle down low so we can’t see him, or so he thinks. Too bad we can see him and he’s just so darn cute that we let him stay up there.

Oskar found the perfect way to sleep. Body in one bed, head in another.

He also perfected the proper tail placement when sleeping:
Tails need to be comfortable too. Especially cute little chubby ones.

I made a new blanket for K’s parents for Christmas. It was a lot of fun making it. Not so much fun sewing it all together. Especially when all Elvis wants to do is run through it.

Here’s the finished product, all sewn together:
I took a 2 week break from crocheting after this. I might make another blanket like this someday. Once I forget how long it took to sew together. Maybe.

We saw the fattest squirrel ever at K’s parents cabin. Huge.  And, she would chase away any other squirrels that tried to eat from the feeder. That’s my kind of squirrel. We don’t share. Get your own food.

I got to meet this handsome little man for the first time over Christmas. Isn’t he adorable?! And, that’s a pretty stylish shirt, if I do say so myself. Yes, I bought it for him, if you couldn’t guess.

The game is…Where’s Oskar?!

Well, that’s what you missed the last few weeks. Nothing too exciting. Sorry about that. And sadly, the photos are mostly of the animals. I can’t help it, they are just so darn cute. Plus, in a few months you will have baby overload so enjoy the animal photos now!

Next up is a fantastic dose of Inappropriate or Awesome. Get excited!

Enjoy your day,


The dogs are weasels.  Sneaky little things.

Always wanting…

on the couch.

more food.


to sleep in my bed.

to sleep under my covers.

to go for walks.

to bark at the neighbors, squirrels, cars, cats, birds, cat noises, weird noises, any noises.

There are so many more things that make them weasel-y, but we’ll stop the list there.  So, I compiled some photos that shows off their weasel-iness.

Can I please sit on the couch next to you? Look into my sad eyes…

Nothing to see here mom. Just two pups, laying next to each other, minding our own business.

Mine. My covers. I don’t want to share right now, mom.

Mom, I’m gonna need you to move my bed up a little more. Follow that sun ray!


Those little weasels are lucky they are so darn cute.  They could get away with murder and I’d still love their faces.  Weasels.


Enjoy your day & your weasels,

Oskar’s sleep habits

Oskar is a very good sleeper.  I think this has been his one and only hobby and he’s perfected it over the years.

He is very a loud sleeper.  He snores.  A lot.  You will always know when he’s asleep, based on how loud he is snoring.

Most things will not wake Oskar up.  He is either going deaf or has really, really good selective listening skills.  Sometimes, I have to shove him a bit to wake him up, after yelling for 5 minutes.

Oskar will sleep just about anywhere, but if there is a bed nearby, he’ll be in that.  Even if it’s a cat bed.

Oskar will not wake up after rolling over, movement of any kind, or falling out of his bed.  He will also not wake up if he’s having a bad dream and running and whimpering.  Shoving him usually doesn’t wake him up either.  To wake him from a bad dream, he needs to be picked up.  And even then, he sometimes doesn’t wake up.

Dog likes his sleep.  Like a log.

I was working in my office and Oskar was asleep on the floor next to my chair.  I knew this because I could hear him snoring.  Next time I looked down, he had moved to the cat bed next to him.  This is what happened after that:

Oskar starts out almost all in the cat bed.
Then, he falls out a little bit.
Next, he’s out a little more.
Finally, only his back legs are left in the cat bed.

This happened over the course of an hour and he made little grunts every time he moved.

He woke up a little later and looked very confused. Confused as to why he was not in the cat bed anymore. Oh, my little grandpa pug.

Well, at least he is always entertaining!

Enjoy your day,

Last pug bombing

Hello friends,

The humans said they want their blog back, so today is our last post…for now.  Little do the humans know that I have the Mac power cord in my bed.  Ha ha ha.

We (the pugs) wanted to leave you with something good on our last pug bombing day.  Something to make you laugh.  Something to get you through this Friday.  So, this is what we’ve settled on.

Go ahead.  Laugh at this big, dumb animal.  DW (oops, we mean grandpa), this is for you:

Source: via Dani on Pinterest



No way would we ever fall for something like that. Wait. What’s that? I smell peanut butter. Gotta go!

A little too comfortable


Uma, the greyhound, has been getting a little too comfortable on the couch.


Every morning, the pups wake up around 6am to go outside and eat breakfast.  After that, they want to go back to bed.  So, the pugs come back to the bedroom with me and Uma stays in the family room.  I usually wait for her to lay down in her bed before I go back to my bedroom.


Once I get up for the day, I take the pugs out to the family room with me, and I always find the same thing…


Uma hopping off the couch.


Now, this may not seem like  big deal, but the pups are not allowed on the couches.  I hate cleaning off dog fur, so they’ve been banned.  But, Uma thinks that if we are not around, she can hop on the couch whenever she wants.  Sneaky giant greyhound.


K told me he caught her on the couch one morning last week and she tried to tip-toe off the couch.  She wouldn’t even make eye contact with him, her head down in shame.  If I can’t see dad, dad can’t see me.  


I can picture her now…laying in the corner of the sectional couch, on all the comfy pillows.  Belly up.  All four paws stretched out in the air.  Head back.  Eyes closed.  Snoring.  And her tongue sticking, just barely, out of her mouth.  ON MY COUCH.


I’ve tried to get her to come back into the bedroom with the pugs and me in the morning, but instead, she walks over to her bed and plops down, letting out this ridiculously loud sigh and closing her eyes.  Once she’s down, there is no way of moving her.


We are at the point now, that when we spot her on the couch, all we do is gasp really loud and she hops off and scrambles over to her bed and quickly plops down in it.


I don’t know why she doesn’t want to lay in her own bed.  It’s way nicer than my bed.  And definitely nicer than the couch.  She is spoiled, I know.  I think she doesn’t want us to have nice things.  She’s claiming them all.  Is that what it means when I catch her using a pug as a pillow?  Mine.  This one’s mine too.  Ooh, and that one.  Mine.


We have a toddler in greyhound form.


Do your pups think they owe everything in your house?  Sneaky little animals.



Enjoy your day,














It’s the weekend…

Do what makes you happy…

Wake up in the big dog’s bed without remembering how you got there.

Nap with the enemy.

Get dressed up. With tiny hats. Always wear tiny hats.

Let it all hang out.

After a night of fun, try not to fall out of your bed.

If you do fall out of your bed, find the next best place to sleep.

And, nap by random feet.

Remember these simple rules of happiness this weekend. If you have questions, the zoo is standing by with answers. Good luck.

Enjoy your weekend,

Stupid morning people

Source: via Dani on Pinterest

I want to be a morning person.  I want to wake up, refreshed, ready to start my day.  But I’m not.  I actually want to punch those stupid morning people in the face. With a chair.  Who is really that perky when first waking up anyways?!  It’s not natural.  What drugs are they on?  How early do they go to bed?  What kind of pillows do they use?  Do they sleep with pugs?  What about a husband?  Why do I have so many questions today?

I really, really don’t want to get out of bed each morning.  I’m not “officially” awake until I’ve had coffee and/or a shower.  But mainly coffee.  I even go to bed early, with great intentions of getting up early.  But, that fails.  It always fails.

The funny thing is, the pups wake up at 6 am and want to go outside and have breakfast and then they go back to bed.  So, I get up at 6 am with them, let them out and feed them, and then I go back to bed.  What is wrong with me?!  Why don’t I just stay up?  I mean, I’m already out of bed!?  Seriously, I have issues.

And poor k.  He wants to work out in the mornings and I am just lazy.  All I want is to go back to bed.

I’m trying to get better.  I am.  But it’s hard.  Especially working from home…I don’t have to be “ready” for work by a certain time.  I start work every day at 8, so why do I need to be up at 6?

So, you are probably wondering why I’m telling you this?  Well, it is a blog about ME, so you’re kinda stuck with my randomness.  Anyways, I’m telling you this because I want to be better.  I want to get up with the pups and stay up.  I want to work out with k in the morning.  I will still not be a perky person until I’ve had my coffee, so take that as a warning if you plan on chatting with me.  But, I will be up!  I am telling you this because I’m hoping it will help me actually get up in the mornings, and stay up.  If more people than just k know, it will be more pressure on me.  So, you all can now help motivate me to get up and stay up!  Wahoo.  Now, if I wake up to any of you standing over my bed, staring at me, waiting for me to get out of bed, we will have some serious issues.  I cannot control what I do before I have had my coffee.  Remember that warning?  Yeah.  Beware.  I flail.  Ask k.

So, it’s on.  Bring it morning.


Enjoy your day,