about d&k

Hello there! Welcome to {d&k} take on the world!

I suppose you’d like a little background on {d&k} and why we started our own blog (aside from the glaring reason that we are awe.some). Well, here goes…

One day, k was offered a job in Dallas, TX and after much discussion, {d&k} decided to take it. Now, you’re probably thinking, big deal, it’s a new job. Well, you are right…it was just another (fantastically perfect for k) job. But, I should mention we would be moving for the job. From Ohio. Toledo, Ohio. As in, the upper-most-part-of-Ohio-just-minutes-from-Michigan Ohio. So, HUGE life changing event. And you know what? We decided to jump at the opportunity! Why not!?

So, this ole blog here stemmed from that to keep our friends and family involved in our new adventure. And, if we pick up complete strangers along the way (to read the blog, not literally pick up and take with us…although if it were an animal d would be all over it) than that would be fantastic. I don’t think our life is all that exciting, but if complete strangers want to read about it, who are we to stop them! (I secretly feel bad for you out there that do want to read about our lives…do you need a hobby? medication? a cat?) Either way…come on in, laugh at with us, and enjoy the ride! I know we will!

A few fun facts about {d&k}:
– k picked up d in a bar using a very, very bad pickup line
– d was secretly into bad pickup lines…clearly or there wouldn’t be a {d&k}
– d has a knack for acquiring animals (see zoo below)
– k likes to talk. alot. and d likes to talk fast. alot. {d&k} together, pure chaos. do not try to get a word in. do not. ever.
– k’s nickname for d is babydoll and d’s nickname for k is buddy
– no matter what {d&k} are doing, you can bet there will be lots of giggles and a camera near by
– {d&k} have a zoo…1 greyhound (Uma), 1 pug/pomeranian-pomerug(ian)-pugeranian (Elvis), 1 pug (Oskar), 2 dog-cats (Charlie and Sebastian) and 1 cat-cat (Shanahan, also known as cat #3). There will be a quiz later. Good luck.
– for those of you that don’t know what a dog-cat is, it is a cat that thinks it is a dog. they play fetch. are as big as a dog. come when they’re called, etc…
– k is very funny (or so he thinks) and d is even funnier (which is true)
– d is very clumsy and can often be found falling up the stairs and tripping over fuzz
– Sebastian (dog-cat #2) thinks it is his personal mission in life to race d to the top of any set of stairs (2 steps or 20, doesn’t matter), which does not help d’s clumsiness. (Sebastian also thinks his personal mission #2 is to help any and everyone use the bathroom. make sure door latches, people.)
– k can never, ever open a bottle, jar, bag of chips, etc. and always has to have d help.  Poor k, and his tiny, girly, munchkin hands.



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  1. Hi Dani…Hope you guys had a great christmas! And have an even better New Year! Just have to say…LOVE, LOVE,LOVE the blog! (especially where you make fun of Kevin). HAHAHa.


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