I hate snow.  I was not ready for it this year.  At all.  And, I thought I’d just have to see it when we visited our family in Michigan.  Oh no.  I was wrong.

Guess what showed up in TEXAS on Christmas?!  Yep, you guessed it.  Snow.
Texas snow

Then, we get stuck at the airport for 4 hours due to snow in Michigan, which delayed our flight.  When we finally landed in Michigan, there was way too much snow for me.  Way too much.  K said there was a little path cleared for the plane to land on the runway.  That’s why I don’t look out the window when flying.

And then we spent the rest of the trip in this:

Snow.  Everywhere.  And, it was cold.  Like 9 degrees cold.


Thankfully when we got back to Dallas, it was in the 50s.  I’ve only been gone a year, Michigan.  I’m not ready for snow yet.

And, I’m happy to report we haven’t had any more snow since we’ve been back. Unfortunately, it is raining right now and going to continue to rain for the next 24 hours. So, we’ve replaced snow with mud. But, at least it is not 9 degrees!


Did anyone else see snow on Christmas?   Anyone else in Texas see snow recently?


Enjoy your day and stay rain and snow free,


Wth, Texas, Wth?!?

What the heck, Texas!?!  I’m mad at you.  You know why.  Because it is cold here (really, really cold) and it snowed yesterday!  SNOWED.  In Texas.  Before it snowed in Ohio.  Wth?!

I have only been gone a year….I’m not ready for snow yet.  I know I’ll see some when I’m back in Ohio for Christmas, but I was not prepared for it yesterday.

Yesterday morning I got up to let the pups out, only to find snow covering my car windshield, the roof of the house and shed and enough on the ground to hide the ugly brown grass.  Wth?!  I ran back into the bedroom to wake up k and tell him.  He growled and when back to bed.  Later, when he woke up and looked outside he said, “Hey, it snowed!”  Apparently the growl was not for the snow, but for me waking him up.  Haha, oops.

Thankfully the snow had melted by 9am and everything was back to normal.  Or was it, Texas?!  Nope.  It was still cold.  I can’t handle this cold weather.  That’s one of the reasons I moved to TEXAS!

But, I can’t be upset with you for too long, Texas.  You promised it would be in the 70s this weekend and I’m holding you to that.  I have antsy dogs that need walked and none of us are venturing out for a walk in this weather.

So, get it together, Texas.  I mean it!


Enjoy your day and your weather,


Heater Hog

It’s cold here.  I mean, really cold.  For me, anyways.  I’m a baby and I do not like temperatures below 75 degrees.  Actually, that’s pushing it.  Let’s make it 80 degrees.

How did I live in Ohio for 29 years?!

So, it’s cold here.  Last night it was 33 degrees!  That’s winter coat weather, people!  What is the world coming to when Texas gets into the 30s in November?!

And, I’m stubborn.  I do not like utility bills and wasting money on heating and cooling the house.  So, I refuse to turn the heat on.  Even though, it’s a brisk 62 degrees in the house now.  So, the pups and I have locked ourselves in the office with a few hundred blankets, sweats and slippers (for me – although, Oskar would look mighty cute in slippers), and a small space heater.

The pups are cuddled up right in front of the heater and are currently not sharing with me.  Rude.

Oskar is the heater hog.  He loves this thing.  Sometimes I have to turn if off because it feels like his fur is on fire.  But he doesn’t care.  He would lay in front of that thing all day, if I let him.  Maybe that’s why we are best friends.

Oskar was laying directly in front of the heater, with about a foot between them.  Well, Elvis did not think that was fair so he sat in between Oskar and the heater.  Well, heater hog got upset and went to sit in between Elvis and the heater.  Well, at this point, the heater was touching Oskar’s fur and it started to smell like burnt pug.  Ew.  But that didn’t stop Oskar.  Heater hog.

So, I had to pull both dogs back to their little makeshift blanket bed/forts and angle the heater just right so that they could both feel the warmth and so that I could feel nothing.

The things we do for our dogs.

Meanwhile, Uma is on the other side of the room, hanging off her dog bed, tongue out, probably sweating to death.  She is a heater of her own.  She’s always hot.  She is like k.

K went to bed last night wearing shorts.  That’s it.  Shorts.

I went to bed wearing sweatpants, a t-shirt, a sweatshirt (hooded, for extra warmth), and socks and I still woke up a few times to adjust the covers and even to add another blanket.  I glanced over at k at one point and he had the covers completely off, tongue out, sweating to death.  I pulled the covered up over him and he immediately started flailing until all the covers were off again.

K and Uma.  Oskar and me.  We are weirdos.

Wish us luck today that 1, Uma doesn’t sweat to death, 2, Oskar and Elvis find a happy medium of sharing the heater and there is no more burning pug flesh/fur, and 3, that I get a little bit of heat from the heater, or Uma, or k before I freeze up and die.  Happy thoughts, people.  Happy thoughts.


Enjoy your day,

Wednesday Randomness

So, the last few days have been filled with boxes.  Lots and lots of boxes.  I have nightmares that I’m living in a cardboard box, sleeping on a cardboard bed (that is some how supporting {d&k} and the zoo without collapsing yet when I tripped over a box and fell onto it, it did no such thing!).  I wake up in a cold sweat and then I panic that the box bed will get soggy.  Maybe I shouldn’t eat before I go to bed?!  Anyways, the last few days have been a crazy mess of unpacking of said boxes and trying to find a place for everything.  Good news though….the house is completely unpacked and all the boxes are gone!  Wahoo!  I have realized that this house does not have nearly enough storage and I have jammed things into every nook and cranny I could find.  We went from having a basement, garage, attic, and an entire wall of book shelves to none of the above!  But, that’s ok because everything is unpacked!  And, this also means that k cannot be his usual pack-ratty self!  Can I get another Wahoo! for that!?!?

In not so good news…it is cold here!  That’s right, it’s cold in TEXAS!  Wth?  I didn’t sign up for cold weather in Texas.  Now, it’s definitely not as cold as Ohio, but you know me, anything below 80* is cold.  But, it has been very cold here and I can’t seem to stay warm.  The pugs and I were cuddled under a blanket with a small heater on us today!  Now, that’s just sad.  I know.  As soon as I typed it I thought “wow, she is a baby.”  But, like I said, I can’t help that its hard for me to stay warm.  Oh, and remember how I was having an “ooh shiny” moment?  Well, it has been so cold that the towels I put in there to soak up the water were frozen today!  Eep. So, my car is still a swimming pool.  I did park it in the sun today and left all the doors open, which helped to dry up some of the water.  I’m hoping to do the same thing tomorrow, if there is sun (which there better be, Texas. Do you hear me?).

Today I reopened my Etsy shop, just in time for the holidays!  I also added a few Ready to Ship items that will definitely make it in time for Christmas.  Pass the word along, if you know of anyone looking for a great Christmas gift 😉  Here are a few of the Ready to Ship items:

Ready to Ship Slouchy Beret Hat in Charcoal

Ready to Ship Ear Warmer in Marigold

Ready to Ship Ear Warmer in Navy



















In other random news…
Can I just tell you how many people told me that they love Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes too and after reading my post about them almost went out to the store to buy them?!  Haha.  I love it.  Mainly because I’m not alone in my strange, border-line-obsessive love tryst with Little Debbie and her deliciousness of goodies.  We should start a fan club.  But, we can’t eat the goodies, only talk about them.  I’m not condoning obesity and that’s what I would be if I could get my sausage-linky little fingers on a few thousand boxes of those wonderful {drool} goodies.  Ok, done now.  Do not let me near a Target. Do.not.  Ever.

And now, what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t leave you with some of {d&k}s random conversations?!  A bad one, that’s what. And, I don’t want to be a bad friend, so here you go…

{d} – Your sideburns are very poufy.

{k} – I know! They are out of control!  Stay down.  Yes, I talk to them sometimes.  Stay down, little buddy.  Calm down.  Lay flat.


{k} – I DON’T NEED TO WEAR PANTS TONIGHT!!!!!!  I can just pull up my socks!
(picture k standing in the middle of the bedroom with a hooded sweat shirt on, undies, and socks pulled up past his knees.  There is about 3 inches of leg showing, the rest covered by either undies or socks.  Hot.  Friends, don’t be jealous of me because I married that.)


Any time k does something goofy, stupid, weird, etc… the first words out of his mouth are, “Crap, you are gonna blog about that, aren’t you?!”  Haha, why yes, yes I am.

Thanks for being so entertaining k!

Until next time, enjoy your day!