K’s Funnies

So, I secretly write down all of the goofy things k says so I can later blog about them.  Funny?  Yes.  Sneaky?  Definitely.  Evil?  Possibly.  But, k hardly ever keeps up with what I’m blogging about, so he doesn’t know.  Shhhh, don’t tell him.

Here are some of his latest goodies:

{d} – I think Sir Pennington would be a great cat name.

{k} – It’s Lord Pennington!  And that’s Brittany’s cats name on Glee.  Geez.

{d} – Wow.  How do you know that?!

{k} – I watch Glee.  So what.  {Googling}  Aw man, its Lord Tubbington.  So close!


{d} – You fight like Pokemon.

{k} – You smell like Pokemon!

{d} – What?! Pokemon smells great!  He’s a Picaccu!


{k} – What’s the worst thing that could happen when you are standing up to pee?

{d} – I have a pretty long list.  Do you want them all?  Missing the toilet, peeing on your leg, peeing on your shoe…

{k} – No!  What’s the worst thing??

{d} – Those all seem pretty bad.

{k} – It’s an earthquake.

{d} – What?!  Is this what you talked about at your work meeting tonight?!?

{k} – No.  What’s the second worse thing?

{d} – {blank stare}

{k} – The lights go out.  I know this because it happened to me.  Tonight.  At 7-11.

{d} – Ew.  You went to the bathroom at 7-11?!?  That’s right by our house.  You couldn’t wait?!?

{k} – No!  It was an emergency!  Anyways, I went in and there were 3 light switches….On, Auto, and Off.  Auto was flipped up so I waved my arms until the lights came on.  Then, I went over to do my thing and the lights went off.  So I had to wave my arms again to get them to come back on.  Then they went off again.  This happened a few more time.  It wasn’t pretty.

{d} – Hold on….can you start over?  I need to blog this ridiculousness.


{k} – I think it would be really funny if you crocheted yourself into your blanket.  {Insert evil laugh}


Well, there you have it.  That’s my husband and soon to be father.  Wow.  There are no words.


Enjoy your day,


More Proof…

Proof that Google and I share the same brain.  As if we need more proof.  I mean, it’s been so obvious…here and here.

But, here’s the 3rd instance that screams Google and I share a brain…

{Queen B} – I can’t remember the name of that book…
…something about a warrior.  A warrior indian!!  I think he was similar to Geronimo.
…and I think I remember something about sunset.

{d} – Ok, I’ll google it.

{Queen B} – I think the author’s last name is Sommer.

{d} – Ok, let’s try this…
…”Book indian warrior by Sommer”

{Google} – Did you mean, “Empire of the Summer Moon by Gwynne”?

{d} – GAH!  Google did it again!  Why yes, yes I did mean that.


So, anytime you have to search for something and you only know bits and pieces of the information…no matter how far off you are (author = Sommer, really B?), come to me and I’ll google it for you.  So far, I have a 100% success rate 🙂


And, Google…I’m still waiting on my check.  I have some serious shopping to do.

Enjoy your day,



Random Wednesday Funnies

Hi everyone!

I hope Wednesday is treating you well!  Happy Middle-Of-The-Week!!  Any big plans this weekend?  I have my first Dallas wedding and I’m so excited!!  I will fill you all in next week 🙂

On to the funnies….

So, I should probably give you a little background on The Llamas.  In college, there were 6 of us that lived together.  Our junior year we lived off-campus.  One night, 4 of 6 were walking across campus for a meeting of some sorts, when a group of guys walked past us and yelled, “Sexy Mamas!”  Right.  Ridiculous.  Well, being the nerdy girls that we were/are, we hear “sexy LLAMAS.”  So became the nickname of our little group.  The Llamas.  Whenever we had a party or friends were coming over, they would refer to our apartment as, The Llama Pad.  And, through the years, the name has stuck.  There are 3 Llamas that remain best llama friends and we, of course, still refer to ourselves as The Llamas.  And, our husbands also refer to us as The Llamas.  They, however, are not Llamas.  They are Llama husbands.  Huge difference here, folks.

Anyways, the Llama husbands think it’s funny to pick on us.  Here’s is a recent attempt:

So, now you know.  Llamas don’t punch back. They bite. Or pinch the back of your arms (ladies, if you do not know this trick, let me know.  I’ll teach you.   Best.weapon.evah).  And, if in the odd chance they do punch back, just nuzzle.  Not faint.  I got the studies mixed up.

I think Just Nuzzle should be Nike’s new slogan.  Hmmm.  I think I’m on to something here.  Not only does Google owe me royalties for having my brain, but Nike will have to pay me, as well, for coming up with their new slogan.  YES!  Ok, first I’m going to buy a shiba inu, then a yacht.  Next I’ll work on my own lake.  Lake Dani.  It has a great ring to it, no?

Happy Wednesday!  Enjoy your day!  Oh, and go buy some Nike’s 🙂

Doppleganger Elvis

This is creepy. Prepare yourself.

Have you ever google imaged your dog?  No?  Really?!  Just me?!  Huh.

Anyways, do it.  It’s creepy.

Here’s a picture of Elvis…

Here’s what I found when I googled “dog breed pug pomeranian”…


Okay, isn’t that creepy?!  I mean, Elvis was an “oops” puppy.  Who knew there were more out there that look exactly like him?!

Now, I have no idea what made me ask k to google pugeranians, but I’m glad we did.  I think I should contact these people and see if we can get a pugeranian play group together.  I wonder if the pups would panic a little.  Think they are looking in a mirror.  Not know what to do?!

I wonder:

when these doppleganger Elvis’ run, do their tails straighten out to make them more aerodynamic?

if they have high-pitched, squeaky barks?

if they yip?  All.the.time?

do they eat anything you drop on the floor?  Including lettuce?

do they love to swim in baby pools?

I think I need to meet these guys.  I have a lot of unanswered questions!

Now, your homework for today is to google image your dog’s breed and report back to me with your findings!  GO!

Enjoy your day,

Google Stole My Brain

{d} – K!  Look!  Those are the cutest dogs!  What kind are they?!  (Yes, I was screaming with excitement that whole time).

{k} – I have no idea.

{d} – They look like Elvis!  Curly tail!  Floppy ears!  I want one!!

{k} – No.

{d} – I know that breed, I just can’t think of it right now.  It will come to me later.


{d} – Ibisu!

{k} – Bless you.

{d} – No.  The dog breed from earlier.  Ibisu.

{k} – Ok?!?!

{d} – Google it.  I want to see if I’m right.

{k} – {Begins to Google “Dog breed Ibisu”}
{Google’s drop down menu pops up and says “did you mean Dog breed Shiba Inu?“}

{k} – Do you mean Shiba Inu?

{d} – YES!  That’s it!  How did Google do that?

{k} – Oh my God. You and Google share the same brain.


I think Google owes me a lot of royalties.  I’ll be waiting for my check, Google.  In the meantime, I’ll be yacht shopping.


Enjoy your day.  And, if you have time, Google Shiba Inus.  You will not be disappointed!