Oskar’s sleep habits

Oskar is a very good sleeper.  I think this has been his one and only hobby and he’s perfected it over the years.

He is very a loud sleeper.  He snores.  A lot.  You will always know when he’s asleep, based on how loud he is snoring.

Most things will not wake Oskar up.  He is either going deaf or has really, really good selective listening skills.  Sometimes, I have to shove him a bit to wake him up, after yelling for 5 minutes.

Oskar will sleep just about anywhere, but if there is a bed nearby, he’ll be in that.  Even if it’s a cat bed.

Oskar will not wake up after rolling over, movement of any kind, or falling out of his bed.  He will also not wake up if he’s having a bad dream and running and whimpering.  Shoving him usually doesn’t wake him up either.  To wake him from a bad dream, he needs to be picked up.  And even then, he sometimes doesn’t wake up.

Dog likes his sleep.  Like a log.

I was working in my office and Oskar was asleep on the floor next to my chair.  I knew this because I could hear him snoring.  Next time I looked down, he had moved to the cat bed next to him.  This is what happened after that:

Oskar starts out almost all in the cat bed.
Then, he falls out a little bit.
Next, he’s out a little more.
Finally, only his back legs are left in the cat bed.

This happened over the course of an hour and he made little grunts every time he moved.

He woke up a little later and looked very confused. Confused as to why he was not in the cat bed anymore. Oh, my little grandpa pug.

Well, at least he is always entertaining!

Enjoy your day,


There’s a dinosaur in my pantry

Yep, that’s right.  A dinosaur.  In my pantry.  Uh-huh.

It all started on Saturday night.  It was late.  I was waiting for k to get home from a football game (more to come on this, eep).  There were dog/cat fur tumble weeds blowing across the hardwood floors, so I decided to sweep the floors with the broom.  We have hardwood floors in the family room and those butt up again the tile in the kitchen.  There is a little space between the two floors and dirt and fur always get stuck down there.  So, I was sweeping out that space when something jumped out from it and ran across the kitchen floor.



All the animals passed out on the floor.  None coming to my rescue.  Thanks attack zoo.

I thought it was a centipede.  I do not like bugs with lots of legs.  Actually, I do not like bugs at all.

So, I thought I could just sweep him up in the dustpan and run him outside.  Well, as I went to sweep him up I noticed the tail.  Dun, dun, dunnnnnnn.  Yep, a long tail.  He was a gecko!

A tiny, possibly baby gecko.  And, probably only 1-2 inches long.  And he was quick.

He ran right under the pantry door!  What?!  What do I do now?!  Zoo?!?  Zzzzz.  Great, thanks for the help.

So, I just left him there.  He was way too quick for me to catch.  And even if I did, how was I going to get him back outside?!

When k got home, I told him about the gecko living in our pantry and he said he’d go get him out.  I told him not to worry.  I thought maybe the cats would “take care of it.”  I also think that’s why I was never worried about having a gecko in the house.  I thought the cats would attack it.  They go crazy when a bug gets in the house, I can only imagine what they’d do to a gecko.  Apparently I was wrong.  The cats will do nothing to a gecko.  They will sleep, softly snoring, while the gecko runs freely through the house, ultimately ending up in my pantry, where he’ll fill his belly until he grows into an adult gecko, aka a dinosaur.  (Yes, that is the dinosaur life cycle.  Do you not remember this from elementary school?!  Baby gecko > gecko > adult gecko > GIANT DINOSAUR).

So, I was a little skittish all weekend when opening the pantry.  I was worried a giant dinosaur was going to pop out.  {ROAR!}  And scare me.  Of course, I picture a T-Rex, but come on…does it really matter what kind of dinosaur it is?  I have a dinosaur in.my.pantry, people.

Well, I guess this could be the best diet ever.  No more eating food out of the pantry for fear the dinosaur might get me.  Stupid dinosaur.  I have some good food in there, too.  Well, I guess things will be looking up for Oskar too….no more getting locked in the pantry.

So, there you have it folks.  As of today, we still have a dinosaur in our pantry.  It could have snuck out, but I’m not taking any chances.  No need to worry about me.  I’m just starving over here, that is all.  Send bread.


Enjoy your day and beware of dinosaurs,

It’s the weekend…

Do what makes you happy…

Wake up in the big dog’s bed without remembering how you got there.

Nap with the enemy.

Get dressed up. With tiny hats. Always wear tiny hats.

Let it all hang out.

After a night of fun, try not to fall out of your bed.

If you do fall out of your bed, find the next best place to sleep.

And, nap by random feet.

Remember these simple rules of happiness this weekend. If you have questions, the zoo is standing by with answers. Good luck.

Enjoy your weekend,

Stupid morning people

Source: ancora-imparo.tumblr.com via Dani on Pinterest

I want to be a morning person.  I want to wake up, refreshed, ready to start my day.  But I’m not.  I actually want to punch those stupid morning people in the face. With a chair.  Who is really that perky when first waking up anyways?!  It’s not natural.  What drugs are they on?  How early do they go to bed?  What kind of pillows do they use?  Do they sleep with pugs?  What about a husband?  Why do I have so many questions today?

I really, really don’t want to get out of bed each morning.  I’m not “officially” awake until I’ve had coffee and/or a shower.  But mainly coffee.  I even go to bed early, with great intentions of getting up early.  But, that fails.  It always fails.

The funny thing is, the pups wake up at 6 am and want to go outside and have breakfast and then they go back to bed.  So, I get up at 6 am with them, let them out and feed them, and then I go back to bed.  What is wrong with me?!  Why don’t I just stay up?  I mean, I’m already out of bed!?  Seriously, I have issues.

And poor k.  He wants to work out in the mornings and I am just lazy.  All I want is to go back to bed.

I’m trying to get better.  I am.  But it’s hard.  Especially working from home…I don’t have to be “ready” for work by a certain time.  I start work every day at 8, so why do I need to be up at 6?

So, you are probably wondering why I’m telling you this?  Well, it is a blog about ME, so you’re kinda stuck with my randomness.  Anyways, I’m telling you this because I want to be better.  I want to get up with the pups and stay up.  I want to work out with k in the morning.  I will still not be a perky person until I’ve had my coffee, so take that as a warning if you plan on chatting with me.  But, I will be up!  I am telling you this because I’m hoping it will help me actually get up in the mornings, and stay up.  If more people than just k know, it will be more pressure on me.  So, you all can now help motivate me to get up and stay up!  Wahoo.  Now, if I wake up to any of you standing over my bed, staring at me, waiting for me to get out of bed, we will have some serious issues.  I cannot control what I do before I have had my coffee.  Remember that warning?  Yeah.  Beware.  I flail.  Ask k.

So, it’s on.  Bring it morning.


Enjoy your day,