I think it’s time for another countdown!

Yes, that’s right.  It has been way too long since our last countdown.  Here is what {d&k} are looking forward to:


12 days until Christmas (I feel a song coming on)

13 days until we are back in Ohio/Michigan to visit with family and friends (I’m sure I can think of a song for this too)


And, that’s it.  Now it seems pretty uneventful.  Only two things made the countdown.  Now, I could have given you our schedule of events while we are in Ohio and Michigan but I think that’s probably more information that you’re here looking for.  Am I right?!  So, we’ll leave it at that pitiful little countdown.

But yay for only 12 days until Christmas!  Seriously, where has the time gone?  Thankfully I’m finished with my Christmas shopping.  Now, all we have left is to ship a few things off.  Ooh, and make Christmas cookies.  That’s this weekends project.  Get excited for pictures.  And pack.  We’ll have to pack sometime soon.  But, then we are done and we get to enjoy our first Christmas together as a family (of 3, sort of).  Yay! We have a few Christmas traditions we’ve started over the years and I’m excited to add to those.  Yay for Christmas!

Yay for Christmas!!


Enjoy your day,


More Proof…

Proof that Google and I share the same brain.  As if we need more proof.  I mean, it’s been so obvious…here and here.

But, here’s the 3rd instance that screams Google and I share a brain…

{Queen B} – I can’t remember the name of that book…
…something about a warrior.  A warrior indian!!  I think he was similar to Geronimo.
…and I think I remember something about sunset.

{d} – Ok, I’ll google it.

{Queen B} – I think the author’s last name is Sommer.

{d} – Ok, let’s try this…
…”Book indian warrior by Sommer”

{Google} – Did you mean, “Empire of the Summer Moon by Gwynne”?

{d} – GAH!  Google did it again!  Why yes, yes I did mean that.


So, anytime you have to search for something and you only know bits and pieces of the information…no matter how far off you are (author = Sommer, really B?), come to me and I’ll google it for you.  So far, I have a 100% success rate 🙂


And, Google…I’m still waiting on my check.  I have some serious shopping to do.

Enjoy your day,



What a weekend!


Did you miss me?!  Yay!  I thought you might have.

Sorry I took a mini break.  But, no worries…I’m baaaaack!

The wedding this weekend was fantastic!  Everything went well and the bride and groom looked amazing.
See for yourself:

There were no catastrophes (which there usually are) and everyone had a great time.  The bride said to me at the end of the night that she was sad it went by so fast.  It’s true.  There is so much that happens during a wedding and you are pulled in so many directions that it is very hard to take a step back and really enjoy the moment.

It was a very, very long day for the Queen B and me.  (I’m not sure if I told you that the owner of Bee for the Day, Queen B, was coming in to help me with this wedding.  Queen B is an amazing wedding coordinator and a fantastic friend, so we had a great weekend!)

We didn’t end up getting home from the wedding reception until around 3:00am, and of course, we were wired from working all day that we didn’t go to bed until 4:00am.  Ugh.  I easily could have slept the entire next day.  But, I couldn’t.  We had some serious shopping to do!!  And we did, too!   I mean, come on…we totally deserved it.  We had a very successful 1st wedding in Dallas!

So, the wedding set-up, rehearsal, and actual day-of took up the majority of our weekend.  We did manage to find time for food, shopping, food, shopping, and more food.  Queen B found a little extra time to cuddle with the animals too.  And, she did assist Elvis in running into the screen door.  It was great!  Absolutely hilarious.  And, since k upgraded the screen to heavy-duty, Elvis didn’t go through it!  But, you know what was NOT hilarious?!  K didn’t get mad at Queen B.  He laughed.  Now, if that were me doing it (again), he would have yelled.  Whatevs K, whatevs.

So, that was our weekend.  I’m so happy the wedding went well and my first wedding with Bee for the Day – Dallas was a success!  I cannot wait to start booking more!!

Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy your day,


Well, the drive across the country was a success!  We all arrived in one piece, including Elvis, who I thought for sure would get punt-kicked out the window as we drove across the state line.

The trip was pretty uneventful, which for us is a feat in and of itself.  We decided to drive straight through, instead of stopping in Memphis and staying over night.  We thought the pups and cats would get worked up being transported to a hotel and then back to the car.  The cats were sedated by a lovely little pink pill from the vet (HUGE shout out to West Toledo Vet for making our cross-country drive a peaceful one).  The pups slept pretty much the entire way and were so well-behaved, I wasn’t actually sure they were our dogs.  Weird.  But, no worries, today they are back to their devilish, selective listening selves.

The trip itself was supposed to take 18 hours, but we knew it would be longer with the pups.  We stopped 5 times (a few were the pups needing a break and a few were me.  Hehe, small bladder) and it ended up taking us 20 hours.  So, overall not bad.  It was a long time in the car, but k and I took turns driving every 4ish hours and that made the time go by pretty quickly.

Since we got in at 5am this morning, we slept the rest of the morning and then spent the day running errands and trying to get things ready around here for the movers to bring our stuff on Friday.  Yes, that’s right, Friday.  4 days from now.  I miss my stuff.  Sniff.  But, we did get a lot accomplished today, including finding ourselves a new mattress which will be delivered tomorrow! Woohoo.  So, even though we won’t have our bed frame until Friday, at least we won’t have to sleep on the air mattress all week (it is not fun when k gets off the air mattress and catapults me to the floor.  He finds it hilarious though.  Not funny k, not funny).   We did however strike out trying to find a baby gate in this ginormous city.  You’d think of the 2 Walmarts, a Target, a Petco, a PetSmart, and a handful of places we called, that one of those would have a baby gate to lock the pups in the kitchen for less than $100.  Nope.  None.  I can’t believe I am going to say this but, I was so sick of shopping today!  It was frustrating.  It was all my fault that I forgot to pack up the baby gates and left them in Toledo.  But, I didn’t think it would be that hard to find them here.  Thank goodness for Amazon!!  On a better note, our landlord told us we are allowed to paint (happy dance) so my week will now be filled with paint, paint, and more paint.  I love painting!!  So, this will make these 4 more days without our “stuff” easier to get through.

So, that pretty much sums up our last couple of days.  I just want to leave you with a little conversation from the road trip:

{d} – k, can you check on Sebastian?  He’s spent the last hour meowing and I think something is wrong.

{k} – Umm, yeah…he’s fine.

{d} – Why is he meowing so much then?

{k} – Well, he’s sort of upside down.  And I don’t think he can find his tail.

{d} – WHAT?!

{k} – Kitty crack.  He’s high.

{d} – Should I be worried.

{k} – Nope, he’s fine.


Enjoy your day!