Inappropriate or Awesome, Vol. 3

It’s been awhile since I have had an Inappropriate or Awesome post.  Sometimes I don’t stumble upon anything good and then all at once, there’s a bunch.  Well, you are in luck because I have some good ones.

Are you ready?!
It’s INAPPROPRIATE (but a little awesome) to make tails for your cell phone.
I think it’s inappropriate for a 30-year-old, soon to be mother, to carry a cell phone with a tail. But, the middle-schooler in me was jumping up and down with excitement.

It’s AWESOME that there is a neighborhood up in Plano that goes all out for Christmas! If your house wasn’t decorated, you got shunned. I mean, the houses that weren’t decorated (and there were only a few) didn’t even have any lights on. I’m pretty sure the neighbors cut the power.


It’s INAPPROPRIATE how much I think this woman resembles a garden gnome. Poor, little old lady. Do you think she knows?!

It’s AWESOME how good K is at Christmas gifts and presenting them. Here is a gift he got me this year. See if you can figure it out:




It’s AWESOME that I am the new proud owner of a circular saw. Watch out, Bob Vila, I’m coming for you! Thanks, K! AWESOME Christmas gift!!
It is also INAPPROPRIATE that I look that bad on Christmas morning. And, that I didn’t fight a photo. Ugh. Poor k.

I can’t decide if it’s INAPPROPRIATE or AWESOME that my friends think of me when watching Gremlins. Hopefully it’s because I’m cute and sweet like the mogwai (spelling?!?!) and not because if you get me wet after midnight I turn into a gremlin. I mean, who likes to get wet after midnight?!!?   Hmmmm…

It’s INAPPROPRIATE for a shop in Michigan to have a canoe full of taxidermy animals (with paddles). It’s even more INAPPROPRIATE for me to stand there, petting each one individually while asking, “Was this one real?!” (The fox was the softest, btw).

It is AWESOME that K bought this outfit for Phil. It is also AWESOME that they make an outfit like this for newborn girls. Haha.

It is INAPPROPRIATE for this to be your vanity plate:
It’s also INAPPROPRIATE for {d&k} to try to guess what it says. I’m still going for “Fart Maker.” And, ew. Someone at the DMV is getting a kick out of bad license plates and their stupid owners.


Thanks for stopping by!  Go find something Inappropriate and/or Awesome today!


Photos I’ve been meaning to post but have been too lazy to upload from my phone…

I think the title says it all.  It really only takes a minute to plug my phone into my computer and transfer the photos over.  But, there’s this thing called laziness that has taken over me.  So, that “long” walk back to the office, the act of getting the cord out of the drawer and plugging in the phone, then hitting the buttons to transfer the photos really didn’t sound appealing.  Until now.  I felt bad for my blog followers.  I haven’t been keeping up my end of the bargain.  I’ve been letting the photos slip.  So, here you go.  Random photos from my phone, since, well before Christmas.  Enjoy!
Sebastian got his fancy pants brushed. He was very excited to show them off for you. He spent the whole day strutting his stuff around the house. Who knew…brushing your fancy pants makes you feel sexy. Go Sebastian, go!

K helped me make Christmas cookies. One recipe called for K to mix the peanut butter and other ingredients by hand. K thought it would be a good idea to let the pups help him clean the peanut butter off his fingers. Meanwhile, I had no idea this was happening and I just hear lots of little girly giggles. I walk to the other side of the island to find this. Yes, it really was this gross. And, K is terrified of animal mouths. What possessed him to let the pugs lick his fingers?! And poor Oskar’s nubby teeth don’t allow for easy peanut butter pick up, so he bites. Poor K. Poor Oskar. Happy, fat Elvis.

Sworn enemies become best friends when it’s cold outside. Especially if your sworn enemy is as furry as Sebastian. Who needs a blanket?!

Oskar’s newest trick is to jump on the couch and hide in the pillows when we’re not looking. Then, he will wiggle down low so we can’t see him, or so he thinks. Too bad we can see him and he’s just so darn cute that we let him stay up there.

Oskar found the perfect way to sleep. Body in one bed, head in another.

He also perfected the proper tail placement when sleeping:
Tails need to be comfortable too. Especially cute little chubby ones.

I made a new blanket for K’s parents for Christmas. It was a lot of fun making it. Not so much fun sewing it all together. Especially when all Elvis wants to do is run through it.

Here’s the finished product, all sewn together:
I took a 2 week break from crocheting after this. I might make another blanket like this someday. Once I forget how long it took to sew together. Maybe.

We saw the fattest squirrel ever at K’s parents cabin. Huge.  And, she would chase away any other squirrels that tried to eat from the feeder. That’s my kind of squirrel. We don’t share. Get your own food.

I got to meet this handsome little man for the first time over Christmas. Isn’t he adorable?! And, that’s a pretty stylish shirt, if I do say so myself. Yes, I bought it for him, if you couldn’t guess.

The game is…Where’s Oskar?!

Well, that’s what you missed the last few weeks. Nothing too exciting. Sorry about that. And sadly, the photos are mostly of the animals. I can’t help it, they are just so darn cute. Plus, in a few months you will have baby overload so enjoy the animal photos now!

Next up is a fantastic dose of Inappropriate or Awesome. Get excited!

Enjoy your day,


I hate snow.  I was not ready for it this year.  At all.  And, I thought I’d just have to see it when we visited our family in Michigan.  Oh no.  I was wrong.

Guess what showed up in TEXAS on Christmas?!  Yep, you guessed it.  Snow.
Texas snow

Then, we get stuck at the airport for 4 hours due to snow in Michigan, which delayed our flight.  When we finally landed in Michigan, there was way too much snow for me.  Way too much.  K said there was a little path cleared for the plane to land on the runway.  That’s why I don’t look out the window when flying.

And then we spent the rest of the trip in this:

Snow.  Everywhere.  And, it was cold.  Like 9 degrees cold.


Thankfully when we got back to Dallas, it was in the 50s.  I’ve only been gone a year, Michigan.  I’m not ready for snow yet.

And, I’m happy to report we haven’t had any more snow since we’ve been back. Unfortunately, it is raining right now and going to continue to rain for the next 24 hours. So, we’ve replaced snow with mud. But, at least it is not 9 degrees!


Did anyone else see snow on Christmas?   Anyone else in Texas see snow recently?


Enjoy your day and stay rain and snow free,

I think it’s time for another countdown!

Yes, that’s right.  It has been way too long since our last countdown.  Here is what {d&k} are looking forward to:


12 days until Christmas (I feel a song coming on)

13 days until we are back in Ohio/Michigan to visit with family and friends (I’m sure I can think of a song for this too)


And, that’s it.  Now it seems pretty uneventful.  Only two things made the countdown.  Now, I could have given you our schedule of events while we are in Ohio and Michigan but I think that’s probably more information that you’re here looking for.  Am I right?!  So, we’ll leave it at that pitiful little countdown.

But yay for only 12 days until Christmas!  Seriously, where has the time gone?  Thankfully I’m finished with my Christmas shopping.  Now, all we have left is to ship a few things off.  Ooh, and make Christmas cookies.  That’s this weekends project.  Get excited for pictures.  And pack.  We’ll have to pack sometime soon.  But, then we are done and we get to enjoy our first Christmas together as a family (of 3, sort of).  Yay! We have a few Christmas traditions we’ve started over the years and I’m excited to add to those.  Yay for Christmas!

Yay for Christmas!!


Enjoy your day,

Wth, Texas, Wth?!?

What the heck, Texas!?!  I’m mad at you.  You know why.  Because it is cold here (really, really cold) and it snowed yesterday!  SNOWED.  In Texas.  Before it snowed in Ohio.  Wth?!

I have only been gone a year….I’m not ready for snow yet.  I know I’ll see some when I’m back in Ohio for Christmas, but I was not prepared for it yesterday.

Yesterday morning I got up to let the pups out, only to find snow covering my car windshield, the roof of the house and shed and enough on the ground to hide the ugly brown grass.  Wth?!  I ran back into the bedroom to wake up k and tell him.  He growled and when back to bed.  Later, when he woke up and looked outside he said, “Hey, it snowed!”  Apparently the growl was not for the snow, but for me waking him up.  Haha, oops.

Thankfully the snow had melted by 9am and everything was back to normal.  Or was it, Texas?!  Nope.  It was still cold.  I can’t handle this cold weather.  That’s one of the reasons I moved to TEXAS!

But, I can’t be upset with you for too long, Texas.  You promised it would be in the 70s this weekend and I’m holding you to that.  I have antsy dogs that need walked and none of us are venturing out for a walk in this weather.

So, get it together, Texas.  I mean it!


Enjoy your day and your weather,


Christmas in the South

How’d you like our news from yesterday?!  Pretty crazy, huh?!  Yep, we are still shocked and it doesn’t quite seem real yet.  I’ll fill you in more in an upcoming post.

It’s Christmas time!  Yippee!!

However, it’s very weird celebrating it here in the South.  It’s warm.  Really warm.  We were decorating our Christmas tree in 80 degree weather, while wearing shorts and tank tops.  Weird.  We had the windows open!


I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to that.  But, I will take this weather over the cold Ohio weather any day.  And, we’ll be traveling back to Ohio after Christmas so we’ll get our fill of cold, possibly snowy, weather then.  And, that’s enough for me.

On Sunday night, we went to SMUs tree lighting ceremony and that was weird, too.  It was still 80 degrees.  People were walking around in tank tops and shorts.  And, if that’s not weird enough, we were singing carols like that.  In tank tops!  Haha.  That’s the weird part.

After the tree lighting, we went out to dinner and sat outside on the patio.  On December 2!  Haha, it still is amazing to me.

Although, none of this is as weird as the November we went to visit T in Phoenix and the cacti were decorated for Christmas.  That was strange.  And, it was still 90 degrees.

But, I guess it doesn’t matter where you are or what the weather is like…it’s still Christmas!  And, that makes me very happy.  We have the inside of our house decorated, trees up, and now we are just waiting for a free evening to decorate the outside of the house.  That’s k’s job.  I hate lights!

How about you?  Are you ready for the holidays?

I also added the cutest little reindeer family to our Christmas decorations:

Aren’t they so sweet!?  I broke down at bought them at the bazaar on Saturday.

Speaking of the bazaar…
I had a great day and my shop did very well!!  I was hoping to at least break even!  I had no idea I would sell so many things and sell out of boot cuffs within the first hour and a half!  Now, if I get in next year, I know what to stock up on.  And, hopefully I will have more than 2 weeks to fill my booth.  Here’s how I decorated my booth:
IMG_2145   IMG_2144

It turned out much cuter than I imagined.  And those little banners…I made those out of burlap and I just stenciled the letters on there.  How cute!!


Thanks for stopping by!  Yay for Christmas!!

Enjoy your day,



1 year!

A year ago, this was us:

Jam-packed into the car, getting ready for our 20 hour drive from Ohio to Texas, with 3 drugged cats and 3 dogs.  Wow, what an adventure.


I can’t believe it’s been a year already.  Time flies by when {d&k} are having fun!


Oh, and just a little reminder about the Jesuit Christmas Bazaar tomorrow, 9-5, at Jesuit High School.  Stop by and visit me at The Polka Dotted Pug booth!


Enjoy your weekend,

40 days

40 DAYS!!!



I’m just a bit excited.  I love Christmas.  I love decorating the house and the tree.  I love baking cookies.  I love watching Christmas movies with k.  Elf is my favorite.  Anyone else love that movie?!

I was Christmas decoration shopping over the weekend and it is very strange to shop for Christmas while it is 80 degrees outside and I’m wearing a t-shirt and flip-flops.  That is probably something I will never get used to in the south.

I have a ton of Christmas crafts I want to do, including a new wreath for my front door.  The one I made last year melted.  Yep, that’s right.  Melted.  I found this adorable wreath made out of starlight mints on Pinterest.  I made it and it looked fantastic.  And then it was in the 50s and 60s the entire month of December here last year.  And, it never occurred to me that my wreath would melt.  Dun, dun, dun.  It dripped all over the door and the front porch.  But, at least my front porch and entry way smelled good.  Always look at the positive, people.  So this year, no food, nothing that can melt, just some ribbon.  I’ll post pictures when I complete it.

I also bought some very cute, little wooded candy canes that I am going to string together with twine and hang on the mantle.  It will be a cheap and easy addition to the Christmas decorations.

When do you usually decorate for Christmas?  I normally wait until Dec 1, or at least until after Thanksgiving.  I have a few friends that already have their trees up!  I’m not that ambitious right now.  Let’s just get through Thanksgiving first.

Speaking of Thanksgiving….I’m attempting a turkey for the first time this year.  Wish me luck.  I’ll let you know how it goes!  Fingers crossed that I don’t burn the bird, or worse, the house down.


Get excited that Christmas is only 40 days away!

Enjoy your day,

A little late

Hey there!  So, I’m a little late for posting our Halloween and end of October adventures, but better late than never.  So, here you go!

We took a little trip to the Arboretum last weekend with some friends to see the Chihuly glass exhibit.  And, to our surprise, they had a pumpkin exhibit too.  Bonus!  Here’s what we saw:

The Arboretum was beautiful! Since we had never been there, I didn’t realize what part of town it was in. I had no idea that it overlooked one of our favorite places, White Rock Lake. We will definitely be going back there. And, I just heard that they decorate for Christmas. Eep! Looks like a trip back will be sooner than we thought.

I have more to share with you about our Halloween and other adventures, so stay tuned! Thanks for stopping by!

Enjoy your day,

Prepare for overload…

So, I warned you last post…
I said there would be lots and lots of photos…
Welp, here you go, friends.  Enjoy {d&k}s week in photos!  (Well, technically it’s only Christmas weekend in photos.  But you understand…{d&k}s week in photos sounds so much better than {d&k}s Christmas weekend in photos.  Right?  RIGHT?!?).



Photos 1-3:  Dallas knows how to do lights!  These houses were beautiful!
4:  k got me a Keurig for Christmas.  Best-gift-for-a-coffee-lover-EVAH!
5:  This is how k wrapped and labeled all his gifts to me.  Keep it classy, k.
6:  Baked goodies galore!  {d&k} made cupcakes in mason jars for all of k’s coworkers for Xmas.  Fantastic gifts, people.  Try it.


d’s been a busy little crocheter!
1:  Little Kourtney is wearing her new Elfin hat for Christmas.  Look at those cheeks!
2:  d made her first sweater!  It was a gift for k’s mom and she loved it!


1:  Random texts between Big E, d’s brother, and d.  Maybe I should start a whole new blog…Big E’s Texts.  I like it.
2:  “Wait, mom…it seems someone’s in danger.  I think Timmy feel in the well again.”  {d&k} love their goofy cat!


1:  Mexican Fiesta Christmas Dinner = HUGE SUCCESS!  I think everyone should have their favorite food on their favorite holiday.  And, I highly recommend Cranberry Margaritas (cranberry juice, tequila, triple sec, lime juice = yummmmmm)!
2:  Da na nana, da na nana, da na nana BAT PUG!  Poor Elvis.  He puts up with so much.  (I’m not sure I have enough nana’s.  It’s hard to sing and type at the same time.  Try it and get back to me).
3:  k knows the way to a girl’s heart.  A huge Dr. Pepper Slurpee from 7/11.  Now that’s love.

I have more photos on their way in the next post.  I know, I know, you are on the edge of your seat waiting for those, aren’t you?!  I mean, my life is soooo exciting that you just can’t wait to read about it.  Ha!  I’m flattered. Thank you.  But, really.  Go on with your lives.  My blog posts will be here when you get back.  You really don’t have to sit by your computer waiting for my next, ultra-interesting, absolutely hilarious, zoo cuteness overload blog post.  You really don’t.  Oh, you want to?  Well, in that case, who am I to stop you.  While your waiting, please enjoy some music:
“Da na nana, da na nana, BAT PUG, BAT PUG, BAT PUG!”  You.are.welcome.

Enjoy your day,