Free Zoo Admission, Today Only!

Haha, I meant to MY zoo.  Yep, that’s right…I have updated photos of my zoo for you all!  I know you’ve been missing my babies so I thought I’d share some photos with you.

First of all, the zoo LOVES JR!  Oskar is known as “Officer Oskar.”  He’s always on patrol.  He will sit next to JR any chance he gets.  If we walk into a room, Oskar will sweep the perimeter to make sure there are no dangers.  He will also occasionally head butt the dog-cats just to let them know who’s in charge around the baby.  Elvis is always laying next to JR on the couch, and occasionally nuzzles up so close to her that he’s practically sitting on her head.  If she cries and we don’t get to her in time (or what Elvis thinks is time) then Elvis will run over to us and start barking, “She’s broke, she’s broke!  Fix her!  NOW!!”  Uma doesn’t really care about her, but she will lick JR every morning.  Uma usually licks JR’s back, leg or foot but sometimes she sneaks in a lick on the face.  Ew.  Especially since Uma’s breath is so bad!  The dog-cats really could care less about JR and tend to stay out of the way. Dog-cat #2 just recently started laying on my lap while I’m holding JR.  I need a bigger lap!  I’m so happy the zoo likes JR!  They’ve all been around babies and kids before and they adore them.  I wasn’t sure how they’d react to having a baby of their own, around all the time.  But, they love her and it is so sweet to watch them interact with her.










How cute is the zoo?  I love those little guys!!  Aren’t you glad zoo admission was free today?!  You’re welcome!


Stop by again soon!  I’m sure I’ll have more zoo photos for you!
Enjoy your day,


Fancy Photos

Little Miss JR had a fancy newborn photo shoot with Jamie from View La La Photography a few weeks ago.  If you are in the DFW area and are in need of a photographer, Jamie is your girl!  She did a fantastic job photographing Juliet and I almost cry every time I look at these photos (stupid hormones!).

Here’s a little preview:











Ok, that was a BIG preview, but I couldn’t just choose a few. I mean, seriously, look at how cute these pictures are! Now comes the hard part of choosing which ones to print, frame, and hang around the house. I don’t have room for all of them. I may have to rotate on a weekly or monthly basis.

Thanks for stopping by and listening to me ramble on about JR!
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Family visits JR

Sorry for the lack of posts recently…we’ve been very busy around here.  The last two weekends, we’ve had family in town visiting and meeting JR for the first time.

We had a great time with my parents and K’s parents, and so did JR.  She loved being spoiled with cuddles from both sets of grandparents.  We are now recuperating and trying to get back into the swing of things before our next set of visitors come in 2 weeks (yay!).

Papa is comfy!

Grandma & Papa G

Cuddles from Grandma M

Enjoy your day,

Getting the hang of this…

Hey everyone!  {d&k} are still here!  We have been pretty busy trying to get the hang of this whole parenting thing, haha.  K went back to work full-time this week, so I’ve been busy trying to get things done while Juliet sleeps.  I’ve always been really good at multi-tasking…but I must say, I’m awesome now that I only have a couple of hours to get everything done!  I love it!  I feel so productive, hehe.

Anyways, things are going really well here.  We are having a blast with our little girl, even on the little amount of sleep we get a night.  The sad part is, I’m getting more sleep now with a newborn than I did when I was pregnant.  Haha, I’ll take it!

And, if anyone is wondering…the zoo absolutely loves Juliet!  The pugs are always on “patrol” and won’t let her out of their sight.  Oskar follows me everywhere and will lay right next to me, in order to keep an eye on Juliet.  He was always very protective of me, but now, it’s ridiculous.  I’ve never seen him so alert and ready to pounce on a cat.  Elvis lays next to Juliet every chance he gets and he has stopped trying to lick her face.  I think once he realized she was staying, he didn’t feel the need to claim lick her anymore.  Uma, however, must lick some part of Juliet’s body everyday.  She loves to run into Juliet’s room, sniff her entire body, and then pick a spot to lick.  Thankfully it is usually on her leg or back and not the face.  Ew.  The cats could really care less.  Charlie, dog-cat #1, just started getting close to her.  He began nuzzling her this morning and found that he really liked to nuzzle her diaper.  The diaper was covered in black fur after that, haha.  Sebastian, dog-cat #2, occasionally will sniff her, but that’s about it.  He doesn’t mind her and will lay next to her on the couch…but that’s about it.  I’m really happy that everyone gets along and that the pups aren’t jealous.  It must be exhausting being on patrol all day, because all the zoo does is sleep.  Hah.  I’m not complaining!  It makes for a very quiet house sometimes.

I promise to keep up with the blog and share all of my new motherhood stories with you. But, not until next week…my parents come in town tonight {happy dance} and are here for the weekend!  I can’t wait.  And, this is their first time meeting Juliet!  I’m so excited for this weekend!!  I will fill you all in next week…and you know I’ll have photos!


Thanks for hanging around, even though I’ve been horrible at blogging lately.  I will be better, I promise!

Enjoy your day,

She’s here!!

She’s finally here!


Welcome to the world, Juliet Renee Mullan!
Born 6.10.13 at 5:53pm, 8lbs 6oz, 20″ long.

We are so in love with her! {d&k} are so happy to expand our little family!

I’ll post more about her soon. Until then, here are some photos to hold you over. Enjoy!





Enjoy your day,

And we wait…

I hate waiting.  I’m super impatient.  DW passed this trait down to me.   Thanks, dad.

What are we waiting for?!

Oh, just a little something special.  You know, Mini Mullan.

We are just sitting here, waiting.  Everything is done.  We are ready.  But, we still must wait.

We are very ready for her now.  I would love, love, love for her to make her appearance this weekend.  Come on, Mini!

What are the odds of her arriving early?  I probably have better odds of her arriving late.  But, I don’t want that.  I want her now.  NOW.

And, we’ve been trying to hurry her along.  Yes, that’s right.  We are trying all those old wives tales to help evict her.  Last night alone, I ate super spicy food, had pineapple, and went on a mile and a half walk (yes, I understand that’s not very far, but when you are carrying around a watermelon, plus a few extra pounds, it feels like it’s 10 miles).  We’ll see if any of these tales actually work.

And, we have nothing going on this weekend.  Nothing.  This would be the perfect weekend for her to come into the world.  Did you hear that, Mini?  This weekend is perfect!

But, for now, we wait.

Did I mention I hate waiting?  Ugh.  Wish us luck!


Enjoy your day,


K’s birthday

Hey everyone!

K’s birthday celebration weekend was fantastic!  We had a great time all weekend together.  I love K’s birthday more than my own, so by Thursday I was chomping at the bit to give him his birthday presents.  I bought them weeks before and they were sitting there in my office, taunting me everyday.  I’m actually surprised I managed to wait until two days before his birthday to give in.  And, I decided to give K his gifts early due to a little conversation we had in the car Thursday on the way home from dinner.  It went a little something like this:

{Justin Timberlake song playing on the radio}
K – Did you know JT is coming to American Airlines Center?
D – No way!  Really?  When?
K – In December.  His tickets sold out in 25 minutes!!
D – Oh man, that’s crazy.  Well, looks like we’ll have to catch him next time around.  I didn’t even know he was going to be in town.
K – Yeah.  Everyone at work was talking about how they tried to get tickets but they sold out so fast.
D – Well, it is JT.  What can you do?!

{D&K arrive home minutes later.}
D – Ok, so I feel like I should give you one of your presents early.
K – Ooookkkkkkk.  You know I won’t say no.
D – Ok, here you go.  I thought that since we recently had a conversation about this, it was appropriate to give you it now.
K – {Opening a small envelope containing 2 tickets to see Justin Timberlake at American Airlines Center in December.}  WHAT?  HOLY COW!!  How did you get these?!
{K running over to hug D.}
K – Seriously…how did you get these?  They sold out in 25 minutes.  You are the best wife ever.

Hehe, I am the best wife ever!  I saw a friend’s Facebook post about scoring tickets to the JT concert.  Someone commented asking how she got them early.  She said she signed up to be on the mailing list and they gave her a special code for presale tickets.  Ok, don’t mind if I do.  At that time, I didn’t even know he was on tour in Dallas or when the show was.  So, I hopped on his website and did a little research.  I found out he’d be here in December and that day his tickets went up for presale with the special code.  So, I signed up for the newsletter and got my code.  Then, I sat on the stupid Ticketmaster website for about half the day, hitting refresh every few minutes trying to get tickets.  Ugh.  It was painful and pretty much impossible.  Eventually, the website switched to “sold out.”  Sniff.  Then, I notice on the website that you can purchase presale tickets the next day if you use your MasterCard.  Apparently, MasterCard is sponsoring JT and had a set amount of presale tickets set aside.  Our bank card is a MasterCard, but I wasn’t planning on using that to buy the tickets because I didn’t want K to see if he logged into to check the bank account.  But, if I wanted these tickets, that was my only way.  I knew if I waited for the tickets to go on sale for everyone, I wouldn’t be able to get any.  So, I got up early the next day and tried again.  Again, I sat at the computer hitting refresh, waiting for tickets.  Finally, in the second tier of tickets (I was hoping for the cheap seats, haha), some opened up and I scooped them up.  Just as I’m about to enter my credit card info, I get an error message, saying that Ticketmaster’s website is experiencing technical difficulties and to try again.  NOOOOOOO!  This basically happened about 5 more times.  I almost gave up.  Then, on my next try, those tickets were still available and I was able to enter my credit card info without any error messages.  Success!  I just scored 2 tickets for my baby for his birthday.  YES!  Best wife ever.  Then, panic set in.  I quickly went on to our bank website to check the account to see how the purchase showed up on there.  Sure enough, it said “Justin Timberlake” on there.  Crap.  Now what?!  This was almost 2 weeks before his birthday.  How was I going to keep him from looking at the bank account?!  So, I sent K a text telling him that if he looked at the bank account anytime before his birthday, I would cut off both hands, which would inevitably leave him unable to speak (because he talks with his hands, hehe).  He agreed to stay away from the bank account, but I was paranoid for those 2 weeks.  Then, on that Thursday before his birthday when he brought up JT’s concert, I almost died.  I thought for sure he had logged onto the bank account and saw my purchase.  But, he was a good boy and he did not log on at all.  He had no idea what I was up to and was honestly surprise.  YES!

So, that is my story about how I got K a fantastic birthday present.  I probably should have mentioned that K LOVES JT.  I mean LOVES him.  So, this will be an awesome show to take K to.  I cannot wait.

So, since I gave K his gifts early, Saturday (his actual birthday) wasn’t as exciting since he had nothing to open.  We made the best of it though.  K volunteered that morning, serving breakfast to the homeless.  Yes, how sweet is my husband that he volunteers on his birthday?!  Love him!  Then, we went out to lunch for pizza at Grimaldi’s.  (If you haven’t been here, go. Now.  So.good).  And, we spent the rest of the afternoon driving around Dallas looking at multi-million dollar homes.  There are so, so many.  It is so much fun and really depressing at the same time, haha.  Then, we headed up to Frisco to a Roughriders baseball game, in the 95 degree heat.  Too bad they didn’t win.  I think we are bad luck.  That’s our 3rd RRs game and they’ve lost all 3.  Get it together, boys.  All in all, it was a pretty good birthday.  We had a ton of fun and spent the next day sleeping in and catching up on sleep.  Happy birthday weekend, K!


Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy your day,



That’s how old K is today.

Happy, Happy Birthday, K!


If you remember my post for his birthday last year, you’ll know I shared with you 31 reasons why I love him.  Well, I decided to take this on again this year.  These are in no particular order…just the order they popped into my head.

32 Reasons Why I Love my K:

1 – I love how excited he is for Mini Mullan.  Every day, he tells me he wants her now.  No more waiting.  Baby now.

2 – I love how I already know that he will be a wonderful dad.  He is so caring, sweet, thoughtful, gentle, and considerate.  Plus, he cannot wait to be wrapped around Mini Mullan’s little finger.  He is thrilled to have a little daddy’s girl.

3 – I love how much he complains about the zoo, but every once in a while I’ll look over and he’ll be cuddled up next to one on the couch, sweetly petting their little head.  Or, I’ll catch him giving a cat a kiss on the head.  He talks a big game, but he’s a softy when it comes to his fur-babies.

4 – I love how he starts taking off random clothes the minute he walks in the door from work.  I find ties and belts all over the house.  And, I’m not sure how this happened, but I found a pair of shorts on the back of the couch the other day.  K, keep your clothes on!

5 – I love how passionate K is about his job.  He loves it and puts everything he has into it.

6 – I love how K gets into his magical thinking machine (aka, the shower) and comes out with new commercials for Pepsi, new products that will make him a million dollars (I can’t tell you any of these incase they are really good ideas), and new ideas that will solve all of the world’s problems.  Magic.

7 – I love when we get in the car to go somewhere, K instantly starts driving in the opposite direction.  When asked where we are going, K always yells, “I don’t know!”  Then it takes us twice as long to get there.  How does he get anywhere by himself?

8 – I love that K will randomly break out in dance, with or without music.

9 – I love that K will randomly show up with 7-Eleven Slurpies for me because he knows how much I love them.

10 – I love that when K puts his mind to something, he goes all the way.  For example, the back door was squeaking and driving him crazy.  So, at 6:30am, he finally had enough and sprayed WD-40 on the door.  Then, he went through the entire house WD-40’ing the doors so that none of them squeak.  This all happened while I was sleeping.  Then, he woke me up to tell me he did that.  He was so proud.  Now, he opens every door in the house and says, “Hear that?  Nothing.”  Nerd.

11 – I love that K likes to high-five.  A lot.  In front of people.  Yep, that’s right.  No shame.

12 – I love that K is super competitive and even when we are on a walk together, he has to be a foot ahead of me so he can be winning.  Now, it doesn’t help that I have a waddle and walk really slow, but still.

13 – I love that K has a nickname for me – Babydoll.  He’s called me that ever since we started dating and he probably will for the rest of our lives.  He already has a nickname for Mini, and she’s sure to have that the rest of her life too.

14 – I love that K will go out of his way for anyone, whether he knows them or not.  If someone needs something, K is first in line to help.

15 – I love that K is always late.  He even makes me late.  Ok, maybe I don’t love this.  But, it is one of his quirks and I’m stuck with it.  So therefore, I love it about him.  And, everyone knows this and they’ve come to accept that K will always be late.

16 – I love when K is walking Uma and she rubs her muzzled face up against his leg (yes, she wears a muzzle on walks – she’s sort of snotty towards other dogs – it must be the princess in her) because it itches and she wants it off.  Every time this happens, he replies, “I love you too, Uma!”

17 – I love that K is up for anything, even if it means sitting at home on the couch, cuddled with the pups and watching a movie.

18 – I love how laid back K is and how he’s so good at going with the flow.  We don’t have to make plans to have fun.  Sometimes we’ll just get in the car and drive until we see something that looks fun.

19 – I love how K makes me laugh.  He’s so goofy and knows exactly when I need a good laugh.

20 – I love how K doesn’t mind that I write about him on the blog.  All.the.time.  He’s entertaining, what can I say!

21 – I love how K will sit through stupid You Tube videos of animals being funny, just because he likes to watch me laugh until I cry.  And, he’ll file those videos in the depths of his head in case I’m having a bad day and he needs to pull one of those out.  Way to go, K!

22 – I love that K’s brain is always “on”.  I like to say he has a hamster, Ernesto, constantly running on a wheel in there.  Sometimes, usually at bedtime, I lean over and whisper in his ear, “Stop running, Ernesto,” because we need to go to sleep.  Sometimes, when K’s brain is really fried after a long work week or event, Ernesto is laying next to the wheel, giving the occasional spin with his paw.  That’s when K’s eyes gloss over and you know he couldn’t make a decision to save his life.

23 – I love that K rocks the bow ties.  And suspenders.  And only he can.  Go K, go!

24 – I love that K is always ready to volunteer.  It doesn’t matter what he is doing, as long as he can give back to the community, he is happy.  This is something we both love and I’m happy we are able to do it together.  I think some of the most fun we’ve had this year has been volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, cooking dinner for the guests.  Plus, it’s fun watching K cook.  And, he looks pretty cute in an apron!

25 – I love that K likes to make plans for the future.  Way in the future.  As in, we already know where/what we want our retirement home to be like.  Haha.  Hint, there will be a golf cart involved.  Be jealous.

26 – I love that when K asks, “Where to next?” usually after dinner, my answer is always Target.  He has come to the point where he stops asking and just drives me to Target.  I love that man!

27 – I love that K will randomly call me from work and ask if he can have a date night with me tonight.  Ok, twist my arm.  I love that we still date.

28 – I love that K posts random Facebook statuses just to get a reaction from people.  My not-so-favorite one started with Dani’s lady doctor…  The rest are usually pretty funny and not meant to be taken seriously.  But, it is very funny to watch people’s responses thinking that K is serious.  We just love a good laugh around here.

29 – I love that K is already in love with Mini Mullan.  He just keeps saying how excited he is for her.  I also love the K leaned over and whispered to me the other day that he’s so happy we are having a girl.  Seriously, already the best daddy ever!

30 – I love that K has finally stopped worrying about his age and getting older.  I think he’s extremely happy with where he is in his life, where we are as a couple, and that he is finally about to become a dad.  32 isn’t looking so bad!

31 – I love having K as my best friend.  He is always there for me.  He will listen until his ears fall off.  He knows me better than anyone.  And, he loves me for me….goofy quirks and all.  And, I love him for all of his goofy quirks too.  We are meant for each other.  We are swans.

32 – And, I’m ending this the same way I ended last year’s list:  I love how k is mine.  All mine.  I claimed him.  He’s mine.  Forever.  (Whether you like it or not, k.  You are stuck with ME!).


There you have it.  32 reasons why I love my K for his 32nd birthday.

K, I hope you have a wonderful birthday and I plan on doing everything in my power to make it that way.  I know 32 is going to be magical for you and I can’t wait to say that about 33 and 34 and so on!  You deserve to have the best year ever.  But first, we start with the best birthday ever.  Happy, happy birthday my love!!



Enjoy your day,

Cuteness Overload

Are you ready for this?  I’m not sure you are.  Prepare yourself for cuteness overload….
Yes, those are tiny baby flip-flops. Are you kidding me?!?! Damn you Old Navy and your cute baby shoes!

Look at those adorable preppy onesies and those cute little canvas shoes! Damn you Ralph Lauren for having such stinkin’ cute baby clothes! (These were a gift from our shower – how sweet!!)

IMG_2591 Little baby mittencuffs! Ok, I really just like saying that name. Mittencuffs. Some people say scratch mitts, whatevs. How can you not like the word mittencuffs better?! Anyways, look at how cute it is. This little guy went missing for a few days. I can see why…he’s so tiny! I ended up finding him in the dog bed by the washer. I’m not sure if it fell out and landed in a dog bed, or if a dog really wanted to keep his little paws warm.

Thanks Aunt Sara for these adorable outfits & BGSU onesie! They are so cute! I cannot wait to see what Mini will look like in them!

Photo Mar 23, 7 40 39 PM
We like to use Sebastian as our tester. So far, he has approved and enjoyed the stroller and baby carrier. He enjoyed these socks until he had to walk around in them. So, he approves of them only when lying down. Seriously though, how cute does he look in baby socks?!


See, I told you…cuteness overload.  As if the baby flip-flops weren’t enough, I had to go and throw in my dog-cat in socks.  You’re welcome!


Enjoy your day,

Starting early

We wanted to introduce Mini Mullan to “good” music early.  You know, start her out of the right foot.  Help her start early following {d&k}s love for music.

So, how did we do this, you ask?  Simple.  We’ve been taking her to concerts for the last 9 months.  How else?!  She has to get the full effect!

We went to two shows in one week a little while ago.  We saw The Lumineers and Needtobreathe.  If you haven’t heard of either one of these bands, crawl out from your hole and check them out.  We’ve already seen Needtobreathe before, but they are an awesome band, so we knew we had to go back.  And, as for The Lumineers….they put on a fantastic show!  I can’t wait to see them again.

And, Mini loved them.  She was having a little one baby dance party all night long.  And, when the bands would finish a song, she would stop moving, only to start again when they began playing.  It was pretty funny.

So, needless to say, I think she is going to love music as much as we do.  Yay Mini!


Here are some pics from the shows.  They are not good quality since they are from my phone.  I completely forgot my camera…both times.  But, you get the idea.


We were pretty far away for The Lumineers, but that didn’t stop us from having a great time!  If you don’t know who they are, check out this video.


Photo Apr 27, 11 46 30 PM


We were much closer for Needtobreathe, but we didn’t have seats so we had to deal with crazy lady dancing, drunk guys stepping on my foot, and that giant random pole in the middle of the venue.  But, again, it didn’t stop us from having a great time!  And, if you don’t know who Needtobreathe are, check out this video.


I can’t wait until Mini is old enough that we can start taking her to shows with us.  We’ll have so much fun!!


Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy your day,