That’s how old K is today.

Happy, Happy Birthday, K!


If you remember my post for his birthday last year, you’ll know I shared with you 31 reasons why I love him.  Well, I decided to take this on again this year.  These are in no particular order…just the order they popped into my head.

32 Reasons Why I Love my K:

1 – I love how excited he is for Mini Mullan.  Every day, he tells me he wants her now.  No more waiting.  Baby now.

2 – I love how I already know that he will be a wonderful dad.  He is so caring, sweet, thoughtful, gentle, and considerate.  Plus, he cannot wait to be wrapped around Mini Mullan’s little finger.  He is thrilled to have a little daddy’s girl.

3 – I love how much he complains about the zoo, but every once in a while I’ll look over and he’ll be cuddled up next to one on the couch, sweetly petting their little head.  Or, I’ll catch him giving a cat a kiss on the head.  He talks a big game, but he’s a softy when it comes to his fur-babies.

4 – I love how he starts taking off random clothes the minute he walks in the door from work.  I find ties and belts all over the house.  And, I’m not sure how this happened, but I found a pair of shorts on the back of the couch the other day.  K, keep your clothes on!

5 – I love how passionate K is about his job.  He loves it and puts everything he has into it.

6 – I love how K gets into his magical thinking machine (aka, the shower) and comes out with new commercials for Pepsi, new products that will make him a million dollars (I can’t tell you any of these incase they are really good ideas), and new ideas that will solve all of the world’s problems.  Magic.

7 – I love when we get in the car to go somewhere, K instantly starts driving in the opposite direction.  When asked where we are going, K always yells, “I don’t know!”  Then it takes us twice as long to get there.  How does he get anywhere by himself?

8 – I love that K will randomly break out in dance, with or without music.

9 – I love that K will randomly show up with 7-Eleven Slurpies for me because he knows how much I love them.

10 – I love that when K puts his mind to something, he goes all the way.  For example, the back door was squeaking and driving him crazy.  So, at 6:30am, he finally had enough and sprayed WD-40 on the door.  Then, he went through the entire house WD-40’ing the doors so that none of them squeak.  This all happened while I was sleeping.  Then, he woke me up to tell me he did that.  He was so proud.  Now, he opens every door in the house and says, “Hear that?  Nothing.”  Nerd.

11 – I love that K likes to high-five.  A lot.  In front of people.  Yep, that’s right.  No shame.

12 – I love that K is super competitive and even when we are on a walk together, he has to be a foot ahead of me so he can be winning.  Now, it doesn’t help that I have a waddle and walk really slow, but still.

13 – I love that K has a nickname for me – Babydoll.  He’s called me that ever since we started dating and he probably will for the rest of our lives.  He already has a nickname for Mini, and she’s sure to have that the rest of her life too.

14 – I love that K will go out of his way for anyone, whether he knows them or not.  If someone needs something, K is first in line to help.

15 – I love that K is always late.  He even makes me late.  Ok, maybe I don’t love this.  But, it is one of his quirks and I’m stuck with it.  So therefore, I love it about him.  And, everyone knows this and they’ve come to accept that K will always be late.

16 – I love when K is walking Uma and she rubs her muzzled face up against his leg (yes, she wears a muzzle on walks – she’s sort of snotty towards other dogs – it must be the princess in her) because it itches and she wants it off.  Every time this happens, he replies, “I love you too, Uma!”

17 – I love that K is up for anything, even if it means sitting at home on the couch, cuddled with the pups and watching a movie.

18 – I love how laid back K is and how he’s so good at going with the flow.  We don’t have to make plans to have fun.  Sometimes we’ll just get in the car and drive until we see something that looks fun.

19 – I love how K makes me laugh.  He’s so goofy and knows exactly when I need a good laugh.

20 – I love how K doesn’t mind that I write about him on the blog.  All.the.time.  He’s entertaining, what can I say!

21 – I love how K will sit through stupid You Tube videos of animals being funny, just because he likes to watch me laugh until I cry.  And, he’ll file those videos in the depths of his head in case I’m having a bad day and he needs to pull one of those out.  Way to go, K!

22 – I love that K’s brain is always “on”.  I like to say he has a hamster, Ernesto, constantly running on a wheel in there.  Sometimes, usually at bedtime, I lean over and whisper in his ear, “Stop running, Ernesto,” because we need to go to sleep.  Sometimes, when K’s brain is really fried after a long work week or event, Ernesto is laying next to the wheel, giving the occasional spin with his paw.  That’s when K’s eyes gloss over and you know he couldn’t make a decision to save his life.

23 – I love that K rocks the bow ties.  And suspenders.  And only he can.  Go K, go!

24 – I love that K is always ready to volunteer.  It doesn’t matter what he is doing, as long as he can give back to the community, he is happy.  This is something we both love and I’m happy we are able to do it together.  I think some of the most fun we’ve had this year has been volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, cooking dinner for the guests.  Plus, it’s fun watching K cook.  And, he looks pretty cute in an apron!

25 – I love that K likes to make plans for the future.  Way in the future.  As in, we already know where/what we want our retirement home to be like.  Haha.  Hint, there will be a golf cart involved.  Be jealous.

26 – I love that when K asks, “Where to next?” usually after dinner, my answer is always Target.  He has come to the point where he stops asking and just drives me to Target.  I love that man!

27 – I love that K will randomly call me from work and ask if he can have a date night with me tonight.  Ok, twist my arm.  I love that we still date.

28 – I love that K posts random Facebook statuses just to get a reaction from people.  My not-so-favorite one started with Dani’s lady doctor…  The rest are usually pretty funny and not meant to be taken seriously.  But, it is very funny to watch people’s responses thinking that K is serious.  We just love a good laugh around here.

29 – I love that K is already in love with Mini Mullan.  He just keeps saying how excited he is for her.  I also love the K leaned over and whispered to me the other day that he’s so happy we are having a girl.  Seriously, already the best daddy ever!

30 – I love that K has finally stopped worrying about his age and getting older.  I think he’s extremely happy with where he is in his life, where we are as a couple, and that he is finally about to become a dad.  32 isn’t looking so bad!

31 – I love having K as my best friend.  He is always there for me.  He will listen until his ears fall off.  He knows me better than anyone.  And, he loves me for me….goofy quirks and all.  And, I love him for all of his goofy quirks too.  We are meant for each other.  We are swans.

32 – And, I’m ending this the same way I ended last year’s list:  I love how k is mine.  All mine.  I claimed him.  He’s mine.  Forever.  (Whether you like it or not, k.  You are stuck with ME!).


There you have it.  32 reasons why I love my K for his 32nd birthday.

K, I hope you have a wonderful birthday and I plan on doing everything in my power to make it that way.  I know 32 is going to be magical for you and I can’t wait to say that about 33 and 34 and so on!  You deserve to have the best year ever.  But first, we start with the best birthday ever.  Happy, happy birthday my love!!



Enjoy your day,


Hippo Birdie Two Ewe!

Today is sponsored by the number 31.

31.  That’s how old k is today.  Hippo Birdie Buddy!!!

To celebrate k’s birthday, I wanted to share 31 reasons why I love this guy…

1.  Look at that face.  He lights up a room when he smiles.  He can make me smile, just by starting to grin.  And, I can get him to smile even when he’s mad, just by telling him not to smile.  He’s easy (that’s probably not the first time he’s heard that line).

2.  K is extremely genuine and the nicest person I’ve ever met.  He will do anything for anyone, no questions asked.

3.  K is an amazing husband.  He is extremely caring and loving.  He will do anything for me or the zoo (and come on, you know that’s love when it’s midnight and the zoo still needs a walk).

4.  I love the way k loves the zoo.  Some days they get on his nerves and he threatens to drop Elvis off in the country at least 3 times a week, but at the end of the day he secretly loves them.  Occasionally, I’ll catch him cuddling or kissing the tops of their heads.

5.  K loves my family as much as I do.  My crazy, loud, super-fun family.  I think he talks to my siblings and dad more than I do.

6.  K is great at letting me know he’s thinking about me.  For no reason at all, he’ll come home from work or a late meeting with a 7-eleven slurpee in tow.  He knows the way to my heart.

7.  I love how k will sit through one of my favorite tv shows, on repeat, when I’m having a bad day because he knows it will make me laugh.

8.  I love how k’s face lights up when he tells the story of how we met or how he proposed.  (I’ll tell you those stories someday).

9.  K is a great people-watching partner.  Sporting events are awesome with k!

10.  I love that k is happy and content staying in, ordering pizza, and watching a movie.

11.  I love that k watches chick-flicks with me and his two favorites are Sweet Home Alabama and Legally Blonde.  Do we see a Reese Witherspoon pattern here?!  That’s okay, I’ll take it.  As long as he keeps watching these movies with me.

12.  K has become very good at telling really bad jokes.  I love that he cracks himself up over these.

13.  I love that when I tell a really bad joke or I make fun of k for something that only I think is funny, he still high-fives me.  He’s very supportive like that.

14.  I love how much passion k has.  Whether it be work, an organization, or our family, k puts all his heart into it.

15.  K will never be satisfied with being “just okay” or “good enough”.  He will push himself to the max to be the best at everything. I love this about him.  I also love that he pushes me to be the best.

16.  I love that k talks with his hands.  A lot.  Sometimes I will hold his hands to make him stop talking.  (Remember this, folks.  You may need to use it sometime).

17.  K sometimes has whole conversations with himself.  It’s awesome being a bystander!

18.  I love how easily distracted k is.  He calls it ADOS (Attention Deficit Oooh Shiny!).

19.  K is an awesome shopping buddy.  He is honest and won’t let me walk out of a store with something that doesn’t look good on.

20.  K makes car trips fun.  I hate being in the car.  I hate driving.  But somehow, road trips with k are always a good time.  Even the 20 hour drive from Ohio to Texas was fun!

21.  K is always up for a photo-op.  I have more pictures of just k than I do of the 2 of us together because I’m always manning the camera 🙂  It’s on purpose.  Plus, k doesn’t mind looking goofy if it will be a good picture.  This also helps the blog out tremendously.  Thanks k!

22.  K is always up for an adventure or trying something new.  And, being in a new city, this is perfect!  Whenever I mention a new restaurant, shop, new neighborhood to check out, k’s usual response is “I’m in!”  Thanks for always being in, k!

23.  K is very caring and nurturing.  I know he will be an amazing dad someday.  He is so good at taking care of the pups and me.

24.  I love the way that k has helped me become more like him.  Now, this isn’t necessarily a good thing.  I mean, do we really want 2 k’s in the world?  And, I could have done without k’s dirty mind (that’s what she said, and all).

25.  I love that k is my biggest cheerleader.  Whether it’s wedding planning, my Etsy shop, or just taking all 3 dogs on a walk by myself (which is pretty difficult to do, btw), he’s on the sidelines cheering me on all the way.

26.  K likes to panic/worry about the past and I like to panic/worry about the future.  Somehow both of us manage to talk the other off the edge.  K is great at talking me off the edge.

27.  I love that k’s brain never stops running (aka, Ernesto).  He’s always coming up with solutions to problems we don’t have, commercials for companies he doesn’t work for, and weird ways for us to make millions (ask him about Marackobamas).  I can always expect a new commercial, solution, or idea when he gets out of the shower (apparently that’s where he does his best work).

28.  I love how competitive k is.  This becomes very difficult because I’m super competitive too.  Any game, sport, or really just about anything you can bet on or win doing, becomes an instant competition between us.  Who knew hitting a bucket of golf balls at the driving range would soon be a battle to the death?!

29.  K is a very deep sleeper.  He will sleep through our dogs barking, the neighbor dogs barking, all while our neighbors shoot off fireworks in our front yard.  I love this because at least one of us is getting some sleep.

30.  K also flails in his sleep.  Thankfully I am a light sleeper and as soon as I sense the shadow from his elbow heading towards my face, I roll over, only slightly missing an elbow to the eye and a bright, shiny new black eye.  Explain that one in the morning.  I do love this, though, because it makes for hilarious stories in the morning and k not believing me at all.

31.  I love how k is mine.  All mine.  I claimed him.  He’s mine.  Forever.  (Whether you like it or not, k.  You are stuck with ME!).

There you have it…31 reasons why I love k…for his 31st birthday.  There are so many more reasons, but I’ll save those for his 50th (hey, I like to plan ahead).

Happy Birthday, Buddy!!  I love you more than you will ever know and I can’t wait to spend another birthday with you.  I know you don’t want to get older, but hey, at least you get to grow older with ME!  And, you get more handsome every year!  (Which is not fair.  Ladies, do you agree?!).

Enjoy your 31st birthday, k!  It only happens once…let’s make it a good one!

Enjoy your day,

Hello, we are {d&k} and we have a problem…

A BIG problem.

We have an addiction.

Sort of an unhealthy addiction.

To ice cream.

There, I said it.  Now, stop judging me.

I’m pretty sure this is why {d&k} fell in love.  It all started with the common love of that frozen goodness.

BUT, we found a way to make our addiction not quite as unhealthy…

We discovered Gooey’s!!!!!

Gooey’s is frozen yogurt.  Fat-free, sugar-free frozen yogurt.  It’s delicious and for 7 oz. (a medium size cup) it’s only 140 calories!  Yahoo!!!

This is fantastic.  However, this can also be fantastically bad.  This could lead our addiction into a downward spiral.  We might start eating more.  And more often.  Oh no.

Crap.  I guess we may never get over our addiction to ice cream.  We may have just added an additional addiction to frozen yogurt.  The title of this blog post should have been, “Hello, we are {d&k} and we have a problem.  We are addicted to ice cream AND frozen yogurt.”

Do you think there is a support group for that?!  I mean, I’m not really looking to fix this problem.  I’m okay with it.  I think k is too.  I just want everyone to know that if you see me rolling my 500 pound body down the street, this could be the cause.  Just a fyi.

Thanks for helping me through that, friends.  I’m glad I was able to talk to you about it.  Now, like I said, I’m not going to do anything about it.  I’m perfectly fine eating this frozen deliciousness of a treat, all.the.time.  But, again, thanks for listening to my problems.

Enjoy your day and go out and get some ice cream.  You deserve it!