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Hello friends!

I have a treat for you….I actually took a lot of pictures over the weekend.  Aren’t you proud?!  And happy?!  Of course you are.

Well, let’s not delay.  Here you go….

We went to the Fort Worth Music Fest on Friday night. We had a great time, even though it was raining! And, we got to see quite a few bands and really liked 2 of them. Check out Sons of Fathers and The Wheeler Brothers. You’re welcome.

There were food trucks everywhere! I love food trucks! And, these had fantastic food choices. But, I’m not good at eating while standing up and holding an umbrella (and Princess k with his paw in a cast can’t hold anything) so we decided not to get any food. They also had an ice cream food truck AND a 7-Eleven Slurpie truck! Heaven. Again, I couldn’t balance everything, so no Slurpie for me. Next time.

This was take 435. K kept making goofy faces. Way to go, k. I think he does this to me on purpose.

{d&k} were out running errands and stumbled upon these gems. K’s head was too big for his headband, haha. People were staring. It was awesome. If you can’t stop in the middle of the store, throw on awesome Halloween ears, and pose for a photo, we can.not be friends.

We also found Halloween costumes for the cats. Now, we do not dress them up. Normally. The dogs, yes. Cats, no. Until now. And, may I add, that k was okay with it!

I though Charlie should have the black and white bow tie because he’s already wearing a tuxedo. Then, k chimed in with, “Yea, and the blue tie will look great with Sebastian’s gray fur suit.” Wow. K is now a cat stylist. Bring your kitties over and k will send them home with a fabulous new outfit.

We also had to go to Target. Had.to. Damn you, Target and your cute items.

AND…guess what time it is?! CANDY CORN time!

Damn you, Target and your delicious candy corn, in many different shapes, sizes, and flavors. I just had to get them all.


It definitely felt like we did a lot more over the weekend, but the pictures don’t show that.  Hah.  I guess I didn’t take pictures of me doing laundry, walking the pups, cooking, and all those other “fun” things.  You’re welcome for that!


Thanks for stopping by!
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The Sneaky Little Ninja

We have a ninja!  I know, I know.  I shouldn’t tell you this.  Ninjas are supposed to go unnoticed.  They are sneaky and stealthy.  But, I mean, how cool is it that I have my very own ninja?!  Jealous?  You should be.  Maybe if you are nice, I’ll let you borrow her.


My ninja is in the form of a little (I mean little…all 7 lbs of her) black cat named Gabby.  Gabby is KT’s cat.  Gabby is slowing getting accustomed to our house and her new zoo.  She is also trying to become the alpha, even over the dogs.  I’m not going to lie…I think it’s working.  It’s about time someone knocks Elvis off his alpha pedestal.


So Gabby, I mean ninja, is very sneaky.  One minute, she’ll walk into the office and curl up on the chair.  A few minutes later, I’m in the kitchen getting a drink and she’s sitting on the counter waiting for me.  What the?!  Where did you come from, ninja?  When did she run past me in the hallway to the kitchen?  It’s not that long!  See, she’s a ninja.


She’s always sneaking up on me like that.  I’ll see her in one room, even talk to her, and then she’s in another room in a matter of seconds.  It’s magic!


And, she has this hoarse little mew.  I can’t call it a meow.  It’s not powerful enough to earn that title.  Just a scratchy little mew.  And her tongue is always sticking out.  I think she’s mocking me.


So, between the ninja and Charlie, I don’t think I will be alive much longer.  Perhaps they are plotting against me.  They may have secret meetings near the litter boxes, laying out the details to their plan to overtake the {d&k} casa.


If you don’t hear from me in a while, you know they got me.  You may want to delete any evidence that we’re friends.  They could be after you next.


Enjoy your day…it could be your last,




Wednesday Randomness

This might be one of my favorite continuous posts.  I like being random and I’m glad you are all here to share in this with me.

For today’s installment, we have a dog vs. cat scenario.  This is actually spot-on in the {d&k} casa.  In this scenario Dog = Elvis and Cat = Charlie.  Enjoy!!



This is exactly Elvis and Charlie. I’ve told you many, many times before that Charlie is trying to kill us. I just don’t know how or when. If you haven’t heard from me for an extended period of time, send in reinforcements. Charlie can be manipulated with catnip. Good luck!

Enjoy your day (in my case, it might be my last),

Charlie, The Sneaky Little Hoarder

Charlie is a hoarder.  I’m pretty sure someone from the tv show will read this and want to come film Charlie’s house box.

Yes, Charlie spends the majority of time in his box.  Not his litter box.  Nope, an actual cardboard box filled with packing paper.  It is on the floor of my office and if I can’t find him, that’s usually where he is.  I also cannot move the box.  If I touch the box, no matter how quiet I am or where he is in the house, he will come galloping down the hall, letting out his weird roar-like noises, and pounce into the box, forcing me to drop it.  Mine. All mine.

Lately, he has been hoarding things in there.  Yesterday, I found THREE of my nail files.  I didn’t even know I had THREE nail files!

I stole MY nail files back and replaced them with a pencil.  He was not thrilled about the swap.  But, this morning when I went into my office, guess how many pencils were in his box?!  FOUR!  Four pencils.  That means, he was on my desk, digging through my writing utensil holder, through the pens and pencils, letter opener, scissors, to find his little treasures.  He had all sorts of pencils.  There was the original No. 2 pencil I gave him (I don’t have a pencil sharpener and No. 2 pencils keep popping up around the house.  Ghosts?  Do ghosts drop pencils to let you know they’ve been there?  I think I was secretly hoping Charlie would sharpen my pencil with his razor-sharp teeth.), 2 mechanical pencils, and a grease pencil.  What was he planning on doing with all of these?  Possibly decorating the inside of the boring house box?!  Planning and writing down his next attack or escape?!  I know he’s plotting to kill us in our sleep.  I just didn’t know it would be so soon.  I thought we had a least a few more years together.

I’m curious what will be in his box tomorrow.  Dog toys?  No, those are too big.  Hair ties?  No, he’d rather drop those in the dog’s water dish so I can never use them again.  (This is how he’s slowly taking me down, folks.  Grossing me out, one dog-slimed hair tie at a time).  Bookmarks?  Hmmm…maybe.  We shall see.

I will keep you updated.  I know you are dying to find out what’s in Charlie’s box tomorrow.  This could be an ongoing post, people.


Enjoy your day,

Guess Who’s Coming?!?




Yep, that’s right.  My little sister, KT, is moving to the Big D!  I can.not wait, people.  She graduates in June and then she’s heading on out here.  (She’s in the process of finding a job, so keep you fingers crossed!)

It will be so nice to have family out here!

The zoo is pumped!

Charlie (Dog-Cat #1) has been walking around here saying, “KT” ever since she left.

Ok not really.  But that’s what I think he’s saying.

You shouldn’t listen to me, though.  I also think he says, “I love my mom” and “How now brown cow.”  He’s pretty advanced for his age, so I’m sure “KT” will come to his vocabulary soon.

Anyways, back on track…

{d&k} are so excited to have her staying with us.  It will be so fun to have another girl around here.  Uma and I are outnumbered.  Too much boy stuff everywhere.  Too many boy smells.  Ew.  Yay for girls!

So, that is our exciting news!!  I hope you are as excited as we are!!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Should I Be Afraid?

Source: google.com via Dani on Pinterest

Should I be worried?  Dog-Cat #1 does all of these.  Is Charlie planning on killing me?  But I take such good care of him.

He kneads me.  All.the.time.  {d&k} call it moashing.  I have no idea why.  But Charlie moashes me all.the.time.  I thought it was cute.  Sort of his form of cuddling.  Now I know he’s just checking my organs for weakness.  Oh no…he is always moashing my heart-area.  He’s just going straight for the kill.  No messing around with the smaller, non-important organs, like the spleen.  He’s going straight for my heart.  Eep.  At least he wants it to be quick.  I should praise him for that.  Maybe he’ll go easy on me.

He’s also very good at staring contests.  K always loses.  In fact, k never stands a chance.  I cheer him on to be a good wife, secretly thinking he doesn’t have a shot against Charles.

And, Charlie is quick.  He’s constantly running out of the room when I enter.  I never really thought that much about it.  Now I know it is due to a failed ambush attack.  Sneaky little feline.

I just don’t understand.  {d&k} took Charlie in.  Gave him a nice home.  Plenty of food and cuddles.  We even taught him to talk.  His “Hello” is perfect.  “Blue” is coming right along too.  Why would he want to kill us?  We are sweet people.  There are so many more words I want to teach him.


How about you?  Do any of you feel like your cat wants to kill you?  Does your cat fall into the cat-egories above?  Are you scared?  Worried?  Halp.


Enjoy your day (according to your cat, it could be your last),

Our Week in Photos

I left out a few pictures from the last post, so I thought I’d show you them here, along with a few others.  Enjoy!!

  {d&k} are really.really excited about the weather in January!  Really excited.  (Except for today because it’s 45*.  Not cool, Texas. Not cool).

  Yay!  Our first Texas gecko!!  I named him Stanley.  I love new pets (just don’t tell k)!!


The pugs created a little bed pile, {d&k} like to call Mega Bed, and cuddled up for a nice nap.  Then, Mega Bed started to collapse and pugs began rolling down their beds.  But, fear not, neither pug realized this and didn’t miss any sleep.  Oh to be a pug.

  Not only to {d&k} bust out random dance party moves, we also break out random shadow puppets.  Oh yeah, go dog, go!  Be jealous of my mad shadow puppet skills.

  This is Charlie’s new favorite spot to hang out.  I don’t mind, except when I don’t know that he is up there and he jumps onto the couch and lands next to me.  Jump.out.of.my.skin.  Thanks, Charlie.

  K, the deer is staring at me again!!

  Here is the view from the tower restaurant we went to over the weekend.  You can see the downtown Dallas buildings out the window and then the reflection of the kitchen in the window.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what we’ve been up to lately.  Sadly, most of the pictures are of the zoo, but that’s our life!

Stayed tuned for my next post…Recipes!  I have a crock pot mac n’ cheese and corn bread coming your way!

Enjoy your day,

Camera Happy


I hope everyone had a great weekend!  {d&k} did.  Ours was super busy, so instead of talking about the entire weekend, I’ll show you in photos.  Yes, I was very camera happy this weekend.  But, I did it all for you, friends!




What do you get when you cross a worn out pug and a bed full of hangers and clothes?  A very uncomfortable sleeping arrangement…or so one would think?!






Charlie = 1  Yarn = 0






{d&k} like to play games.  One of our favorites is “Where’s Charlie?”  Your turn.






I made a few special Christmas gifts for friends.  Can’t wait to ship them out tomorrow 🙂






Siamese pugs?






Trying to work while 2 pugs insist on being on my lap.  At the same time.






Finished a DIY curtain project.  Lovely fabric from a fancy fabric store down the street and a canvas drop cloth from Home Depot = super cute curtains!






So happy Martha found me in Texas!  I was worried she wouldn’t make it.  It sort of sounds like Santa trying to find you if you weren’t in your own bed on Christmas Eve.  Martha is my Santa.  Yes, I am only slightly obsessed with her 😉






The Polka Dotted Pug orders galore!  I was a crocheting machine this weekend!!






{d&k} discovered another Mexican restaurant on Friday night and it was fantastic!  This white cheese dip was like a little bowl of cheesy heaven.  Yum.  And, we got to brush up on our Spanish.  Bonus!  (Pato = duck…which is what k ate. Ew.)






Tried a new beer Friday night.  I bet you can’t guess which one it was.  And, it was delicious!






I volunteered at k’s huge event this weekend, Adopt-a-Family, where I got to assemble and decorate their 20-foot Christmas tree.  So fun!  I, of course, had high school minions to do all of my dirty work, which included anything on a ladder.  I don’t do ladders.






k’s school had enough volunteer families to adopt nearly 100 families to give Christmas gifts to this year.  One of the volunteer families donated 38 bikes!  It was an amazing event and now all of these families will be able to open gifts on Christmas Day.





Since it was a beautiful day, and a high of 56* today, we decided to spend it outside decorating our new house for Christmas.  Doesn’t she look great?!


So, that’s it for {d&k} this weekend.  Thanks for stopping by.

Enjoy your day!

Bastard Movers

Ok, so the movers decided that they were not coming on Friday and instead would be at our house on Saturday morning.  They didn’t see this as a problem.  {d&k} were mad because they lost an entire day for unpacking.  So k called the moving company to complain and the company is reimbursing us for our “troubles”.  Excellent.  But, it still was a pain losing a day for unpacking all of our stuff.  So, that’s why this post is called “bastard movers”.   But, that’s over and done with….moving on!

The movers came Saturday around 8am and unloaded, and unloaded, and unloaded (we have a lot of stuff) until 11am.  We spent the rest of Saturday unpacking, and unpacking, and unpacking.  Again, we have a lot of stuff.  We also spent all day today unpacking.  Today was fun because I got to organize my kitchen (I say MY kitchen because k doesn’t cook) and begin decorating.  The decorating part is my favorite!  It was fun to find the perfect wall or space for that picture and the right curtains for the guest room.  It is actually starting to come along and it feels cozy now.

The pups had no idea what to do today. They followed us around like our shadows and they got stepped on many times.  Uma, the greyhound, is the worst.  She follows right behind and when you stop, she runs into you because she has the attention span of a gnat.  Then, she gets herself in an area where she doesn’t think she can turn around so she has to back up.  All I hear when she is backing up is the loud beeping from large trucks {beep, beep, beep, beep}.  Meanwhile, a pug or 2 have found a nice holding area behind her and as she is backing up, she’s running them over, causing a huge traffic jam in the middle of the kitchen.  I can’t get to the pugs to help them out of the way because Uma is beep-beeping right along and her annoyingly slow pace.  Oh lord, that happened a million times this weekend.  I felt like I was stuck in rush hour traffic and I could see my exit but knew I had a good half hour of sitting in the car left.  Thanks, Uma.  You make me feel like I am in rush hour traffic.

Ok, back to unpacking. Wow, maybe I have the attention span of a gnat.  So, everything in the house is out of boxes.  The kitchen, dining room, both guest beds, storage room, and living rooms are done.  There is still decorating that needs to be done in some of those, but for the most part they are finished.  Still to be completed are the family room, office, and my bedroom.  I’m hoping to have all of that finished tomorrow.  The office definitely has to be finished because I start back to work on Wednesday.  I can’t believe how much we got accomplished this weekend, given that we lost Friday.  We are unpacking machines!

On a fantastic note:
For those of you that don’t know, I am continuing to work for Bee For The Day, the wedding coordinating company I work for, and I’m starting Bee For The Day Dallas.  B, owner of BFTD, has started advertising down here and we’ve received our first inquiry for a May 2012 wedding!  Woohoo!!  I am so excited and can’t wait to build back up my wedding calendar.

On a not-so-fantastic note:
It has been pouring rain the last 3 days down here (and I’m not complaining, I promise…however, the pups are a little fed up with muddy paw prints all over the floors).   Well, attention-span-of-a-gnat me forgot to close the sunroof in my SUV after returning home from the dog park with the pups…on THURSDAY!  So I’m sure you can imagine what my car looked like today when I went to get in it, after being exposed to the rain for 3 days.  Yep, it was like a swimming pool.  Fantastic.

Ok, prepare for photo overload:

Moving truck arrives (we only had 1/3 of the truck -- we don't have THAT much stuff

The movers unpacked the patio furniture and set all the chairs in a line, facing the house, looking in the sliding glass doors. I'm not sure why, but this was hilarious to me. I felt like people were going to have a seat and watch me unpack.

I couldn't even go into this room without hyperventilating... too.much.stuff.

Well, that was my kitchen. Now, it's just a holding cell for boxes. And, that's why we ate pizza for 3 meals this weekend.

Charlie is the reason unpacking took so long...I had to keep unpacking HIM!

k made dinner tonight! He doesn't cook much, but when he does he makes his specialty...pancakes. Yum! And yes, that's beer. Beer and pancakes...we are pretty classy!




























































Oh, and for those of you wondering what k got me the other night that was the best gift evah….

Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes!!!!!!  Yep, they are still just as good as when we were kids.  Try not to be jealous.  I bet you are getting in your car to run to Target to get some now.  I know.  Don’t try to hide it.  (And yes, I know my photo is backwards…I’m still trying to figure this new phone out, thankyouverymuch).

Thanks for visiting!  Enjoy your day!