The Sneaky Little Ninja

We have a ninja!  I know, I know.  I shouldn’t tell you this.  Ninjas are supposed to go unnoticed.  They are sneaky and stealthy.  But, I mean, how cool is it that I have my very own ninja?!  Jealous?  You should be.  Maybe if you are nice, I’ll let you borrow her.


My ninja is in the form of a little (I mean little…all 7 lbs of her) black cat named Gabby.  Gabby is KT’s cat.  Gabby is slowing getting accustomed to our house and her new zoo.  She is also trying to become the alpha, even over the dogs.  I’m not going to lie…I think it’s working.  It’s about time someone knocks Elvis off his alpha pedestal.


So Gabby, I mean ninja, is very sneaky.  One minute, she’ll walk into the office and curl up on the chair.  A few minutes later, I’m in the kitchen getting a drink and she’s sitting on the counter waiting for me.  What the?!  Where did you come from, ninja?  When did she run past me in the hallway to the kitchen?  It’s not that long!  See, she’s a ninja.


She’s always sneaking up on me like that.  I’ll see her in one room, even talk to her, and then she’s in another room in a matter of seconds.  It’s magic!


And, she has this hoarse little mew.  I can’t call it a meow.  It’s not powerful enough to earn that title.  Just a scratchy little mew.  And her tongue is always sticking out.  I think she’s mocking me.


So, between the ninja and Charlie, I don’t think I will be alive much longer.  Perhaps they are plotting against me.  They may have secret meetings near the litter boxes, laying out the details to their plan to overtake the {d&k} casa.


If you don’t hear from me in a while, you know they got me.  You may want to delete any evidence that we’re friends.  They could be after you next.


Enjoy your day…it could be your last,





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