Camera Happy


I hope everyone had a great weekend!  {d&k} did.  Ours was super busy, so instead of talking about the entire weekend, I’ll show you in photos.  Yes, I was very camera happy this weekend.  But, I did it all for you, friends!




What do you get when you cross a worn out pug and a bed full of hangers and clothes?  A very uncomfortable sleeping arrangement…or so one would think?!






Charlie = 1  Yarn = 0






{d&k} like to play games.  One of our favorites is “Where’s Charlie?”  Your turn.






I made a few special Christmas gifts for friends.  Can’t wait to ship them out tomorrow 🙂






Siamese pugs?






Trying to work while 2 pugs insist on being on my lap.  At the same time.






Finished a DIY curtain project.  Lovely fabric from a fancy fabric store down the street and a canvas drop cloth from Home Depot = super cute curtains!






So happy Martha found me in Texas!  I was worried she wouldn’t make it.  It sort of sounds like Santa trying to find you if you weren’t in your own bed on Christmas Eve.  Martha is my Santa.  Yes, I am only slightly obsessed with her 😉






The Polka Dotted Pug orders galore!  I was a crocheting machine this weekend!!






{d&k} discovered another Mexican restaurant on Friday night and it was fantastic!  This white cheese dip was like a little bowl of cheesy heaven.  Yum.  And, we got to brush up on our Spanish.  Bonus!  (Pato = duck…which is what k ate. Ew.)






Tried a new beer Friday night.  I bet you can’t guess which one it was.  And, it was delicious!






I volunteered at k’s huge event this weekend, Adopt-a-Family, where I got to assemble and decorate their 20-foot Christmas tree.  So fun!  I, of course, had high school minions to do all of my dirty work, which included anything on a ladder.  I don’t do ladders.






k’s school had enough volunteer families to adopt nearly 100 families to give Christmas gifts to this year.  One of the volunteer families donated 38 bikes!  It was an amazing event and now all of these families will be able to open gifts on Christmas Day.





Since it was a beautiful day, and a high of 56* today, we decided to spend it outside decorating our new house for Christmas.  Doesn’t she look great?!


So, that’s it for {d&k} this weekend.  Thanks for stopping by.

Enjoy your day!


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