Should I Be Afraid?

Source: via Dani on Pinterest

Should I be worried?  Dog-Cat #1 does all of these.  Is Charlie planning on killing me?  But I take such good care of him.

He kneads me.  All.the.time.  {d&k} call it moashing.  I have no idea why.  But Charlie moashes me all.the.time.  I thought it was cute.  Sort of his form of cuddling.  Now I know he’s just checking my organs for weakness.  Oh no…he is always moashing my heart-area.  He’s just going straight for the kill.  No messing around with the smaller, non-important organs, like the spleen.  He’s going straight for my heart.  Eep.  At least he wants it to be quick.  I should praise him for that.  Maybe he’ll go easy on me.

He’s also very good at staring contests.  K always loses.  In fact, k never stands a chance.  I cheer him on to be a good wife, secretly thinking he doesn’t have a shot against Charles.

And, Charlie is quick.  He’s constantly running out of the room when I enter.  I never really thought that much about it.  Now I know it is due to a failed ambush attack.  Sneaky little feline.

I just don’t understand.  {d&k} took Charlie in.  Gave him a nice home.  Plenty of food and cuddles.  We even taught him to talk.  His “Hello” is perfect.  “Blue” is coming right along too.  Why would he want to kill us?  We are sweet people.  There are so many more words I want to teach him.


How about you?  Do any of you feel like your cat wants to kill you?  Does your cat fall into the cat-egories above?  Are you scared?  Worried?  Halp.


Enjoy your day (according to your cat, it could be your last),


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