Free Zoo Admission, Today Only!

Haha, I meant to MY zoo.  Yep, that’s right…I have updated photos of my zoo for you all!  I know you’ve been missing my babies so I thought I’d share some photos with you.

First of all, the zoo LOVES JR!  Oskar is known as “Officer Oskar.”  He’s always on patrol.  He will sit next to JR any chance he gets.  If we walk into a room, Oskar will sweep the perimeter to make sure there are no dangers.  He will also occasionally head butt the dog-cats just to let them know who’s in charge around the baby.  Elvis is always laying next to JR on the couch, and occasionally nuzzles up so close to her that he’s practically sitting on her head.  If she cries and we don’t get to her in time (or what Elvis thinks is time) then Elvis will run over to us and start barking, “She’s broke, she’s broke!  Fix her!  NOW!!”  Uma doesn’t really care about her, but she will lick JR every morning.  Uma usually licks JR’s back, leg or foot but sometimes she sneaks in a lick on the face.  Ew.  Especially since Uma’s breath is so bad!  The dog-cats really could care less about JR and tend to stay out of the way. Dog-cat #2 just recently started laying on my lap while I’m holding JR.  I need a bigger lap!  I’m so happy the zoo likes JR!  They’ve all been around babies and kids before and they adore them.  I wasn’t sure how they’d react to having a baby of their own, around all the time.  But, they love her and it is so sweet to watch them interact with her.










How cute is the zoo?  I love those little guys!!  Aren’t you glad zoo admission was free today?!  You’re welcome!


Stop by again soon!  I’m sure I’ll have more zoo photos for you!
Enjoy your day,


Getting the hang of this…

Hey everyone!  {d&k} are still here!  We have been pretty busy trying to get the hang of this whole parenting thing, haha.  K went back to work full-time this week, so I’ve been busy trying to get things done while Juliet sleeps.  I’ve always been really good at multi-tasking…but I must say, I’m awesome now that I only have a couple of hours to get everything done!  I love it!  I feel so productive, hehe.

Anyways, things are going really well here.  We are having a blast with our little girl, even on the little amount of sleep we get a night.  The sad part is, I’m getting more sleep now with a newborn than I did when I was pregnant.  Haha, I’ll take it!

And, if anyone is wondering…the zoo absolutely loves Juliet!  The pugs are always on “patrol” and won’t let her out of their sight.  Oskar follows me everywhere and will lay right next to me, in order to keep an eye on Juliet.  He was always very protective of me, but now, it’s ridiculous.  I’ve never seen him so alert and ready to pounce on a cat.  Elvis lays next to Juliet every chance he gets and he has stopped trying to lick her face.  I think once he realized she was staying, he didn’t feel the need to claim lick her anymore.  Uma, however, must lick some part of Juliet’s body everyday.  She loves to run into Juliet’s room, sniff her entire body, and then pick a spot to lick.  Thankfully it is usually on her leg or back and not the face.  Ew.  The cats could really care less.  Charlie, dog-cat #1, just started getting close to her.  He began nuzzling her this morning and found that he really liked to nuzzle her diaper.  The diaper was covered in black fur after that, haha.  Sebastian, dog-cat #2, occasionally will sniff her, but that’s about it.  He doesn’t mind her and will lay next to her on the couch…but that’s about it.  I’m really happy that everyone gets along and that the pups aren’t jealous.  It must be exhausting being on patrol all day, because all the zoo does is sleep.  Hah.  I’m not complaining!  It makes for a very quiet house sometimes.

I promise to keep up with the blog and share all of my new motherhood stories with you. But, not until next week…my parents come in town tonight {happy dance} and are here for the weekend!  I can’t wait.  And, this is their first time meeting Juliet!  I’m so excited for this weekend!!  I will fill you all in next week…and you know I’ll have photos!


Thanks for hanging around, even though I’ve been horrible at blogging lately.  I will be better, I promise!

Enjoy your day,

Well that was interesting…

We had a very interesting night last night.

I was in bed, sleeping.  K had just finished putting the pups in the kitchen (shut off by a metal baby gate) and was in the bathroom getting ready for bed.  When all of a sudden we hear a crash and then the alarm goes off.  I have never heard the alarm go off before and didn’t realize what an awful, ear-piercing noise it was.  Ow.  I sit straight up in bed and k comes running out of the bathroom saying, “It’s okay, it’s okay.”  He runs out to shut the alarm off.  Meanwhile, Elvis comes running back to the bedroom and hops up in bed with me, shaking, looking at me with his sad puppy eyes.  Uma is turning in circles, not sure what to do.  And, there are 2 cats cuddled next to me, unsure of what is going on.  Good to know that in the case an intruder does come into the house, this is what the animals will be doing.  That’s for being protective, zoo.

K finally gets the alarm off and I start to calm all the animals down.  Apparently, a cat was jumping over the baby gate and knocked it down, and the crash set the alarm off.  Heart.attack.  Whoa baby, stay in.

The animals were not willing to be calmed down and insisted on staying in bed with me.  K was on the phone with the alarm company and, after a few minutes, the house was finally quiet.  I got out of bed to take Elvis back to the kitchen, when Oskar starts running down the hall, finally realizing he’s “free.”  Poor thing can hardly hear anymore and I’m pretty sure he slept through all of that.  I corral Elvis and Oskar back into the kitchen and lock them up, both staring at me with sad puppy eyes.  Then, I finally get Uma to lay down.  I get into bed and of course, can’t fall sleep.  Nothing like a high-pitched squeal at midnight to wake you up.  Thanks, cats.

I’m finally in bed and cozy when I hear a bell.  Stupid cats.  They found a cat toy.  Of course, because they are now awake too and why wouldn’t they want to play?!  I hear the cat toy being batted around the hardwood floors and hit into walls for about 10 minutes.  Then, I hear dog-cat #2 running, nope galloping, down the hall with the cat toy in his mouth, jingling.  He comes into our room, by throwing his entire body into the door (nothing like a grand entrance) and jumps on the bed.  As he lands, he spits the cat toy out and it lands on my belly.  Then, he proceeds to hunt and attack it.  I throw the cat toy off and he follows.  Because now I’ve just started a ravishing game of fetch, you know, because we’re all awake and ready to play.  Lovely.  This goes on for a few minutes and he finally gets bored and lays down.  Thank you, dog-cat #2.

From now until morning, every time I move or roll over, which let’s face it is about every 3 minutes, I hear a bell.  The cat toy was still in bed with us.  I tried looking for it but no such luck.  Thankfully, dog-cat #2 was pretty exhausted and did not want to play anymore.

When I woke up this morning, I found the cat toy.  Under the covers.  By my belly.  Really cat?  How did it get there?!  This is the second time the dog-cats have brought the baby a “present.”  And, left it under the covers.  Weasels.

And, as soon as I threw the cat toy off the bed, dog-cat #2 was all over it.   Nuzzling it, like he missed it.  Stupid cat, you are the one that put it there.  You knew where it was.  And, I’m pretty sure you slept on the bed with me all night and could hear the thing jingling whenever I moved.  Ugh.

When I woke up today, I almost (*almost*) felt like that was a dream.  But no.  I did really all happen.  All of it.  Last night.  Yep.  What a fun evening.  I think I may take a nap today.  Minus the dog-cats and cat toys.


Anything exciting happen to you last night?  Let’s hope for a more peaceful evening tonight.  Fingers crossed!

Enjoy your day,


Oskar’s update

Oskar wanted to say hi and tell you that everything is going well with the zoo.  They all seem to be getting along quite well, and even surprise me by cuddling up together.  I’m pretty sure they think I’m not looking.  Elvis and Oskar have been caught cuddling and touching.  I know!  And, I did find Uma and Oskar on the same bed.  Not touching.  But, on the same bed is huge for them.  Usually Uma kicks Oskar off the dog bed so she can lay on it.  Now, I’m not sure if she actually kicks him off, or if he is just terrified of her laying on him because she doesn’t look down before she drops.  Either way….that was a huge accomplishment in the Mullan Casa last week.  And, the cats have been spotted laying next to each other on the couch.  Again, huge accomplishment.

Our little family is starting to get nice and cozy together.  It only took how many years?!  And, it’s just in time before they get ripped apart by a baby.  Haha.  Maybe that’s why they are getting closer.  They know they won’t get as much attention from me and they are bonding with each other.  Hey, I can wish.

Anyways, Oskar just wanted to fill you in on how happy the zoo has been.  And, he told me to post a cute photo of him, in case you forgot which one Oskar is…
As if anyone could forget that so-ugly-it’s-cute-face.


Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Wednesday!

Enjoy your day,
{d&k} and Oskar too!



Ummm…excuse me…

But, that’s MY bed…




I know my bed is comfortable…that’s why I bought it. But, come on! It’s MY bed! I let the pups out of my sight for 1 minute and this is what happens. There are many, many more photos like this. These are just the cute ones. This is a daily occurence in the Mullan Casa. Does anyone else have pups like this?! Who wait for you to stop paying attention to them for a millisecond so they can run off to your room and cuddle up in your bed?! Weasels!

And, note Elvis’ blanket. He nestled himself into that blanket on his own. And, it wasn’t even cold in the house that day. Weirdo. Little furry weirdos.

Enjoy your day and go check your beds for pugs,

K’s new toy and the pug that is afraid of it…

K brought home a Roomba sweeper the other day.  He thought it would be helpful to run it while I was in my office working and that thing could sweep the living room, hallways, and kitchen.

He was so excited for this new “toy.”  I wasn’t quite sold on the thing.

It was frustrating because it doesn’t have a set path it takes.  It doesn’t go around the perimeter and memorize the room.  It just sort of goes and when it bumps into something, it redirects.  Well, if you are not watching it, that’s fine.  However, it will drive you mad if you are watching it because you can see a giant clump of cat fur on the ground and the stupid thing will circle it and then go off in a different direction, never picking up the car fur.  Now, it does come back to it…eventually.

We decided to let the Roomba run while we took the pups on a walk.  I was surprised to find the living room floor spotless when we came back.  And, the nice thing is that if can fit under the couch to get all the fur that hides under there.  So, I’m feeling a little better about the thing now.

The pups, however, hate it.  So do the dog-cats.  Except for Oskar.  He could care less.  I’m guessing because he can’t really hear it.  He’ll walk right up to it, while it’s moving, and sniff it, snort on it, kick his back legs at it, and walk away.  Elvis and Uma just hide.  Uma does her deer-on-ice skit while sliding down the hall.  Elvis thinks it is going to steal his toys so he makes a mad dash to his toy basket, picks up a toy, and then runs it down the hall to the office where it is “safe.”  Then, when the coast is clear, aka – the Roomba is at least 10 feet from the toy basket, he makes another trip out there to save the next toy at risk.  Meanwhile, there is a massive toy pile collecting in the office.  Uma is rifling through it to find a “good one” and Oskar is sleeping.  Uma gives Elvis a look when he gets back, sort of like you-didn’t-get-my-favorite-toy-jerk-and-if-you-don’t-go-back-out-there-I-will-eat-you-while-you’re-sleeping.  So, Elvis, fearing for his life, runs back out there to find Uma’s favorite toy.  Which just happens to be the size of Elvis.  This was my favorite part of the day.  Watching Elvis trying to carry “dog” back to the office by the ear, dragging it on the floor, all while trying to look behind him to make sure the big, scary, noisy, monster isn’t on his tail.  Literally.

These animals are ridiculous.  I’m ridiculous because I have a post dedicated to how terrified my pug is of the vacuum.  Wow.  But, it’s entertaining.  That’s all I’ve got.

So, not only are my floors clean, but my dogs are terrified and entertaining.  I love it!

Are your dogs terrified of the vacuum?  Or anything else around your house?

We just discovered that Elvis is deathly afraid of feathers (the little ones that come out of the pillows) and straws.  Yep, drinking straws.  If you tilt the straw towards him he panics and hides.  Wow.  I’m really glad we have two other dogs to protect us from possible intruders.  Man, if burglars show up with a feather and a straw (not even a whole bag of them, just one) Elvis is going to have a heart attack.  Help.

Thanks for stopping by!

Enjoy your day,

Heater Hog

It’s cold here.  I mean, really cold.  For me, anyways.  I’m a baby and I do not like temperatures below 75 degrees.  Actually, that’s pushing it.  Let’s make it 80 degrees.

How did I live in Ohio for 29 years?!

So, it’s cold here.  Last night it was 33 degrees!  That’s winter coat weather, people!  What is the world coming to when Texas gets into the 30s in November?!

And, I’m stubborn.  I do not like utility bills and wasting money on heating and cooling the house.  So, I refuse to turn the heat on.  Even though, it’s a brisk 62 degrees in the house now.  So, the pups and I have locked ourselves in the office with a few hundred blankets, sweats and slippers (for me – although, Oskar would look mighty cute in slippers), and a small space heater.

The pups are cuddled up right in front of the heater and are currently not sharing with me.  Rude.

Oskar is the heater hog.  He loves this thing.  Sometimes I have to turn if off because it feels like his fur is on fire.  But he doesn’t care.  He would lay in front of that thing all day, if I let him.  Maybe that’s why we are best friends.

Oskar was laying directly in front of the heater, with about a foot between them.  Well, Elvis did not think that was fair so he sat in between Oskar and the heater.  Well, heater hog got upset and went to sit in between Elvis and the heater.  Well, at this point, the heater was touching Oskar’s fur and it started to smell like burnt pug.  Ew.  But that didn’t stop Oskar.  Heater hog.

So, I had to pull both dogs back to their little makeshift blanket bed/forts and angle the heater just right so that they could both feel the warmth and so that I could feel nothing.

The things we do for our dogs.

Meanwhile, Uma is on the other side of the room, hanging off her dog bed, tongue out, probably sweating to death.  She is a heater of her own.  She’s always hot.  She is like k.

K went to bed last night wearing shorts.  That’s it.  Shorts.

I went to bed wearing sweatpants, a t-shirt, a sweatshirt (hooded, for extra warmth), and socks and I still woke up a few times to adjust the covers and even to add another blanket.  I glanced over at k at one point and he had the covers completely off, tongue out, sweating to death.  I pulled the covered up over him and he immediately started flailing until all the covers were off again.

K and Uma.  Oskar and me.  We are weirdos.

Wish us luck today that 1, Uma doesn’t sweat to death, 2, Oskar and Elvis find a happy medium of sharing the heater and there is no more burning pug flesh/fur, and 3, that I get a little bit of heat from the heater, or Uma, or k before I freeze up and die.  Happy thoughts, people.  Happy thoughts.


Enjoy your day,

Oskar’s sleep habits

Oskar is a very good sleeper.  I think this has been his one and only hobby and he’s perfected it over the years.

He is very a loud sleeper.  He snores.  A lot.  You will always know when he’s asleep, based on how loud he is snoring.

Most things will not wake Oskar up.  He is either going deaf or has really, really good selective listening skills.  Sometimes, I have to shove him a bit to wake him up, after yelling for 5 minutes.

Oskar will sleep just about anywhere, but if there is a bed nearby, he’ll be in that.  Even if it’s a cat bed.

Oskar will not wake up after rolling over, movement of any kind, or falling out of his bed.  He will also not wake up if he’s having a bad dream and running and whimpering.  Shoving him usually doesn’t wake him up either.  To wake him from a bad dream, he needs to be picked up.  And even then, he sometimes doesn’t wake up.

Dog likes his sleep.  Like a log.

I was working in my office and Oskar was asleep on the floor next to my chair.  I knew this because I could hear him snoring.  Next time I looked down, he had moved to the cat bed next to him.  This is what happened after that:

Oskar starts out almost all in the cat bed.
Then, he falls out a little bit.
Next, he’s out a little more.
Finally, only his back legs are left in the cat bed.

This happened over the course of an hour and he made little grunts every time he moved.

He woke up a little later and looked very confused. Confused as to why he was not in the cat bed anymore. Oh, my little grandpa pug.

Well, at least he is always entertaining!

Enjoy your day,

There’s a dinosaur in my pantry

Yep, that’s right.  A dinosaur.  In my pantry.  Uh-huh.

It all started on Saturday night.  It was late.  I was waiting for k to get home from a football game (more to come on this, eep).  There were dog/cat fur tumble weeds blowing across the hardwood floors, so I decided to sweep the floors with the broom.  We have hardwood floors in the family room and those butt up again the tile in the kitchen.  There is a little space between the two floors and dirt and fur always get stuck down there.  So, I was sweeping out that space when something jumped out from it and ran across the kitchen floor.



All the animals passed out on the floor.  None coming to my rescue.  Thanks attack zoo.

I thought it was a centipede.  I do not like bugs with lots of legs.  Actually, I do not like bugs at all.

So, I thought I could just sweep him up in the dustpan and run him outside.  Well, as I went to sweep him up I noticed the tail.  Dun, dun, dunnnnnnn.  Yep, a long tail.  He was a gecko!

A tiny, possibly baby gecko.  And, probably only 1-2 inches long.  And he was quick.

He ran right under the pantry door!  What?!  What do I do now?!  Zoo?!?  Zzzzz.  Great, thanks for the help.

So, I just left him there.  He was way too quick for me to catch.  And even if I did, how was I going to get him back outside?!

When k got home, I told him about the gecko living in our pantry and he said he’d go get him out.  I told him not to worry.  I thought maybe the cats would “take care of it.”  I also think that’s why I was never worried about having a gecko in the house.  I thought the cats would attack it.  They go crazy when a bug gets in the house, I can only imagine what they’d do to a gecko.  Apparently I was wrong.  The cats will do nothing to a gecko.  They will sleep, softly snoring, while the gecko runs freely through the house, ultimately ending up in my pantry, where he’ll fill his belly until he grows into an adult gecko, aka a dinosaur.  (Yes, that is the dinosaur life cycle.  Do you not remember this from elementary school?!  Baby gecko > gecko > adult gecko > GIANT DINOSAUR).

So, I was a little skittish all weekend when opening the pantry.  I was worried a giant dinosaur was going to pop out.  {ROAR!}  And scare me.  Of course, I picture a T-Rex, but come on…does it really matter what kind of dinosaur it is?  I have a dinosaur, people.

Well, I guess this could be the best diet ever.  No more eating food out of the pantry for fear the dinosaur might get me.  Stupid dinosaur.  I have some good food in there, too.  Well, I guess things will be looking up for Oskar too….no more getting locked in the pantry.

So, there you have it folks.  As of today, we still have a dinosaur in our pantry.  It could have snuck out, but I’m not taking any chances.  No need to worry about me.  I’m just starving over here, that is all.  Send bread.


Enjoy your day and beware of dinosaurs,

Weekend plans…

…were rained out.  Booooo.

So, that means I didn’t get to refinish any of my furniture or use my new sander.  Boo.

And, I did not get to reorganize my office because I could not find the shelving I wanted.  However, k found something better…


6 giant fruit crates from our local market.  For FREE!  Yep, that’s right.  Go K, go!  I have been wanting these smaller wooden crates from JoAnn’s but I didn’t want to spend that much money on them.  I wanted to stack them up and build shelves/cubbies.  Well, I didn’t want to spend $12 on each crate, so k and I went looking around for something similar.  Well, after we couldn’t find anything, k hopped on the internet and searched for fruit crates but we couldn’t find anything less than $10/crate.  That was still more than I wanted to pay.  Then, k had his brilliant idea and called over to our market.  They said they get tons of fruit crates in and if they can’t use them for displays, they throw them out.  k found out they had 6 crates that they were planning on getting rid of and k said we’d take them.  We drove right over and loaded up my car with these 6 awesome crates.  Good job, k!!  My plan for these puppies is to build 3 together to make a bookcase.  I need to sand and stain or paint them too.  This is my labor day weekend project! Wahoo!  And, now I will have 2 new, huge, bookcases that cost me nothing.  How great is that?!

So, even though my weekend projects were rained out, I now have those and a new project to look forward to this weekend.

Aside from that, we were really boring this weekend.  We stayed in and watched movies all weekend.  d didn’t feel good, plus it was raining, so it made for a good weekend to lay around.  We did venture out to take the pups to the dog park pond.  Elvis made a new friend that kept stealing his toy.  We had to wait for this pup to be distracted by something else before we could throw Elvis’ toy into the pond.  And, Elvis wouldn’t let his toy out of his sight.  If another dog came near him while he was holding his toy in his mouth, he would growl.  It was really amusing.  He’s very protective of his toys.  This is how he rode in the car on the way home…

He wanted to make sure no one touched his toy…not even his brother or sister.  Goofy dog.

The pups were pretty exhausted the rest of the day.  Swimming in the pond takes a lot out of them.  When we settled in on the couch for the night, this is what I found…


I’m not exactly sure why dog-cat#2 was tired.  He spends all day in that exact spot, looking out the window.  But, he did made for a good cuddle buddy.  And Elvis makes for a good foot stool, according to Oskar.





That’s about all the excitement our weekend held.  How was yours?  Did you do anything exciting?

Enjoy your day,