Oskar’s sleep habits

Oskar is a very good sleeper.  I think this has been his one and only hobby and he’s perfected it over the years.

He is very a loud sleeper.  He snores.  A lot.  You will always know when he’s asleep, based on how loud he is snoring.

Most things will not wake Oskar up.  He is either going deaf or has really, really good selective listening skills.  Sometimes, I have to shove him a bit to wake him up, after yelling for 5 minutes.

Oskar will sleep just about anywhere, but if there is a bed nearby, he’ll be in that.  Even if it’s a cat bed.

Oskar will not wake up after rolling over, movement of any kind, or falling out of his bed.  He will also not wake up if he’s having a bad dream and running and whimpering.  Shoving him usually doesn’t wake him up either.  To wake him from a bad dream, he needs to be picked up.  And even then, he sometimes doesn’t wake up.

Dog likes his sleep.  Like a log.

I was working in my office and Oskar was asleep on the floor next to my chair.  I knew this because I could hear him snoring.  Next time I looked down, he had moved to the cat bed next to him.  This is what happened after that:

Oskar starts out almost all in the cat bed.
Then, he falls out a little bit.
Next, he’s out a little more.
Finally, only his back legs are left in the cat bed.

This happened over the course of an hour and he made little grunts every time he moved.

He woke up a little later and looked very confused. Confused as to why he was not in the cat bed anymore. Oh, my little grandpa pug.

Well, at least he is always entertaining!

Enjoy your day,


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