Just call me stuffed

Yep.  Stuffed.

Full of food.

Food coma.

{d&k}s Thanksgiving was amazing!  In case you were wondering….I did it!  I made my very first turkey without burning it or the house down.

And, the turkey was GOOD!  Yes!

We had so much food, we are still eating leftovers.  I’m not complaining.  I love leftover Thanksgiving food.  I’ve had it almost every night since.  Yum.  I might actually have to cook when I run out.  Boo.

After our dinner we went to cook Thanksgiving dinner for the Ronald McDonald House families.  We had a great time.  We fed around 100 people, about double what we normally feed.  It was great that they were able to come back to the House, get a home cooked meal, and then spend the evening with their kiddos in the hospital.  I think this might be our new Thanksgiving tradition.

How about you?  How was your Thanksgiving?  Any traditions?

And, here are some photos of {d&k}s Thanksgiving.  Please take a moment to admire my cute little, not-burnt, turkey.

The turkey!

Our spread. Yum!  (All that for two people – yep, I can’t cook for just two).

d’s plate. Note the canned, jellied cranberry sauce. YUM!

Little plates for the pups. They deserve a Thanksgiving dinner too!


I hope you all had a very wonderful Thanksgiving, shared with family and friends.

Enjoy your day,


Mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, OH MY!

So, it’s almost Thanksgiving.

K and I will be spending this Thanksgiving together, just the two of us.  This is a first for us.  Normally, we’d be having at least 3 different delicious meals and feeling very sick by the end of the day.

I’m attempting to cook a turkey this year.  Another first.

It has surprised me how many of my friends haven’t made a turkey either.  We have always gone to Thanksgiving dinner (or in our case, early lunch, late lunch, and dinner) at different relative’s houses and they’ve made the turkey.  I usually just bring a side and dessert.  Well, actually a few desserts.

So this year, I’m doing everything myself.  And I’m terrified.

I’ve never made a turkey before.  I hope I don’t burn it.  And, I hope I cook it all the way through so it’s not frozen.  Ugh.  So much can go wrong.

I’m not worried about anything else.  Just the turkey.  I’ve made everything else before.  Just not the beast.

DW walked me through it last night.  He said, “If I can make a turkey, anyone can.”  Well dad, we’re going to put that theory to test on Thursday.

I’m not going to lie, I’m most excited for day-after-Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches with swiss cheese.  So much, that I have to make a special trip to the store to get the said cheese that I forgot.  Oh, and canned cranberry sauce.  Is that disgusting to anyone else?  I can’t help it.  I love that stuff.  And k won’t eat it, so I get a whole can of cranberry, jello-like goodness to myself.  Hello, fat pants.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving sides?  I am also making a TON of mashed potatoes just so I can have days of leftovers.  Yum.  Again, hello, fat pants.  And fat shirt.  Crap, I hope my shoes fit.

Since it is just the two of us this year for Thanksgiving, we decided to spend Thanksgiving evening volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, cooking dinner for the families that are staying there.  We’ve done this a few times before and we love doing it.  Friends of ours do this every year on Thanksgiving and invited us to join in this year.  We are really excited to give back and share a holiday meal with those who can’t get home to have their own.

So, we have a pretty exciting Thanksgiving coming up!  What are your plans?  Anyone traveling?  If so, safe travels!


Thanks for stopping by.  I’ll be sure to post after-Thanksgiving photos of the burnt frozen beast.

Enjoy your day,

40 days

40 DAYS!!!



I’m just a bit excited.  I love Christmas.  I love decorating the house and the tree.  I love baking cookies.  I love watching Christmas movies with k.  Elf is my favorite.  Anyone else love that movie?!

I was Christmas decoration shopping over the weekend and it is very strange to shop for Christmas while it is 80 degrees outside and I’m wearing a t-shirt and flip-flops.  That is probably something I will never get used to in the south.

I have a ton of Christmas crafts I want to do, including a new wreath for my front door.  The one I made last year melted.  Yep, that’s right.  Melted.  I found this adorable wreath made out of starlight mints on Pinterest.  I made it and it looked fantastic.  And then it was in the 50s and 60s the entire month of December here last year.  And, it never occurred to me that my wreath would melt.  Dun, dun, dun.  It dripped all over the door and the front porch.  But, at least my front porch and entry way smelled good.  Always look at the positive, people.  So this year, no food, nothing that can melt, just some ribbon.  I’ll post pictures when I complete it.

I also bought some very cute, little wooded candy canes that I am going to string together with twine and hang on the mantle.  It will be a cheap and easy addition to the Christmas decorations.

When do you usually decorate for Christmas?  I normally wait until Dec 1, or at least until after Thanksgiving.  I have a few friends that already have their trees up!  I’m not that ambitious right now.  Let’s just get through Thanksgiving first.

Speaking of Thanksgiving….I’m attempting a turkey for the first time this year.  Wish me luck.  I’ll let you know how it goes!  Fingers crossed that I don’t burn the bird, or worse, the house down.


Get excited that Christmas is only 40 days away!

Enjoy your day,

Moving Right Along…

Yes, yes we have been moving right along. Almost all of the packing is done except for a few randoms in each room that will inevitably be thrown into one box, most likely labeled “master bedroom”. I started off really well with the whole packing-in-an-organized-manner-to-make-it-easier-to-unpack theory. Then stress and fear of not finishing in time sunk in. So the packing now is more like throw a handful of items in a box (doesn’t matter from what room) and label “master bedroom”. I branched out and even labeled some boxes “living room”. There were even a few times during my fury of packing evenings I almost packed up a cat. Good thing I gave those boxes one more look before taping! That’s one way to get Charlie there.

Last night we also took a very romantical (trust me, it’s a word…just look it up in the Dictionary-o-Dani) mini date. We started by catching the last hour of the UT women’s basketball game, where we sat in front of the most frightening fans evah! I was scared for my life. Then, we went to a very fancy, gourmet restaurant called Jimmy Johns and oh-so-sweetly wolfed down our food. I’m pretty sure the employees thought we hadn’t eaten in days! Hot. Let me tell you. And then we went home, I worked on my last Etsy order and k removed the shelves in the kitchen. And friends, that’s date night. It’s how we roll. Try not to be jealous.

In other news, today is my last day physically at my office. For those of you that don’t know, I will be keeping my job and working from home in Dallas. I can see it now…me in my pjs with a pugeranian snuggled up to my left, a pug on my right, and a dog-cat on my lap with the computer. That’s what it looks like in my head anyways. In reality it will be me on the couch (because, who really works from their desk at home?) in the middle of an epic battle between The Puffy-Tailed Pugeranian, The Snot-Nosed Grumpy Pug, and Charles the Dog-Cat Mullan!!!!!! (imagine those were all said in k’s announcer voice for added drama). I would be hunched over the computer, protecting it, flailing my legs to keep the animals away, all while trying to protect my head because for some reason, during epic battles, the animals use my head as home base. And, let’s just hope no one comes to the door while I’m working from home, in my pjs, now with a ratty nest of hair that the dogs so lovingly helped me style. Hmmm, maybe this whole working from home thing sounds a little better in my head.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and our last big par-tay before leaving on Sunday. We will be going to 3 (yes THREE) dinners and will probably eat so much we’ll want to explode, but not enough to keep me from wanting a snack when we get home. Just a little one. Maybe a bag of popcorn? I mean, not the whole bag…k will eat a handful to make me feel better about eating the entire bag. We are very excited to see all of our family and spend time with everyone before we leave. But, it comes with a warning: if there are tears, I WILL punch you in the face. No tears. I am super emotional and do not want to cry, thankyouverymuch. So, just to summarize for you…TEARS = PUNCH IN FACE. Questions?

Enjoy your day,