Mother of the year award will NOT be going to me…

So, the mother of the year award will not be going to me this year. Not that I was expecting it, or anything. I’m out of the running because I may have locked dog-cat #2 in the garbage closet last night. As if that’s not bad enough, I’m not quite sure how long he was in there. I have pregnancy brain and I couldn’t remember the last time I had opened up that closet. Oops. He’s just so quick and close to the ground. Do cats take special classes in the womb on how to be a ninja?! So, I mean, technically it’s his fault. If he weren’t so darn sneaky, I would have seen him slither his way into the closet.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…haven’t you done this before. Why yes, yes I have. I can’t help I collect short, small, and fiercely-quick-for-their-size animals. You don’t recall any posts about the greyhound getting locked in any kind of closets, do you? No, because she’s huge and there is no way she could sneak past me. She is in no way ninja-like.

So, I blame the animals. It’s their fault they get locked places and it’s their fault I’m out of the running for mother of the year.

But, I do feel a little bad that I have no idea how long dog-cat #2 was in the closet. Thankfully, he was locked in the closet with the dog and cat food. That’s probably why he didn’t meow or scratch at the door. He was too busy feasting. In fact, the only reason I found him is because I was getting ready to feed the zoo. He’s lucky it was feeding time. Or, maybe I should say I’m lucky…he probably would have finished off all the zoo food, if I hadn’t opened the door at that time.

So, in case you were wondering what we were up to last night…oh nothing much. Just locking animals in various closets around the house. Just your typical Fridy night in the Mullan Casa.

How about you? How was your Friday night?

Enjoy your day,


Just call me stuffed

Yep.  Stuffed.

Full of food.

Food coma.

{d&k}s Thanksgiving was amazing!  In case you were wondering….I did it!  I made my very first turkey without burning it or the house down.

And, the turkey was GOOD!  Yes!

We had so much food, we are still eating leftovers.  I’m not complaining.  I love leftover Thanksgiving food.  I’ve had it almost every night since.  Yum.  I might actually have to cook when I run out.  Boo.

After our dinner we went to cook Thanksgiving dinner for the Ronald McDonald House families.  We had a great time.  We fed around 100 people, about double what we normally feed.  It was great that they were able to come back to the House, get a home cooked meal, and then spend the evening with their kiddos in the hospital.  I think this might be our new Thanksgiving tradition.

How about you?  How was your Thanksgiving?  Any traditions?

And, here are some photos of {d&k}s Thanksgiving.  Please take a moment to admire my cute little, not-burnt, turkey.

The turkey!

Our spread. Yum!  (All that for two people – yep, I can’t cook for just two).

d’s plate. Note the canned, jellied cranberry sauce. YUM!

Little plates for the pups. They deserve a Thanksgiving dinner too!


I hope you all had a very wonderful Thanksgiving, shared with family and friends.

Enjoy your day,


The dogs are weasels.  Sneaky little things.

Always wanting…

on the couch.

more food.


to sleep in my bed.

to sleep under my covers.

to go for walks.

to bark at the neighbors, squirrels, cars, cats, birds, cat noises, weird noises, any noises.

There are so many more things that make them weasel-y, but we’ll stop the list there.  So, I compiled some photos that shows off their weasel-iness.

Can I please sit on the couch next to you? Look into my sad eyes…

Nothing to see here mom. Just two pups, laying next to each other, minding our own business.

Mine. My covers. I don’t want to share right now, mom.

Mom, I’m gonna need you to move my bed up a little more. Follow that sun ray!


Those little weasels are lucky they are so darn cute.  They could get away with murder and I’d still love their faces.  Weasels.


Enjoy your day & your weasels,

Whoa, what happened?!

Wow!  1. where did October go?  and 2. how did I let the blog get this dusty?!

We have been super busy and I didn’t even realize that I haven’t blogged.  Oops.  Sorry, friends.

There’s a lot to share on how we spent the end of October.  But, I’m going to save that for another post.  This post, I want to tell you how {d&k} spent our weekend.

Over the weekend, we had k’s huge (I mean HUGE) event of the year.  He’s been working on this event for a year and it finally all came together and it was amazing.

The Homecoming event at the high school is for several celebrating reunion classes on Friday night with a nice dinner, drinks, and tickets to the school’s Homecoming football game.  Saturday’s event is a huge party for Alumni, faculty, parents, and friends of the school and it included drinks, food trucks, and 3 bands, the headliners being the Eli Young Band.  I’m not much into country music, but these guys were good!

This was one of the best parties I’ve ever been too…and I was working it.  I had a great time and it was so great to see k’s vision come to life.  I felt like I was planning this with him because I knew every detail to this event, just from our after work or over dinner conversations.

I am so proud of him for making this awesome and fun event happen.  And, I have heard nothing but wonderful things from people who attended!  I had the best spot in the house that night because it was right by the back entrance.  So every time someone new entered, I got to hear the {gasps}, the {oohs}, and the {ahhs}.  It was so fun to see their faces as they saw their high school parking lot transformed into a festival.


Needless to say, I didn’t see k a whole lot this weekend.  We did spend the majority of the day yesterday recovering on the couch, which was much needed for him.  The poor thing says his legs are so sore.  I think he wore them out running around all weekend.  But, it was definitely worth it to pull off an event like this!

And, I think he is almost caught up on sleep.  He went to bed last night at 8pm and woke up today at 7:30am.  I think he’ll probably do the same thing tonight and then maybe, just maybe, he’ll be back to normal.


Enjoy your day,

Last weekend’s festivities

Last weekend, we had a lot going on.  Only fun things though, so that’s okay.  I’ll take a busy, fun weekend anytime!

Friday night we went to Oktoberfest in a neighboring city and met up with some friends there.  We ate good, but unhealthy (very, very unhealthy) food, drank beer, and had a great time people-watching.  Festivals are the best for people watching!  We did not, however, spot any fanny packs.  Disappointing.  We did see a few mullets, though, which just about make up for the fanny packs, hehe.

We also played a few festival games….

And, in the ball toss game, I WON…
Harrison, the goldfish!!!

Ok, ok.  I technically didn’t win him.  K may have had to pay off the scary lady with no teeth with a few extra tickets for Harrison but it was totally worth it.  He was living in a bucket with 100s of other fish.  That’s no life for a fish.  Now look how happy he is…


On Saturday, we went to the Plano Balloon Fest.  It.Was.Awesome.  Hot air balloons everywhere.  And, people everywhere.  There were 200,000 people at this event.  To put that into perspective…that’s the population of the city we’re from (Toledo, Ohio).  Crazy!  And, we were sitting up on a hill, so we could see all the people.  These pictures do not do it justice.  Or the balloons, for that matter.  After dark, the balloons lit up to music and there was a fireworks show (eep, one of my favorite things ever).  It was a good day.









Sunday we did nothing.


On Monday, we went to a Ranger’s game with friends and had a fantastic time.  (Monday is technically not the weekend, but since we didn’t do anything on Sunday I decided to lump Monday into this post).  It’s weird to go to a baseball game at the end of September while it’s 95 degrees.  But, I’ll take it over Ohio’s end of September weather any day.  The game was close and the Rangers tied it in the last inning, 4-4.  At their last at bat, bases loaded, a ground ball to center field is hit, sending a run in.  Rangers win!!  It was very exciting!  Fans crack me up.  Everyone was hugging each other.  Some crazy lady, who I didn’t know, hugged me.  (She later pinched k’s butt while we were leaving, haha).  But, it just shows how much we love our sports teams!



So, there you have it, {d&k}s weekend.  How was yours?

We have fun things planned for this weekend too.  Check back soon for details!


Enjoy your day,



Still still pug bombed

Ha ha!  We’re still here.  We (the pugs) kind of like this whole blogging thing.  Maybe we need our own blog.  The humans don’t leave the computer very often, so we’d have to be sneaky about it.  But, we’re pugs so we are pretty good at being sneaky.

We found this and couldn’t stop laughing snorting.  The humans don’t use bad words on the blog, but us pugs like ’em.  So, don’t tell the humans this has bad words in it.

Source: via Dani on Pinterest



If you click on the picture, it will take you to the website to view a larger version of it. Try not to laugh too hard. Although, if food comes out of your nose…dibs!

The pugs

Nothing exciting over here

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I’m sad to report that there is absolutely nothing exciting happening over here.  Nothing.  Nada. 

This has been a very boring week for the blog.  I don’t really think you want to hear about my trip to the grocery store last night and how I saved $75 and bought enough food to cook dinner for 30 days, do you?!  I didn’t think so.  So, like I said, boring. 

We don’t even have any exciting plans for the weekend, yet.  There is still time.  I do know that I will be using my new electric sander on a few projects around the house.  And, that also means a trip to my favorite store, Home Depot, to buy paint.  And, we will take a trip to the dog park, like we always do.  And, our pool closes on Labor Day, so we HAVE to go and soak up as much sun as we can before it closes.  So, I think it sounds like I pretty fantastic weekend…but, not really blog-worthy.  Sorry.  I’ve got nothing. 

I will post pictures of my projects, before and after.  I will probably also post pictures of the zoo, because, let’s face it, that’s why you guys keep coming back here.  For the cute squishy faces of the zoo.  It’s okay.  I understand.

Ooh, I forgot.  We are going to Hobby Lobby this weekend too.  Eep.  Another one of my favorite stores!  I’m organizing and rearranging my office/craft room this weekend and I am in desperate need of new yarn (those two are unrelated but both reasons why I’m going to Hobby Lobby.  I just thought I should let you know that I’m not organizing my office with yarn.  Carry on).  I have about 1,238 friends/family that are preggo right now and I am a baby blanket making machine.  Watch out! 

I’ll post pictures of the blankets as I finish.  I’m also adding them to my Etsy shop, so keep your eyes out for those! 

So, my weekend is looking more exciting for me…probably not for you.  Sorry to bore you all. 

I’ll try to come up with something clever and witty for tomorrow’s post.  Don’t hold your breath. 

Enjoy your day & do something exciting for me,

They’re Laughing At Me

The cats, that is.  They are laughing at me.  Make them stop.

They think it’s funny, given my track record, to let out muffled meows so that I think they are locked in a closet or bedroom.  Then, when I panic and frantically start looking for them, the laugh and point.

One of these days, my cats, you will be locked in a closet and I will not let you out.  Let’s see who’s laughing and pointing then, shall we?!



Do your animals laugh at you?  Do they understand that we have the power?  We feed them.  We control everything in their world.  Why would they do anything to jeopardize how we feel towards them?  I know the cats are doing it on purpose.  Slowly wearing me down.  Finding me at my weakest so they can go in for the kill.  But, cats…how will you feed yourself after I’m gone.  1. you’ll be locked inside the house, so you can’t hunt.  2. you don’t have opposable thumbs, so you can’t open your wet food cans or the dry food drawer.  And 3. there is no way Oskar will let you feed off him.  He hates you two.  Good luck without me.  Keep up the laughing.  We’ll see what happens to you both.


Enjoy your day,


Weekend Photo Overload

Hi there, friends!  As promised, here are quite a few photos from last weekend’s festivities. “Quite a few” is an understatement.  Enjoy!

First – The FOOD photos.  Try not to drool.





* Photo 1:  Black bean and cheese quesadillas. Yum.
* Photos 2 & 3:  Burgers from Twisted Root.  K did not want to pose for that photo…he just wanted to start eating.  Haha.  Sorry to delay you, k.
* Photo 4:  Our very large meal from the Mexican restaurant that didn’t have a menu.  No one told us how much food we would get and that we would have been fine sharing 2 meals between the 5 of us.  Oof.  Well, we know now.
* Photos 5 & 6:  More burgers.  And cheese fries.  Bestest had been looking forward to that moment for months.  She was a very happy and full girl.
* Photo 7:  That pizza was goooooood.  I didn’t even get a chance to take a picture before we started grabbing slices.  I almost lost a hand.  We are dangerous pizza eaters.
* Photos 8 & 9:  The best dessert evah.  Ice cream sandwiches!!  You choose 2 cookies (they can be the same or different) and your choice of ice cream and tadaaaa….best ice cream sandwich evah.  Bestest and I made everyone wait before digging in so we could have our photo-op.  We’re nice like that.

Next up – ANIMALS!  {d&k} took everyone to The Stockyards in Fort Worth, where DW could fit right in with his cowboy boots.  We also went to the Dallas Aquarium and had a blast!





* Photos 1 & 2:  D & bestest made friends with some horses at The Stockyards.
* Photo 3 – We met a few cowboys. Yeehaw!
* Photo 4 – We watched the cattle drive reenactment and that was my favorite long horn.  Isn’t he sweet!?
* Photo 5 – Sara fed a bird at the aquarium.  She was warned, “Don’t worry, he won’t bite” and seconds later he was trying to eat her thumb.  I think the aquarium needs to update their disclaimers!
* Photo 6 – My favorite little guy there…a blind penguin!  He was so sweet and didn’t move from that rock.  We were there in time for their feeding and he just waited patiently until the fish was right by his beak.  After he was done, he was tossed in the water for a swim and he just floated around, happy and full.  I really wanted to take him home but I didn’t bring a big enough purse.  Next time.
* Photos 7 & 8 –  The sea turtle and the manatee were very lively this time.  Both were swimming around and even stopped to pose for pictures.  Thanks, guys!!

Lastly – The RANDOMS






* Photo 1 – I am slightly obsessed with tying toys to Elvis’ head.  And then photographing it. I.can’
* Photo 2 – Bestest & {d&k} took their first trip to Half Price Books.  Heaven.  K and I got 2 business books, 2 cookbooks (one was $10), and 3 novels for $40.  Are you kidding me?  I will be back, Half Price Books, I will.
* Photo 3 – We just had to have our picture with Elvis.  Not the dog. The King.
* Photo 4 – You know me…I always have to have a cute {d&k} photo in my Photo Overload posts.  You’re welcome.
* Photos 5 & 6 – K was sent to jail. Twice. Bad k, bad.
* Photo 7 – My parents, DW & B.  Aw.
* Photo 8 – K & Bestest mocking my parents.  Awkward.
* Photo 9 – Every once in a while k has to stop and ponder “things”.  Good thing there was a giant spur for him to ponder on.
* Photo 10 – Every once in a while k also has the urge to stop and “pose” with large long horns.  Good thing we were near a large long horn.

Well, friends.  There you have it.  That is what I documented from DW, B, and bestest trip to the Big D last weekend.  I hope you enjoyed looking at all of our fun. And food.

Thanks for stopping by!
Enjoy your day,

I am going to be a horrible mom someday…

I’m awful. It’s true.  And I’m going to make an even awfuller (trust me, it’s a word) mom someday.

It never fails…I open the pantry to get out a snack (and not a Little Debbie) and a small, furry, and fiercely quick child runs in without me noticing.  Now, if it’s a cat that runs into the pantry, it could take me a few hours to realize it is missing. (I’m not that bad of a mom, cats are sneaky and mine hide almost all day, thankyouverymuch).  Today however, it was not a cat.  Instead it was a little, grumpy, old, slow-moving pug that somehow slipped right into the pantry without me noticing.  Now, give me a little credit here.  1, I have the attention span of a gnat and 2, I’m in a huge closet full of food.  Come on!?!  That’s like a mini heaven for me.  A closet that only holds food and is the perfect size for me to get into!  Eep.  Anyways, I was clearly distracted by all the lovely & colorful boxes and food choices that I didn’t see or hear Snorty sneak in.  So, I made my decision for dinner, walked out of the closet, and shut the door.  10 minutes later I decided to feed the zoo.  Now, if you’ve even been over during feeding time you know it’s chaotic.  Pugs and Umas are running around like chickens with their heads cut off, flailing legs and tails, cats are flying through the air…it’s sort of like the circus. Maybe I should charge admission to small children.  Who needs a full-time job when you have a circus in your kitchen?!  Hmmm…  But, I digress.  So, the animals are going crazy and I’m busy filling up their food dishes when I notice only 2 dogs.  I look around and see all 3 cats (sitting in a row, in descending height order, waiting for their food) and still only 2 dogs.  Oskar is missing!  I start to panic a bit because he is my grandpa dog and that dog can only move at a moderately fast pace when food is involved.  So I feed the other 2 pups and begin my search.  I’m yelling his name.  I’m yelling, “food!”  I’m running through the house, looking under beds, behind chairs.  Then panic sets in further and I start thinking that maybe he curled up in a corner and died.  How quickly my mind jumps there.  Weird.  Then I think that he shouldn’t be dead because he was just fine an hour ago.  Again, weird that that’s how my mind works.  So I’m still calling him and yelling, “food!” and nothing.  Not even a peep. I retrace my steps, looking under beds.  And nothing.  I go outside to make sure the gate wasn’t open…again, nothing.  I come inside just as k is pulling in the driveway and I’m almost in tears, getting ready to run out to him and tell him that Oskar is dead and I can’t find him (because in my mind a lost or hiding dog is obviously dead) and then I hear a little squeal.  I stop and look around.  No sign of him.  I can’t hear it again because the other 2 dogs are still flailing and yipping from their after dinner buzz, hoping that the main course is on its way and that what I just served them was only their measly little appetizer.  I shush the pups and call Oskar’s name.  I hear the tiny squeal again.  I walk into the kitchen, looking around, and then it hits me.  The.Pantry.  Dun, dun, dun.  I open the door and out flies Oskar, squealing and running straight for his food dish, never missing a beat.  Just then, k walks in and I burst out laughing.  I’m in the middle of telling him what happened and he interrupts me with, “you locked him in the pantry, didn’t you?”  Um, excuse me. I was in the middle of a story.  I was just getting to the climatic point and you ruined it. Rude.  But, he was right. I did lock him in the pantry.  Yep, that’s what I do.  I lock my furry children in the pantry.

So, after many hours of hysterically laughing over this tonight, {d&k} decided we are going to be horrible parents because our children will inevitably be locked in the pantry at some point in their lives.  Oh who am I kidding.  Once a day.  If they are lucky, they’ll be locked in there with an animal to keep them company.  Maybe I should move some food down to the lower shelf in case they get hungry.  Wow, there is a lot of planning to do before we have kids.  I have to reorganize an entire pantry to be suitable for little people.  I must add that to my to do list.

And, in case any of you were wondering – k trimmed his sideburns today.  He will not be talking to them for at least a day or two.

Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy your day!