The dogs are weasels.  Sneaky little things.

Always wanting…

on the couch.

more food.


to sleep in my bed.

to sleep under my covers.

to go for walks.

to bark at the neighbors, squirrels, cars, cats, birds, cat noises, weird noises, any noises.

There are so many more things that make them weasel-y, but we’ll stop the list there.  So, I compiled some photos that shows off their weasel-iness.

Can I please sit on the couch next to you? Look into my sad eyes…

Nothing to see here mom. Just two pups, laying next to each other, minding our own business.

Mine. My covers. I don’t want to share right now, mom.

Mom, I’m gonna need you to move my bed up a little more. Follow that sun ray!


Those little weasels are lucky they are so darn cute.  They could get away with murder and I’d still love their faces.  Weasels.


Enjoy your day & your weasels,


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