They’re Laughing At Me

The cats, that is.  They are laughing at me.  Make them stop.

They think it’s funny, given my track record, to let out muffled meows so that I think they are locked in a closet or bedroom.  Then, when I panic and frantically start looking for them, the laugh and point.

One of these days, my cats, you will be locked in a closet and I will not let you out.  Let’s see who’s laughing and pointing then, shall we?!



Do your animals laugh at you?  Do they understand that we have the power?  We feed them.  We control everything in their world.  Why would they do anything to jeopardize how we feel towards them?  I know the cats are doing it on purpose.  Slowly wearing me down.  Finding me at my weakest so they can go in for the kill.  But, cats…how will you feed yourself after I’m gone.  1. you’ll be locked inside the house, so you can’t hunt.  2. you don’t have opposable thumbs, so you can’t open your wet food cans or the dry food drawer.  And 3. there is no way Oskar will let you feed off him.  He hates you two.  Good luck without me.  Keep up the laughing.  We’ll see what happens to you both.


Enjoy your day,



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