Last pug bombing

Hello friends,

The humans said they want their blog back, so today is our last post…for now.  Little do the humans know that I have the Mac power cord in my bed.  Ha ha ha.

We (the pugs) wanted to leave you with something good on our last pug bombing day.  Something to make you laugh.  Something to get you through this Friday.  So, this is what we’ve settled on.

Go ahead.  Laugh at this big, dumb animal.  DW (oops, we mean grandpa), this is for you:

Source: via Dani on Pinterest



No way would we ever fall for something like that. Wait. What’s that? I smell peanut butter. Gotta go!


Still still pug bombed

Ha ha!  We’re still here.  We (the pugs) kind of like this whole blogging thing.  Maybe we need our own blog.  The humans don’t leave the computer very often, so we’d have to be sneaky about it.  But, we’re pugs so we are pretty good at being sneaky.

We found this and couldn’t stop laughing snorting.  The humans don’t use bad words on the blog, but us pugs like ’em.  So, don’t tell the humans this has bad words in it.

Source: via Dani on Pinterest



If you click on the picture, it will take you to the website to view a larger version of it. Try not to laugh too hard. Although, if food comes out of your nose…dibs!

The pugs

Pug Bombed

Hello {d&k} readers.  The human’s blog has been pug bombed.  We are taking over this week because we feel they do not talk about us enough or show you enough pictures.  That will change.  We (the pugs) declare this Pug Week.



Check out our handsome faces and try not to nuzzle the screen.


See…the blog already looks better with more photos of us.  I mean, this is the real reason the humans blog.  To show off how cute we are.  Right?!  RIGHT?!


Now, we will be pug bombing the blog all week.  Stop back for more.

The pugs