Ummm…excuse me…

But, that’s MY bed…




I know my bed is comfortable…that’s why I bought it. But, come on! It’s MY bed! I let the pups out of my sight for 1 minute and this is what happens. There are many, many more photos like this. These are just the cute ones. This is a daily occurence in the Mullan Casa. Does anyone else have pups like this?! Who wait for you to stop paying attention to them for a millisecond so they can run off to your room and cuddle up in your bed?! Weasels!

And, note Elvis’ blanket. He nestled himself into that blanket on his own. And, it wasn’t even cold in the house that day. Weirdo. Little furry weirdos.

Enjoy your day and go check your beds for pugs,


Photos I’ve been meaning to post but have been too lazy to upload from my phone…

I think the title says it all.  It really only takes a minute to plug my phone into my computer and transfer the photos over.  But, there’s this thing called laziness that has taken over me.  So, that “long” walk back to the office, the act of getting the cord out of the drawer and plugging in the phone, then hitting the buttons to transfer the photos really didn’t sound appealing.  Until now.  I felt bad for my blog followers.  I haven’t been keeping up my end of the bargain.  I’ve been letting the photos slip.  So, here you go.  Random photos from my phone, since, well before Christmas.  Enjoy!
Sebastian got his fancy pants brushed. He was very excited to show them off for you. He spent the whole day strutting his stuff around the house. Who knew…brushing your fancy pants makes you feel sexy. Go Sebastian, go!

K helped me make Christmas cookies. One recipe called for K to mix the peanut butter and other ingredients by hand. K thought it would be a good idea to let the pups help him clean the peanut butter off his fingers. Meanwhile, I had no idea this was happening and I just hear lots of little girly giggles. I walk to the other side of the island to find this. Yes, it really was this gross. And, K is terrified of animal mouths. What possessed him to let the pugs lick his fingers?! And poor Oskar’s nubby teeth don’t allow for easy peanut butter pick up, so he bites. Poor K. Poor Oskar. Happy, fat Elvis.

Sworn enemies become best friends when it’s cold outside. Especially if your sworn enemy is as furry as Sebastian. Who needs a blanket?!

Oskar’s newest trick is to jump on the couch and hide in the pillows when we’re not looking. Then, he will wiggle down low so we can’t see him, or so he thinks. Too bad we can see him and he’s just so darn cute that we let him stay up there.

Oskar found the perfect way to sleep. Body in one bed, head in another.

He also perfected the proper tail placement when sleeping:
Tails need to be comfortable too. Especially cute little chubby ones.

I made a new blanket for K’s parents for Christmas. It was a lot of fun making it. Not so much fun sewing it all together. Especially when all Elvis wants to do is run through it.

Here’s the finished product, all sewn together:
I took a 2 week break from crocheting after this. I might make another blanket like this someday. Once I forget how long it took to sew together. Maybe.

We saw the fattest squirrel ever at K’s parents cabin. Huge.  And, she would chase away any other squirrels that tried to eat from the feeder. That’s my kind of squirrel. We don’t share. Get your own food.

I got to meet this handsome little man for the first time over Christmas. Isn’t he adorable?! And, that’s a pretty stylish shirt, if I do say so myself. Yes, I bought it for him, if you couldn’t guess.

The game is…Where’s Oskar?!

Well, that’s what you missed the last few weeks. Nothing too exciting. Sorry about that. And sadly, the photos are mostly of the animals. I can’t help it, they are just so darn cute. Plus, in a few months you will have baby overload so enjoy the animal photos now!

Next up is a fantastic dose of Inappropriate or Awesome. Get excited!

Enjoy your day,

K’s Funnies

So, I secretly write down all of the goofy things k says so I can later blog about them.  Funny?  Yes.  Sneaky?  Definitely.  Evil?  Possibly.  But, k hardly ever keeps up with what I’m blogging about, so he doesn’t know.  Shhhh, don’t tell him.

Here are some of his latest goodies:

{d} – I think Sir Pennington would be a great cat name.

{k} – It’s Lord Pennington!  And that’s Brittany’s cats name on Glee.  Geez.

{d} – Wow.  How do you know that?!

{k} – I watch Glee.  So what.  {Googling}  Aw man, its Lord Tubbington.  So close!


{d} – You fight like Pokemon.

{k} – You smell like Pokemon!

{d} – What?! Pokemon smells great!  He’s a Picaccu!


{k} – What’s the worst thing that could happen when you are standing up to pee?

{d} – I have a pretty long list.  Do you want them all?  Missing the toilet, peeing on your leg, peeing on your shoe…

{k} – No!  What’s the worst thing??

{d} – Those all seem pretty bad.

{k} – It’s an earthquake.

{d} – What?!  Is this what you talked about at your work meeting tonight?!?

{k} – No.  What’s the second worse thing?

{d} – {blank stare}

{k} – The lights go out.  I know this because it happened to me.  Tonight.  At 7-11.

{d} – Ew.  You went to the bathroom at 7-11?!?  That’s right by our house.  You couldn’t wait?!?

{k} – No!  It was an emergency!  Anyways, I went in and there were 3 light switches….On, Auto, and Off.  Auto was flipped up so I waved my arms until the lights came on.  Then, I went over to do my thing and the lights went off.  So I had to wave my arms again to get them to come back on.  Then they went off again.  This happened a few more time.  It wasn’t pretty.

{d} – Hold on….can you start over?  I need to blog this ridiculousness.


{k} – I think it would be really funny if you crocheted yourself into your blanket.  {Insert evil laugh}


Well, there you have it.  That’s my husband and soon to be father.  Wow.  There are no words.


Enjoy your day,

The shop is full!!

That’s right!

I just added *NEW* items from the Fall/Winter 2012 Collection to my shop on Etsy, The Polka Dotted Pug.

Look at these super cute new accessories for Fall:

Wool Boot Cuffs, in Buttercream. These are the perfect size “leg warmers” at about 5 inches high, they won’t get that bunched up feeling like normal-sized leg warmers or thick socks do. Plus, your boots won’t fit too snuggly now! You are welcome!

This is a super soft, thick, wool cowl neck ribbon scarf. And, it comes in 6 different colors!

This very soft, chunky scarflette comes with large buttons so you can adjust it to fit, keep you warm, or just be cute and trendy. And, it also comes in a mustard yellow!

And, I didn’t forget about the littles. Check these cuties out:

Mix and match hats and flowers! These cute, soft wool hats come in sizes newborn to child (up to size 10) and are perfect for keeping little heads warm.

How cute is this little Elfin hat?! He’s made from super soft, thick wool and will make the perfect winter hat or photo session prop for your newborn or baby (up to 6 months). And, it is available in 6 different colors.

This brightly colored blanket will be the hit of the baby shower! Not a fan of the colors? I can custom make this blanket for you in your favorite colors!

Sorry, friends…just a little shameless self promotion 🙂 But, for sticking it out, I am offering you all FREE SHIPPING for the month of October! Just enter “ilovefall” when checking out. Happy shopping, friends!

Enjoy your day,

Let’s Get It On…

We’ve been having a little issue around the {d&k} casa…

Dog-Cat #2 has been a little, well, how do I put this, sociable?!  No, that’s not right.  Excited?!  No.  Humpy-McHumperson?!  Yes, yes he is.

We think he may have picked up the idea and maybe some techniques from Elvis and Dog-Cat #1.  Well, not really Dog-Cat #1.  He sort of just stands there while Elvis takes advantage of him.  So, basically Elvis is the bad influence here.  But, we already knew that.

So, back to naughty Dog-Cat #2.  He only does “it” on or with 2 things in the house.  Both are my fuzzy blankets.  There is a yellow one on the couch for the cats to lay on so they don’t shed all over the couch.  Well, he has made this his own, if you know what I mean.

The second fluffy, oh-so-soft blanket is in {d&k}s bedroom on the couch and he has also made this his own.


I’ve never seen a cat hump anything.  Sorry, folks.  Earmuff the children, please.  This is a dirty blog post.

He starts by standing on the blanket and kneading it with his paws.  No big deal.  Normal cat behavior.

Then, he gets “in the zone.”  He doesn’t blink.  Or move his head.  He just stares.  Usually at me.  Ew.  Why?  Ew.

Then his little hips start moving.

At this point, {d&k} are thoroughly disgusted so k swats at him and he stops.  He lays down and licks himself.  Double ew.

Is this normal?  For a cat?

He just started this.  He’s fixed.  He’s 3.  Why now?  And why does he look at me?  I’m his mom!

I just don’t know what to do with him.  If I move the blankets, I’m worried he’ll find other, non-moveable thing to hump.  I don’t want him doing “that” to the couch. Or bed. Or brothers.  I mean, right now it’s contained to the blankets.  Should I keep it that way?

Should I take him to a kitty psychologist?  Is there some underlying issue?  Is he taking it out on my fuzzy blankets for a reason?  Or does he just think they are soft kitties?

Help a girl out, folks.

There’s a little too much humpity-hump-humpin’ going on around here.

Here he is, lettin’ it all hang out after one of his romps.  Lovely.


I hope you’ve enjoyed learning these oh-so-intimate details in my cat’s personal life.  I’m glad I can talk to you about this.  Thanks for being a great friend!


Enjoy your day,