I’m Baaaack!!

Ok, sorry for the long hiatus.  I took a lot more time off from blogging than I anticipated.  But sadly, I don’t have that much to tell you about.  Man, my life is boring right now.  That’s not a bad thing.  I mean, I’ll gladly take the calm before the storm in the next three months.  Yep, that’s right.  Mini Mullan will be making her appearance within the next three months.  Holy cow.  How can this be?!  I did think this whole pregnancy thing was going by quickly.  I’m sure the next three months will seem to drag on.  However, the month of April is jam-packed for {d&k}, so that should fly by…right?!  We’ll see.  If you suddenly start seeing panicky posts in about a month, you’ll know April flew by.

Oh, a quick thank you to all of our loyal followers that kindly reminded me that the blog was getting dusty.  It’s nice to see you are all so interested in {d&k}s lives 🙂  Seriously, though…we do really appreciate that you are following us and want to know what we are up to.  So, thank you!!

Alright…what have {d&k} been up to since returning from Ohio/Michigan?!  Well, nothing really.  I’ve been sick.  Some sort of cold/sinus ick that I can’t seem to get rid of.  It’s making breathing through my nose very difficult.  I sound like Oskar the pug when he’s snoring.  Lovely.  People don’t stand as close to me anymore.  Which, I am okay with.  This germaphobe does not need anyone standing close to her.  K has been super busy with work.  It just clicked for him that the baby will be here in three months and that he should be setting up some of his coworkers as backups for all of his upcoming projects, just in case.  This made him a little twitchy last week.  Haha.  We’ll see what happens with that.  The zoo is doing great.  They smell.  All of them.  Good thing I scheduled a spa day for them next week.  I love when they come home all fluffy!  Normally I give them baths (the pugs in the bath tub and Uma outside in her baby pool), however, it is getting much more difficult for me to bend over, let alone lean over a bath tub.  So, off to the vet they go.  Plus, they have fancier shampoo 🙂  The weather here has been amazing.  It’s been in the 70s the last week.  It is supposed to cool off this weekend and drop into the high 50s and continue on into next week like that.  But, I can’t complain. Especially spending a week in Ohio & Michigan’s weather.  Brrrr.  My skin has definitely thinned out from living here.  I can’t do the cold anymore!

And, that’s us as of late.  Nothing exciting.  I’m hoping that I can have something better for you in the next few days.  Maybe something exciting will pop up?  Don’t count on it.

Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy your day,





Happy to be back!

I’m so happy to be back in Dallas.  I missed k and the zoo so much!   A month is way too long to be without them!  Never again.

Before k left Ohio to come back to Dallas, KT told him that she expected a proper welcome home.  Complete with a banner, cookie cake, and margaritas.  We did not think k would remember this.  But, to our surprise, we walked into the house to a welcome home banner, a cookie cake, and a pitcher of margaritas.  Yay k!

k, is amazing!  Thanks for giving us a wonderful welcome home, k!

And, the pups were very welcoming too!  Elvis hardly stopping wiggling long enough for this photo:

I’m glad to get back to my normal routine.  I’m glad to be not so busy.  This last month kicked my butt.  I could hibernate for a month to catch up on sleep.  I jumped right back in where I left off with life here in Dallas and it feels great!  Things already feel “back to normal” and I’m catching up on things I’ve missed – cleaning, playing with the pups, working out, cooking.  It is going to be a great summer!  A hot one, but still great!

Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy your day,

A Little Sunday Inspiration

Source: imgfave.com via Dani on Pinterest

I whole-heartedly believe that everything happens for a reason.  We don’t always know what that reason is, but I believe we’ll find out eventually.  I think there is some grand plan for each and every one of us and we are thrown into different scenarios, forks in the road, and situations and our choices will lead us down the path of life.  But in the end, the end has been written for us, and we just have to get there.  I sort of picture it as a Choose Your Own Adventure book.  Remember those?  The end is the same.  It’s how you get there that can change.

So, on this lovely journey called LIFE, I always have to stop and remind myself that everything happens for a reason.  I think k and I have been living this since we met, 8 years ago.  First, that we did meet at all.  We always laugh about how we grew up 2 miles from each other, went to schools that were practically across the street, I was almost at his prom, and probably crossed paths hundreds of times before we actually met.  Then there is the let’s-move-across-the-country thing we just did.  We spent months discussing it and weighing every possible option before we took our little leap-of-faith and went for it.  That was a definite everything happens for a reason moment.  And how things just sort of “fell into place” with this move.  It is almost as though we chose the correct path and those things that fell into place were just little nods from above letting us know we are on the right track.

I think as we look into the future and try to picture where we want to be and how we will choose to get there, we’ll have to rely a lot on those everything happens for a reason moments.  And, I’m okay with that.  K reminds me of this often.  We have a fantastic life right now and if nothing were to change, we would be the happiest people in the world.  And so we decided, we can only get happier.  I know there is a grand plan for {d&k} and I bet it’s wonderful.  So for now, we’ll sit back and enjoy today, because we only get it once.  We’ll sit back and enjoy the ride, because we only get one life.  And like it says above, we’ll sit back and laugh at the confusion because we know our grand plan is already set in place, no matter what happens along the way.

Thanks for stopping by!  Remember, everything happens for a reason!

Enjoy your day, today and everyday,



What K has taught me…

I learned a very important life lesson from k the other day.  You might want to take notes on this…

Punches are not as effective when the receiver nuzzles your fist.

Remember that, people.  And thanks to k for teaching me this.

Enjoy your day!  And remember…if you are ever in a situation where someone is about to punch you, just nuzzle their fist.  It will completely throw them off!