zoo admission

Welcome to {d&k}’s zoo! You are in for a treat, my friends!

Meet Elvis:









Elvis is a hyper little Pug/Pomeranian, or as d likes to say – Pugeranian (k says Pomerug, but that’s just not as fun). Elvis enjoys running and running and running in the backyard, keeping a close eye on the neighborhood from the back of the couch, bumper-pugging his brother, Oskar, belly rubs, and doing “bad things” to the cat, Charlie. (By “bad things” we mean 1 in particular. If you don’t know what it is, you must not have a male dog, hehe). Elvis’ dislikes are when k “gobbles” like a turkey, not being the center of attention, and generally not getting his way.


Meet Oskar:







Oskar is a pug and has all the pug traits, such as constant snorting, tongue always hanging out of his mouth, laziness, and selective listening. Oskar enjoy cuddling with d, snuggling under the covers with d, trying to get into d’s sweaters to cuddle, snorting, licking licking licking, butt rubs, and food. Oskar dislikes when a cat, usually Charlie, comes into a room where d is (he’s very territorial), bumper-puggings from Elvis, his tail touched, his feet touched, his head touched, being away from d for too long, cold weather, and being woken up.


Meet Uma:







Uma is a rescued greyhound that raced for 3 years. Uma broke her back leg and after rehabilitation, she wasn’t winning, so now’s she’s enjoying the freedom and spends the majority of her days sleeping on the couch. (Greyhounds are known as 45mph couch potatoes for a reason!) Uma likes sleeping sleeping sleeping, picking on Elvis, nipping at cat tails when they walk by, nuzzling d, and  sunbathing. Uma dislikes when Elvis has her toys, ambulances, and not being fed pronto!


Meet Charlie:









Charlie Chaplin is our black and white short hair who has a moustache. My brother enjoys calling him Hitler, but we like Charlie Chaplin better! Charlie is a fantastic dog-cat who loves to play fetch, do back flips and talk! Charlie can say “hello” quite well and has been known to say other words, such as “raoul”, “yellow”, “maroon”, “blue”, and “uh-oh”. He’s advanced for his age.


Meet Sebastian:









Sebastian is a huge Maine Coon that found us! He made his home under our deck and I just couldn’t say no to that face! He’s our other dog-cat because of his size. He weighs almost as much as Elvis (our dog, not the late singer…that would just be weird, mainly because I’m not sure how much Elvis-the-singer weighed). Sebastian loves cuddles and d often wakes up to him laying on her with his paw on her cheek.


Meet Shanahan:









Shanahan is our other Maine Coon cat, only much, much smaller than Sebastian. Shanni coos instead of meows and usually stays pretty well hidden until it’s time for food. She will come out for the occasional butt scratch though.


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