K’s birthday

Hey everyone!

K’s birthday celebration weekend was fantastic!  We had a great time all weekend together.  I love K’s birthday more than my own, so by Thursday I was chomping at the bit to give him his birthday presents.  I bought them weeks before and they were sitting there in my office, taunting me everyday.  I’m actually surprised I managed to wait until two days before his birthday to give in.  And, I decided to give K his gifts early due to a little conversation we had in the car Thursday on the way home from dinner.  It went a little something like this:

{Justin Timberlake song playing on the radio}
K – Did you know JT is coming to American Airlines Center?
D – No way!  Really?  When?
K – In December.  His tickets sold out in 25 minutes!!
D – Oh man, that’s crazy.  Well, looks like we’ll have to catch him next time around.  I didn’t even know he was going to be in town.
K – Yeah.  Everyone at work was talking about how they tried to get tickets but they sold out so fast.
D – Well, it is JT.  What can you do?!

{D&K arrive home minutes later.}
D – Ok, so I feel like I should give you one of your presents early.
K – Ooookkkkkkk.  You know I won’t say no.
D – Ok, here you go.  I thought that since we recently had a conversation about this, it was appropriate to give you it now.
K – {Opening a small envelope containing 2 tickets to see Justin Timberlake at American Airlines Center in December.}  WHAT?  HOLY COW!!  How did you get these?!
{K running over to hug D.}
K – Seriously…how did you get these?  They sold out in 25 minutes.  You are the best wife ever.

Hehe, I am the best wife ever!  I saw a friend’s Facebook post about scoring tickets to the JT concert.  Someone commented asking how she got them early.  She said she signed up to be on the mailing list and they gave her a special code for presale tickets.  Ok, don’t mind if I do.  At that time, I didn’t even know he was on tour in Dallas or when the show was.  So, I hopped on his website and did a little research.  I found out he’d be here in December and that day his tickets went up for presale with the special code.  So, I signed up for the newsletter and got my code.  Then, I sat on the stupid Ticketmaster website for about half the day, hitting refresh every few minutes trying to get tickets.  Ugh.  It was painful and pretty much impossible.  Eventually, the website switched to “sold out.”  Sniff.  Then, I notice on the website that you can purchase presale tickets the next day if you use your MasterCard.  Apparently, MasterCard is sponsoring JT and had a set amount of presale tickets set aside.  Our bank card is a MasterCard, but I wasn’t planning on using that to buy the tickets because I didn’t want K to see if he logged into to check the bank account.  But, if I wanted these tickets, that was my only way.  I knew if I waited for the tickets to go on sale for everyone, I wouldn’t be able to get any.  So, I got up early the next day and tried again.  Again, I sat at the computer hitting refresh, waiting for tickets.  Finally, in the second tier of tickets (I was hoping for the cheap seats, haha), some opened up and I scooped them up.  Just as I’m about to enter my credit card info, I get an error message, saying that Ticketmaster’s website is experiencing technical difficulties and to try again.  NOOOOOOO!  This basically happened about 5 more times.  I almost gave up.  Then, on my next try, those tickets were still available and I was able to enter my credit card info without any error messages.  Success!  I just scored 2 tickets for my baby for his birthday.  YES!  Best wife ever.  Then, panic set in.  I quickly went on to our bank website to check the account to see how the purchase showed up on there.  Sure enough, it said “Justin Timberlake” on there.  Crap.  Now what?!  This was almost 2 weeks before his birthday.  How was I going to keep him from looking at the bank account?!  So, I sent K a text telling him that if he looked at the bank account anytime before his birthday, I would cut off both hands, which would inevitably leave him unable to speak (because he talks with his hands, hehe).  He agreed to stay away from the bank account, but I was paranoid for those 2 weeks.  Then, on that Thursday before his birthday when he brought up JT’s concert, I almost died.  I thought for sure he had logged onto the bank account and saw my purchase.  But, he was a good boy and he did not log on at all.  He had no idea what I was up to and was honestly surprise.  YES!

So, that is my story about how I got K a fantastic birthday present.  I probably should have mentioned that K LOVES JT.  I mean LOVES him.  So, this will be an awesome show to take K to.  I cannot wait.

So, since I gave K his gifts early, Saturday (his actual birthday) wasn’t as exciting since he had nothing to open.  We made the best of it though.  K volunteered that morning, serving breakfast to the homeless.  Yes, how sweet is my husband that he volunteers on his birthday?!  Love him!  Then, we went out to lunch for pizza at Grimaldi’s.  (If you haven’t been here, go. Now.  So.good).  And, we spent the rest of the afternoon driving around Dallas looking at multi-million dollar homes.  There are so, so many.  It is so much fun and really depressing at the same time, haha.  Then, we headed up to Frisco to a Roughriders baseball game, in the 95 degree heat.  Too bad they didn’t win.  I think we are bad luck.  That’s our 3rd RRs game and they’ve lost all 3.  Get it together, boys.  All in all, it was a pretty good birthday.  We had a ton of fun and spent the next day sleeping in and catching up on sleep.  Happy birthday weekend, K!


Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy your day,


The Voice is BACK!

That’s right.  K, aka the voice, is back!

For those of you that don’t know, before we moved to the Big D, k sort of ruled the microphone in good old T-town.  He was the public address announcer for the University of Toledo Men’s & Women’s basketball and football and for the Toledo Mud Hens baseball team.  He also did a lot of announcing for the high school he used to work for, and even got called up to the “big leagues” to announce Detroit Tiger’s baseball games and a Detroit Lion’s football game.

K is kind of a big deal, people.

Haha, that’s hard to say without laughing.  K will even admit that.

But, in all honesty, he’s fantastic at what he does and he’s worked very hard to get there.

Well, after moving down here, he decided to take a little break from announcing and get his free time back.  Football and basketball aren’t too time-consuming, but baseball is ridiculous!  He was never home!

After almost a year off, he is back at it!  K is the announcer/emcee for SMU (Southern Methodist University)!!  He had his first game of the season on Saturday and he did a great job.  He had a ton of fun and he’s so happy he’s back at it again.  His game this weekend is against Texas A&M…so exciting!!  This is a huge game and the exposure will be so good for him (and his voice).  Go buddy, go!!

Congratulations, k!  The zoo and I are so proud of you!  Now, stop talking for a bit and save your voice 😉

Enjoy your day,

Weekend Recap

Hi everyone!

Can you believe it’s May already?!  Where did April go?!

It’s funny…everyone here (in Dallas) keeps talking about summer coming, summer vacation, summer this and summer that.  It’s quite confusing because it’s warm here.  In the 80s and 90s already.  And to me, that’s summer.  I feel like it is summer already just because of the weather.  When people talk about summer, as in it is coming up, I have to stop and think about what month we are in.  Now that it is May, I feel a little better about thinking we’re in the summer months.  But man, in March and April, I was very confused!  I’m glad that’s over!!


{d&k} had a great weekend!!

Friday, we hopped on a bus with Alumni from the Class of 1954 (!!!) and went to the Rangers game in Arlington.  We had a great time and the Alumni and their wives were fantastic!  I even made a new friend, Sarah.  We went to the bathroom together (arm in arm – which I was glad about because she was pretty frail) and I even considered asking her for makeup advice.  Her coral lipstick was, um, bright!  Yes, bright.  The guys had their share of beer and hot dogs, {d&k} shared our popcorn with some grumpy little men behind us, and {d&k} spent the rest of the evening laughing because one of the ushers asked me if I worked for their “home.”  Haha.  I knew that’s what it would look like!  We didn’t have any problems until we tried to get all 29 of us back to the bus after the game.  It was like herding cats!  I wish we could have strapped those monkey backpack leashes used for kids on their backs.  It would have made things much, much easier.  It probably would have looked like I was on a dog sled, being pulled by grumpy monkey tails!  Haha, grumpy monkey tails.  Say that three times fast.

I think everyone had a great time and we were all pretty exhausted by the time we got back on the bus to head home.  We didn’t get back to the school until after midnight and I’m pretty sure all the Alumni took a little cat nap on the drive home.  Poor guys, not used to being up so late!

Saturday, k had his Alumni Crawfish Boil event at the school.  I volunteered to work the registration table with people from his office (Actually, let me clarify.  K volun-told me to work the registration table. Thanks k!), and I stood in the 95 degree sun for 3 hours and ended up getting burnt to a crisp.  Only on the backs of my legs.  In the knee-pits.  Wonderful.

Anyways, they had a great turn out and everyone had a fantastic time.  The place smelled awful…like dead seafood. Oh wait, it was dead seafood.  Ew.  And watching everyone rip those little crawfish bodies in half (with the antennae still on) and suck the “meat” out of the body and then the head, made me want to throw up.  Every.single.time.  And, someone chased me with a crawfish.  He almost lost his life.  Almost.  You’ve been warned, buddy.

We had our pretty normal Sunday.  Church, errands, and then we went to a cookout at our friend, Jess’s house.  We had a great time hanging out, ate a lot of yummy food, and {d&k} kicked Jess & B’s tails in corn hole.  Woot, woot!


Here are a few photos I managed to snap from this weekend:




1 – Our ride to the ballpark!  It smelled so bad.  A little like a cat litter box and a little like sweaty people.  Yum.
2 – Yep, we passed a lot of guns stores on the way there.  We took the back roads because the highway had a lot of traffic.  It was a much scarier route than I would have preferred.  We also saw lots of houses with chickens in their front yards.  Chickens in backyards = farm.  Chickens in front yards = ghetto.  Now you know.
3 – The stadium was huge!  I think the announcer said they had a sellout and there were 45,000 people there.  Crazy!
4 – They had a fantastic fireworks show after the game.  I love me some fireworks!!
5 – Look at all those nasty little crawfish.  They were in coolers and were shoveled out with this giant scoop.  Ew.
6 – I feel like he’s staring at me.  Help me! Help me! 


Random observations from the game:
* It is weird being at a baseball game in April when it’s 90 degrees.  I love baseball, but in Ohio I wouldn’t go to a game until at least the end of June or July because it had to be warm.
* When Elvis Andrus (Ranger player) got up to bat, I yelled for him because he shares his name with the pug….and then k noticed that his at bat was being sponsored by Natural Balance Dog Food…which is what pug Elvis eats.  Coincidence?!
* In Texas, at a baseball game, in the 5th inning everyone sings “Deep in the Heart of Texas.”  Weird.  Very, very weird.
* I liked going out with all of these older people because they thought I was much younger than I really am.  I was told I look 27 (YES!) and I was told I look like a college student (Even better!!).  I’ll take it!


Well, there you have it…our past weekend.  I hope you enjoyed your weekend and I’ll tell you later what we’re planning for this weekend 😉

Enjoy your day,



Happy Weekend!!!!

Hey there!  Happy weekend everyone!  We have a lot going on this weekend, involving a baseball game with some old-er folks (I’ll explain next week) and a crawfish boil (assuming I make it through without throwing up or passing out — oh don’t you worry…I will NOT be eating those creepy little things.  I’m sure I’ll have plenty to tell you about next week).

What are your plans for the weekend?  I bet it’s not as exciting as my crawfish boil, {ahem, cough, cough}….nope, no where as exciting.


Well, enjoy your weekend.  And, while you’re at it…enjoy our cute little faces!

If you stare as us long enough (which, let’s face it, you know you were planning on it), we’ll be there when you blink.  You’re welcome.  Now you can take us with you everywhere you go.  Again, you’re welcome.


Enjoy your weekend,