Nicholas Sparks, You’re a jerk!

Just kidding, Nicholas Sparks.  I love you.  But you do make me cry.  A lot.

Note:  Never take an already emotional pregnant woman to a Nicholas Sparks movie.  No matter how hard she begs.  And, it will not matter if she’s read the book.  She will still cry.  A lot.

I’ll get back to NS in a moment.
{d&k} had a great weekend.  We had a ton of errands to run, but we still found time to have a little fun.  Ok, a lot of fun.  Minus the crying.  And, k surprised me with Sprinkles Cupcakes!!  He said it was “just because he’s so excited about Mini Mullan.”  Cue “awwwws” now.  I know.  Best husband evah!

So, we decided that we would catch a movie on Sunday, after the usual church and dog park date.  I really wanted to see Safe Haven because 1, I love Nicholas Sparks, and 2, I read the book over the summer and it weaseled its way into one of my favorites.  So, k agreed because 1, he’s an awesome hubby (see above) and 2, there is a cute girl in the movie.  NS, you know how to get the guys there.  And I’m totally okay with it.

So, we had free movie passes (woohoo) and we (and by we I mean k) decide to spend what we would have on the movie on food. Oh boy.  We had slushies, popcorn, and Sour Patch Kids.  My teeth hurt.  So did my stomach.  But, totally worth it.

All I have to say is that I’m glad I shoved those last-minute tissues into my purse.  That would have been a disaster.  I would have totally wiped my eyes and runny nose on k’s shirt.  And, he would have let me (again, see above).  It was a very good movie and stayed pretty true to the book.  Well done, NS, well done.  And, k really liked it too.  And, there may have been tears at the end of the movie, followed by “stupid movie” mutterings under his breath.  That’s my baby!  That right there is why we are perfect for each other.  Neither one of us can make it through a Nicholas Sparks movie without at least getting teary-eyed.

And, I did my fair share of crying throughout the movie too.  I wish I could have saved it for just the end.  But no, not this emotional preggo.  See, that’s where the note comes in.  Remember this, any of you that have an emotional preggo in your life, or if you, yes you the one reading, is an emotional preggo.  See the movie at your own risk.  I will advise you see it at home, in the comfort of your own living room, where you don’t have to hold in the sobs.  That was the hard part.  That and the sniffles.  But, if you are going to see it at home, make sure you have slushies, popcorn, and Sour Patch Kids.  They helped me through it.  Just sayin’.

So, my friends, did you have a good weekend?  Was it as fun and emotional as mine?  Haha, doubt it!

Enjoy your day,


Do Not…



ever watch a movie called The Vow when you are already having an “emotional” day.

There will be tears.  Like, pouring out of your face, tears.

And sniffles.  Whoa, watch out for those sniffles.

And the zoo will start to look at you funny.  And tilt their little heads when you sniffle.  But they won’t want to cuddle, like they normally do when you are sad/sick/tired.  Oh no, they want as far away from the crazy lady with insane amounts of water and snot flowing from her face.  I mean, I don’t blame them.  It could mess up their fur.


So what I could see through the tears and hear over the sniffling, it seemed like a good movie.  Actually, it was a very good movie.  I new the story about the couple before watching the movie, which I think made the movie even more sad.  K picked this movie out because we had planned on going to see it when it first came out and never got the chance to.  I’m so glad I didn’t see it in the theater…can you imagine the people around me looking at me with tilted heads, wondering why there is so much snot and water coming out of my face?!  They would definitely not initiate a cuddle either.  Wow, dodged a bullet there.


So, overall, it was a very good movie.  Just don’t watch it while you are already emotional.  That’s just my warning.  Maybe watch it when you are on a I’m-gonna-take-over-the-world-day, or a I-feel-so-powerful-after-that-kickboxing-class-that-I-could-punch-through-my-refrigerator-and-pull-out-a-soda-day.  Just my suggestion.


Enjoy your day,



Over the weekend…

…We went with friends to Fort Worth for the Main Street Art Fest.
*We almost died due to G’s driving!
*G may have mentioned that we should have just rode our “big dog” instead of ride with her.
*That probably would have been a safer choice, hehe.

…I snapped a picture of k with a giant rooster.  That’s really nothing out of the ordinary, folks.

…We ate Cajun food for the first time.
*Ok, so I played it safe and ordered popcorn shrimp and fries (and now I’m working my tail off this week to make up for it).
*But, k ordered something I can’t pronounce and it did not look or smell all that appetizing, but he liked it.
*And, he may or may not have tried alligator as an appetizer.  He may or may not have been kissed by me later that night (I’ll
let you guess the correct answer on that one, ew.)

*Really?  Cat Basket?  Cat Platter?  How does that sound appetizing?  Poor cats!

…We may or may not have frozen our tails off at the art fest, after the sun went down.  What the pluck, Texas?!  I didn’t move here so you could get into the 50s at night.

…{d&k} did a lot of yard work and even planted flowers.

…Took a trip to the Farmer’s Market and had a blast!  We bought flowers, fruits & veggies, and even had lunch there.
* Apparently the theme for the weekend was Rooster!

* And, they sell sculpted shrubs…in either llama shape or Garfield.  Who knew?!  I think a llama shrub on either side of the front porch would look fantastical!  K thinks otherwise.  Whatevs, k.  You just don’t know style when you see it.

…We had a lazy Sunday night, consisting of eating take-out on the couch, playing goofy video games (in which my arm seriously hurts today), and watching stupidly funny movies (ie, Gnomeo & Juliet…watch it, it’s funny!)

…We took the pups to the dog park.
*Elvis wore himself and another pup out.  That pup’s owner came up to thank us.  Haha.
*Uma’s greyhound buddy, Polly Pocket, was there.  They had fun catching up (at least I assume they did).
*Oskar met another pug and insisted on sitting right next to him and confusing his owner.  That’s my pug!


Overall, we had a great weekend!  What did you do?

Enjoy your Monday,


PS — It is almost MAY!?!?  Where did April go?!?!?!


{d&k} Style Easter

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.  {d&k} did!

This was our first holiday together.  Just us.  No running from one family to another.  No stuffing ourselves to the max and then having to do it all over again, 2 hours later.  No leaving early from one house to make it to the next…not too late.  No rushing through family time.  No leaving the pups all day.  No stressing.

I’m not going to lie…It was fantastical!  We slept in (until 9am, people!).  We went to a lovely mass at church.  We came home and made some lunch – quesadillas.  (We decided every holiday must consist of some form of Mexican food).  Then we watched a movie and lounged on the couch the rest of the afternoon.  The pugs were even allowed on the couch for a cuddle, since it was Easter and all.  I made cookies while k played video games.  More lounging.  Then around 7pm, we made dinner together.  After dinner, we watched yet another movie and had more pug cuddles on the couch.  I would say that was one of the best and most relaxing holidays we’ve ever had.  Now, don’t get me wrong…we missed spending time with our families.  But it was very nice to be together for a holiday.  Just {d&k}.  We’ll remember this forever.  Probably because it will never happen again.  But, I highly recommend it at some point in your lives.

How was your Easter?

Enjoy your day,