9 was a bad choice

So, what’s so wrong with the number 9?!  Well, I had a slight case of pregnancy brain on Saturday and decided it would be a “good” idea to take a walk around the lake.  {d&k} have only been completely around this lake once, and that was by bike.  The trail around the lake is 9 miles.  Yep, that right there.  That’s why 9 is a bad number.

By mile 4.5, we were ready to be finished.  But, since we were already half way, we could have turned and headed back the way we came, or finished the loop around the lake.  At that point, we were already committed to 9 miles.  Ugh.  We were both in pain when we finished.  And, I definitely had a waddle.

We did have a great time and got a fantastic workout. My heart rate monitor said we burned almost 1700 calories.  Turns out, walking for 3 hours is a great workout!

We spent the last 1.5 miles laughing at how stupid I am to think that this was a good idea.  K even asked if for a slight moment, I forgot I was preggo.  Haha.  Maybe I did.  I think that’s where the pregnancy brain kicked in.

And, thankfully, I was only sore the remainder of that evening.  I actually slept really well that night (I can’t imagine why) and woke up feeling great.  So, the 9 miles turned out to be good for me.  Although, getting through them was not the most fun.

And, we also had beautiful weather that day.  It was supposed to rain all day, and instead, it was 82 and sunny.  I even got a little sun burn.  In March, no less.  I’ll take it!

So, lesson learned….when D says, “Let’s walk around the lake!”  K needs to chime in, “NOOOOoooooo!”  We decided 4.5 is the max and at miles 2.25, we turn around and head back.  I like that plan much better.

How was everyone’s weather this weekend?  Did anyone get to spend time outside?


Enjoy your day,



Wth, Texas, Wth?!?

What the heck, Texas!?!  I’m mad at you.  You know why.  Because it is cold here (really, really cold) and it snowed yesterday!  SNOWED.  In Texas.  Before it snowed in Ohio.  Wth?!

I have only been gone a year….I’m not ready for snow yet.  I know I’ll see some when I’m back in Ohio for Christmas, but I was not prepared for it yesterday.

Yesterday morning I got up to let the pups out, only to find snow covering my car windshield, the roof of the house and shed and enough on the ground to hide the ugly brown grass.  Wth?!  I ran back into the bedroom to wake up k and tell him.  He growled and when back to bed.  Later, when he woke up and looked outside he said, “Hey, it snowed!”  Apparently the growl was not for the snow, but for me waking him up.  Haha, oops.

Thankfully the snow had melted by 9am and everything was back to normal.  Or was it, Texas?!  Nope.  It was still cold.  I can’t handle this cold weather.  That’s one of the reasons I moved to TEXAS!

But, I can’t be upset with you for too long, Texas.  You promised it would be in the 70s this weekend and I’m holding you to that.  I have antsy dogs that need walked and none of us are venturing out for a walk in this weather.

So, get it together, Texas.  I mean it!


Enjoy your day and your weather,


Christmas in the South

How’d you like our news from yesterday?!  Pretty crazy, huh?!  Yep, we are still shocked and it doesn’t quite seem real yet.  I’ll fill you in more in an upcoming post.

It’s Christmas time!  Yippee!!

However, it’s very weird celebrating it here in the South.  It’s warm.  Really warm.  We were decorating our Christmas tree in 80 degree weather, while wearing shorts and tank tops.  Weird.  We had the windows open!


I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to that.  But, I will take this weather over the cold Ohio weather any day.  And, we’ll be traveling back to Ohio after Christmas so we’ll get our fill of cold, possibly snowy, weather then.  And, that’s enough for me.

On Sunday night, we went to SMUs tree lighting ceremony and that was weird, too.  It was still 80 degrees.  People were walking around in tank tops and shorts.  And, if that’s not weird enough, we were singing carols like that.  In tank tops!  Haha.  That’s the weird part.

After the tree lighting, we went out to dinner and sat outside on the patio.  On December 2!  Haha, it still is amazing to me.

Although, none of this is as weird as the November we went to visit T in Phoenix and the cacti were decorated for Christmas.  That was strange.  And, it was still 90 degrees.

But, I guess it doesn’t matter where you are or what the weather is like…it’s still Christmas!  And, that makes me very happy.  We have the inside of our house decorated, trees up, and now we are just waiting for a free evening to decorate the outside of the house.  That’s k’s job.  I hate lights!

How about you?  Are you ready for the holidays?

I also added the cutest little reindeer family to our Christmas decorations:

Aren’t they so sweet!?  I broke down at bought them at the bazaar on Saturday.

Speaking of the bazaar…
I had a great day and my shop did very well!!  I was hoping to at least break even!  I had no idea I would sell so many things and sell out of boot cuffs within the first hour and a half!  Now, if I get in next year, I know what to stock up on.  And, hopefully I will have more than 2 weeks to fill my booth.  Here’s how I decorated my booth:
IMG_2145   IMG_2144

It turned out much cuter than I imagined.  And those little banners…I made those out of burlap and I just stenciled the letters on there.  How cute!!


Thanks for stopping by!  Yay for Christmas!!

Enjoy your day,



Heater Hog

It’s cold here.  I mean, really cold.  For me, anyways.  I’m a baby and I do not like temperatures below 75 degrees.  Actually, that’s pushing it.  Let’s make it 80 degrees.

How did I live in Ohio for 29 years?!

So, it’s cold here.  Last night it was 33 degrees!  That’s winter coat weather, people!  What is the world coming to when Texas gets into the 30s in November?!

And, I’m stubborn.  I do not like utility bills and wasting money on heating and cooling the house.  So, I refuse to turn the heat on.  Even though, it’s a brisk 62 degrees in the house now.  So, the pups and I have locked ourselves in the office with a few hundred blankets, sweats and slippers (for me – although, Oskar would look mighty cute in slippers), and a small space heater.

The pups are cuddled up right in front of the heater and are currently not sharing with me.  Rude.

Oskar is the heater hog.  He loves this thing.  Sometimes I have to turn if off because it feels like his fur is on fire.  But he doesn’t care.  He would lay in front of that thing all day, if I let him.  Maybe that’s why we are best friends.

Oskar was laying directly in front of the heater, with about a foot between them.  Well, Elvis did not think that was fair so he sat in between Oskar and the heater.  Well, heater hog got upset and went to sit in between Elvis and the heater.  Well, at this point, the heater was touching Oskar’s fur and it started to smell like burnt pug.  Ew.  But that didn’t stop Oskar.  Heater hog.

So, I had to pull both dogs back to their little makeshift blanket bed/forts and angle the heater just right so that they could both feel the warmth and so that I could feel nothing.

The things we do for our dogs.

Meanwhile, Uma is on the other side of the room, hanging off her dog bed, tongue out, probably sweating to death.  She is a heater of her own.  She’s always hot.  She is like k.

K went to bed last night wearing shorts.  That’s it.  Shorts.

I went to bed wearing sweatpants, a t-shirt, a sweatshirt (hooded, for extra warmth), and socks and I still woke up a few times to adjust the covers and even to add another blanket.  I glanced over at k at one point and he had the covers completely off, tongue out, sweating to death.  I pulled the covered up over him and he immediately started flailing until all the covers were off again.

K and Uma.  Oskar and me.  We are weirdos.

Wish us luck today that 1, Uma doesn’t sweat to death, 2, Oskar and Elvis find a happy medium of sharing the heater and there is no more burning pug flesh/fur, and 3, that I get a little bit of heat from the heater, or Uma, or k before I freeze up and die.  Happy thoughts, people.  Happy thoughts.


Enjoy your day,

Apparently I’ve been MIA…

Hey there!  Apparently I’ve been a little MIA lately.  Sorry about that!  I have been super busy with Bee For The Day – Dallas...woohoo!  It’s been weddings, weddings, and more weddings over here.  {d&k} went to a huge (over 300 vendors!!) bridal show in downtown Dallas over the weekend and k was such a champ.  He was scoping out different bakeries and photographers for me, dropping off my card at booths, and of course, sampling the cake.  We have to know who has the best cake in Dallas.  The only way to find that out is to try them all.  That’s where k comes in!  K also enjoyed laughing at all of the goofy dj’s.  Some were dancing (and you know that’s what they do at weddings) and others were just plain odd.  They all, of course, had on their tuxedos with coordinating bow ties and vests, and in the most obnoxious-look-at-me-colors!  There was a haze surrounding all of their booths, most likely from the mix of cologne and hairspray, but one can only guess.

K was rewarded quite nicely for going to the bridal show with me…he went to a Mavs game that night and had a blast.  He even sang “Jessie’s Girl” in front on 20,000 fans.  I know.  I still have a hard time believing it, even with the help of the video posted on his Facebook page.  Go ahead, check it out.

Hmmm…let’s see…what else have we been up to?!  Well, the weather has been very nice here (Ohioans, you cannot be upset with me since it has been very nice there too…just sayin’!) so we’ve been spending a lot of time outside with the pups.  We visited a new dog park (our regular park was “closed due to standing water” from the monsoon) and we did not like it at all.  There were a few aggressive pups that we picking on dogs and the owners did nothing to stop it.  It was also very loud.  There were lots of dogs barking, which is very unlike a dog park.  I’m guessing they were upset by the aggressive pups too.  Anyways, we didn’t stick around long.  Plus, “Humpy” the labradoodle would not leave this poor German Shepard alone.  Elvis tried to break “it” up but did not have much success.  I scooped him up and took him to the opposite side of the park…there was no way I was letting my little man get involved with Humpy.  He’d get hurt.  Humpy was big!  So, needless to say, we will not be going back to that dog park.  We did overhear someone telling Humpy’s mom about our dog park.  Fingers (and tails) crossed he doesn’t show up there!

Sadly, I can’t think of anything else that’s been going on around here, aside from the fact that we’ve been busy.  And, my brain is a little mushy so I can’t even think of why we’ve been so busy.

As of right now, we have no plans this weekend (I know, can you believe it?!).  I know that will change, but for now it is nice to say we have no plans!  I will make sure I take lots of photos for you and document our weekend (whether we do something fun or not, hehe) to share with you all next week.

Enjoy your day,

Our Week in Photos

I left out a few pictures from the last post, so I thought I’d show you them here, along with a few others.  Enjoy!!

  {d&k} are really.really excited about the weather in January!  Really excited.  (Except for today because it’s 45*.  Not cool, Texas. Not cool).

  Yay!  Our first Texas gecko!!  I named him Stanley.  I love new pets (just don’t tell k)!!


The pugs created a little bed pile, {d&k} like to call Mega Bed, and cuddled up for a nice nap.  Then, Mega Bed started to collapse and pugs began rolling down their beds.  But, fear not, neither pug realized this and didn’t miss any sleep.  Oh to be a pug.

  Not only to {d&k} bust out random dance party moves, we also break out random shadow puppets.  Oh yeah, go dog, go!  Be jealous of my mad shadow puppet skills.

  This is Charlie’s new favorite spot to hang out.  I don’t mind, except when I don’t know that he is up there and he jumps onto the couch and lands next to me.  Jump.out.of.my.skin.  Thanks, Charlie.

  K, the deer is staring at me again!!

  Here is the view from the tower restaurant we went to over the weekend.  You can see the downtown Dallas buildings out the window and then the reflection of the kitchen in the window.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what we’ve been up to lately.  Sadly, most of the pictures are of the zoo, but that’s our life!

Stayed tuned for my next post…Recipes!  I have a crock pot mac n’ cheese and corn bread coming your way!

Enjoy your day,