Oskar’s update

Oskar wanted to say hi and tell you that everything is going well with the zoo.  They all seem to be getting along quite well, and even surprise me by cuddling up together.  I’m pretty sure they think I’m not looking.  Elvis and Oskar have been caught cuddling and touching.  I know!  And, I did find Uma and Oskar on the same bed.  Not touching.  But, on the same bed is huge for them.  Usually Uma kicks Oskar off the dog bed so she can lay on it.  Now, I’m not sure if she actually kicks him off, or if he is just terrified of her laying on him because she doesn’t look down before she drops.  Either way….that was a huge accomplishment in the Mullan Casa last week.  And, the cats have been spotted laying next to each other on the couch.  Again, huge accomplishment.

Our little family is starting to get nice and cozy together.  It only took how many years?!  And, it’s just in time before they get ripped apart by a baby.  Haha.  Maybe that’s why they are getting closer.  They know they won’t get as much attention from me and they are bonding with each other.  Hey, I can wish.

Anyways, Oskar just wanted to fill you in on how happy the zoo has been.  And, he told me to post a cute photo of him, in case you forgot which one Oskar is…
As if anyone could forget that so-ugly-it’s-cute-face.


Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Wednesday!

Enjoy your day,
{d&k} and Oskar too!




1 year!

A year ago, this was us:

Jam-packed into the car, getting ready for our 20 hour drive from Ohio to Texas, with 3 drugged cats and 3 dogs.  Wow, what an adventure.


I can’t believe it’s been a year already.  Time flies by when {d&k} are having fun!


Oh, and just a little reminder about the Jesuit Christmas Bazaar tomorrow, 9-5, at Jesuit High School.  Stop by and visit me at The Polka Dotted Pug booth!


Enjoy your weekend,

What You Missed

Hello friends!

I have a treat for you….I actually took a lot of pictures over the weekend.  Aren’t you proud?!  And happy?!  Of course you are.

Well, let’s not delay.  Here you go….

We went to the Fort Worth Music Fest on Friday night. We had a great time, even though it was raining! And, we got to see quite a few bands and really liked 2 of them. Check out Sons of Fathers and The Wheeler Brothers. You’re welcome.

There were food trucks everywhere! I love food trucks! And, these had fantastic food choices. But, I’m not good at eating while standing up and holding an umbrella (and Princess k with his paw in a cast can’t hold anything) so we decided not to get any food. They also had an ice cream food truck AND a 7-Eleven Slurpie truck! Heaven. Again, I couldn’t balance everything, so no Slurpie for me. Next time.

This was take 435. K kept making goofy faces. Way to go, k. I think he does this to me on purpose.

{d&k} were out running errands and stumbled upon these gems. K’s head was too big for his headband, haha. People were staring. It was awesome. If you can’t stop in the middle of the store, throw on awesome Halloween ears, and pose for a photo, we can.not be friends.

We also found Halloween costumes for the cats. Now, we do not dress them up. Normally. The dogs, yes. Cats, no. Until now. And, may I add, that k was okay with it!

I though Charlie should have the black and white bow tie because he’s already wearing a tuxedo. Then, k chimed in with, “Yea, and the blue tie will look great with Sebastian’s gray fur suit.” Wow. K is now a cat stylist. Bring your kitties over and k will send them home with a fabulous new outfit.

We also had to go to Target. Had.to. Damn you, Target and your cute items.

AND…guess what time it is?! CANDY CORN time!

Damn you, Target and your delicious candy corn, in many different shapes, sizes, and flavors. I just had to get them all.


It definitely felt like we did a lot more over the weekend, but the pictures don’t show that.  Hah.  I guess I didn’t take pictures of me doing laundry, walking the pups, cooking, and all those other “fun” things.  You’re welcome for that!


Thanks for stopping by!
Enjoy your day,

There’s a dinosaur in my pantry

Yep, that’s right.  A dinosaur.  In my pantry.  Uh-huh.

It all started on Saturday night.  It was late.  I was waiting for k to get home from a football game (more to come on this, eep).  There were dog/cat fur tumble weeds blowing across the hardwood floors, so I decided to sweep the floors with the broom.  We have hardwood floors in the family room and those butt up again the tile in the kitchen.  There is a little space between the two floors and dirt and fur always get stuck down there.  So, I was sweeping out that space when something jumped out from it and ran across the kitchen floor.



All the animals passed out on the floor.  None coming to my rescue.  Thanks attack zoo.

I thought it was a centipede.  I do not like bugs with lots of legs.  Actually, I do not like bugs at all.

So, I thought I could just sweep him up in the dustpan and run him outside.  Well, as I went to sweep him up I noticed the tail.  Dun, dun, dunnnnnnn.  Yep, a long tail.  He was a gecko!

A tiny, possibly baby gecko.  And, probably only 1-2 inches long.  And he was quick.

He ran right under the pantry door!  What?!  What do I do now?!  Zoo?!?  Zzzzz.  Great, thanks for the help.

So, I just left him there.  He was way too quick for me to catch.  And even if I did, how was I going to get him back outside?!

When k got home, I told him about the gecko living in our pantry and he said he’d go get him out.  I told him not to worry.  I thought maybe the cats would “take care of it.”  I also think that’s why I was never worried about having a gecko in the house.  I thought the cats would attack it.  They go crazy when a bug gets in the house, I can only imagine what they’d do to a gecko.  Apparently I was wrong.  The cats will do nothing to a gecko.  They will sleep, softly snoring, while the gecko runs freely through the house, ultimately ending up in my pantry, where he’ll fill his belly until he grows into an adult gecko, aka a dinosaur.  (Yes, that is the dinosaur life cycle.  Do you not remember this from elementary school?!  Baby gecko > gecko > adult gecko > GIANT DINOSAUR).

So, I was a little skittish all weekend when opening the pantry.  I was worried a giant dinosaur was going to pop out.  {ROAR!}  And scare me.  Of course, I picture a T-Rex, but come on…does it really matter what kind of dinosaur it is?  I have a dinosaur in.my.pantry, people.

Well, I guess this could be the best diet ever.  No more eating food out of the pantry for fear the dinosaur might get me.  Stupid dinosaur.  I have some good food in there, too.  Well, I guess things will be looking up for Oskar too….no more getting locked in the pantry.

So, there you have it folks.  As of today, we still have a dinosaur in our pantry.  It could have snuck out, but I’m not taking any chances.  No need to worry about me.  I’m just starving over here, that is all.  Send bread.


Enjoy your day and beware of dinosaurs,

They’re Laughing At Me

The cats, that is.  They are laughing at me.  Make them stop.

They think it’s funny, given my track record, to let out muffled meows so that I think they are locked in a closet or bedroom.  Then, when I panic and frantically start looking for them, the laugh and point.

One of these days, my cats, you will be locked in a closet and I will not let you out.  Let’s see who’s laughing and pointing then, shall we?!



Do your animals laugh at you?  Do they understand that we have the power?  We feed them.  We control everything in their world.  Why would they do anything to jeopardize how we feel towards them?  I know the cats are doing it on purpose.  Slowly wearing me down.  Finding me at my weakest so they can go in for the kill.  But, cats…how will you feed yourself after I’m gone.  1. you’ll be locked inside the house, so you can’t hunt.  2. you don’t have opposable thumbs, so you can’t open your wet food cans or the dry food drawer.  And 3. there is no way Oskar will let you feed off him.  He hates you two.  Good luck without me.  Keep up the laughing.  We’ll see what happens to you both.


Enjoy your day,


I will totally jump in front of junk for you

Wow.  It’s Christmas week!  I can’t believe how quickly this year went by.  I have so much to do this week, eep.  K’s parents and little brother will be joining us for the holidays on Friday and the house is not ready yet.  You can’t even see the counters in my kitchen.  There may not even be counters in the kitchen, just hovering junk.  So, now it’s crunch time.  I’m sitting in my office, as I type this, and I can’t see my desk, craft table, or floor due to all the stuff on it.  I must get the house cleaned.  I will get the house cleaned.  I hope I get the house cleaned.  Or at least find spots to hide all the junk.  Closets. Cupboards. Under rugs.  Then, if anyone tries to open those closets, cupboards, or lift up a rug (I really hope no one lifts up any of my rugs. Weird.) I can launch myself in front of the doors, like I’m trying to protect them from a speeding bullet, and stop the junk from pouring out and burying them alive.  Wow.  Good thing I’ve been working out and have cat-like reflexes.  I can totally jump in front of the junk closet to save my in-laws.  Totally.  See, that’s how much I love my family.  I’m willing to throw my body in front of closets spewing junk.  You’re welcome.

This weekend {d&k} were pretty busy.  We went out with friends on Friday and Saturday night and got to explore new (to us) parts of the city.  Uptown was a lot of fun and the bars/restaurants all have outdoor areas and patios, which I love.  It was so nice on Friday night that we spent the entire evening sitting outside.  It was fun to people watch, both inside and outside of the bar.  {d&k} decided that we need friends more around our age because the group of people we were with on Friday night were pups.  I felt old.  Boo.  Anyways, Saturday we ran some errands, took the pups to the dog park, and then joined more friends out in Uptown for drinks.  We were thoroughly amused by the Dallas Rugby Team that evening, including a young man who wore a fanny pack to keep track of his wallet.  K and I like to play “How many fanny packs” while traveling.  K usually wins.  He can spot those things from a mile away.  Anyways, he tells me he sees “one” while were standing in a circle with our friends, so then all of us start searching for the fanny pack.  It turns out it was on a large, very drunk, rugby player.  Not who I was expecting to be sporting a fanny pack, but hilarious none-the-less.  Sunday we spent all morning in the kitchen baking.  We made a little bit of everything, cupcakes, cookies, bark, cake balls, you name it, we made it.  K took everything to work to hand out as gifts.  I hope everyone liked their treats…a lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into making those (mostly from k…he’s not very graceful in the kitchen).  Then, Sunday afternoon we decided to explore a few more areas of the city.  We went to Deep Ellum and loved it!  We heard it was not the best neighborhood and that we shouldn’t go there after dark without a gun.  So I was thinking there were gangs and violence, drug deals, etc.  Ha, not so much.   It was filled with pink hair, hipsters, and tattoos.  Not scary at all.  We went to a burger place that had the best turkey burger I’ve ever had.  Turkey burgers are one of my favorite foods, so I’m always on the hunt for a great one.  And, I found it.  I can’t wait to take my dad there when he visits in February…he will love it!  We wandered around that part of town for a bit, stumbled upon another dog park, and then went into a few thrift & antique stores.  I can’t wait to go back!  We then headed to the Bishop Arts District and wandered around there.  I had been to this area before and absolutely loved it, so I couldn’t wait to go back.  They have a lot of neat little boutiques and cafes, and it is very quaint for being right outside of downtown.  We went into a doggie store and met the owner and her two pooches, one of which looked exactly like an Ewok. (The dog. Not the owner.  However, I would love to meet a real-life Ewok. Do you know of any?)  So, that was our weekend. 

Random silliness from {d&k}:
{k} –  Don’t touch those yet, my balls aren’t dry. 
{d} –  {giggle}
{k} –  Cake balls.  My cake balls aren’t dry yet. 
{d} –  {giggle}
{k} –  I hate you.

{k} – Stop touching me with your feet.  I don’t like it.
{d} – Sorry, sometimes they itch.
{k} – Well, find some other way to scratch them.  Stop using me as your random rubbing bar.
{d} – AHAHAHAHAH Hahaha ha.  Random rubbing bar.  Hahaha.
{k} – Shut up. You know what I mean.
Hours later…
{k} – Scratching post! 
{d} – What?
{k} – I meant scratching post.  Not rubbing bar.  I knew I’d think of it.

K showed me a video on YouTube of cats yawning while people made the sound effects.  It was hilarious.  The funny thing is, I always make the sound effects for the cats and dogs while they yawn.  Why didn’t I ever think to record it?  Man, people always beat me to it.  Someday, I will have a very funny video on YouTube.  Just you wait.  If you’d like to watch the yawning cats, click here.  Ooh, and if you are bored and want to see my 2 favorite videos of all time (I know, they are that good), click here and here.  Yes, they are all of cats. Deal.

Enjoy your day!


Well, the drive across the country was a success!  We all arrived in one piece, including Elvis, who I thought for sure would get punt-kicked out the window as we drove across the state line.

The trip was pretty uneventful, which for us is a feat in and of itself.  We decided to drive straight through, instead of stopping in Memphis and staying over night.  We thought the pups and cats would get worked up being transported to a hotel and then back to the car.  The cats were sedated by a lovely little pink pill from the vet (HUGE shout out to West Toledo Vet for making our cross-country drive a peaceful one).  The pups slept pretty much the entire way and were so well-behaved, I wasn’t actually sure they were our dogs.  Weird.  But, no worries, today they are back to their devilish, selective listening selves.

The trip itself was supposed to take 18 hours, but we knew it would be longer with the pups.  We stopped 5 times (a few were the pups needing a break and a few were me.  Hehe, small bladder) and it ended up taking us 20 hours.  So, overall not bad.  It was a long time in the car, but k and I took turns driving every 4ish hours and that made the time go by pretty quickly.

Since we got in at 5am this morning, we slept the rest of the morning and then spent the day running errands and trying to get things ready around here for the movers to bring our stuff on Friday.  Yes, that’s right, Friday.  4 days from now.  I miss my stuff.  Sniff.  But, we did get a lot accomplished today, including finding ourselves a new mattress which will be delivered tomorrow! Woohoo.  So, even though we won’t have our bed frame until Friday, at least we won’t have to sleep on the air mattress all week (it is not fun when k gets off the air mattress and catapults me to the floor.  He finds it hilarious though.  Not funny k, not funny).   We did however strike out trying to find a baby gate in this ginormous city.  You’d think of the 2 Walmarts, a Target, a Petco, a PetSmart, and a handful of places we called, that one of those would have a baby gate to lock the pups in the kitchen for less than $100.  Nope.  None.  I can’t believe I am going to say this but, I was so sick of shopping today!  It was frustrating.  It was all my fault that I forgot to pack up the baby gates and left them in Toledo.  But, I didn’t think it would be that hard to find them here.  Thank goodness for Amazon!!  On a better note, our landlord told us we are allowed to paint (happy dance) so my week will now be filled with paint, paint, and more paint.  I love painting!!  So, this will make these 4 more days without our “stuff” easier to get through.

So, that pretty much sums up our last couple of days.  I just want to leave you with a little conversation from the road trip:

{d} – k, can you check on Sebastian?  He’s spent the last hour meowing and I think something is wrong.

{k} – Umm, yeah…he’s fine.

{d} – Why is he meowing so much then?

{k} – Well, he’s sort of upside down.  And I don’t think he can find his tail.

{d} – WHAT?!

{k} – Kitty crack.  He’s high.

{d} – Should I be worried.

{k} – Nope, he’s fine.


Enjoy your day!




A Clowder Or A Glaring…

…is more than 2 cats. Yes, I know this 🙂 Don’t be jealous of my cat knowledge. (Some days, even I’m amazed I’m married).

Anyways…today is the big day! Yes, that’s right…we are taking our little glaring of cats on a mini road trip to see how they do in a car, under the influence of Benadryl. I have been quite worried about how in the world we are going to get 6 animals (yes, that is correct. 6.) to Dallas. In a car. With {d&k}. The vet said the pups should be fine but the cats will need to be sedated. The vet also said that Rx sedatives can drop cats blood pressure and Benadryl does the same thing as the sedatives, only without side effects. So, we are loading the cats up with their recommended dosage of Benadryl and hitting the road. The cats will all be in their own cat carriers, with blankets over the top to keep it dark (so hopefully they’ll want to sleep), and then {d&k} will drive around for 2 hours. FUN. The vet said if the cats meow the whole time and drive us crazy, then we’ll have to get the “real” sedative. Fingers crossed for happy, sleepy cats, and less-than-annoyed {d&k}.


So, we tried to do a trial run with the cats tonight but Charlie gave us a little scare.  After I pried Charlie’s mouth open and attempted to squirt the syringe of Benadryl into his mouth, he started flailing and running around the house like a banshee.  It was absolutely hilarious!!   Then, he started drooling and foaming at the mouth!  (Note: NOT so hilarious).  We were a little worried so we called the vet and the vet said it was just because he didn’t like the taste.  The vet also said he’ll just give us the sedative.  So, no more trial run with the cats.  We’ll call it a success anyways!

On another note, Oskar has been limping all weekend and I was beginning to get pretty worried about him.  So, k took him to the vet today and it turns out it is his back.  Poor little guy.  So the vet gave us 3 different Rx’s for him and hopefully he’ll be feeling back to his grumpy old self in a few days.  But, watching him limp around the house made me realize just how old he is getting and I had my first mini meltdown of the week (since it is move-across-the-country week, I’m just going to guess they’ll be more).  I’m sure k wouldn’t classify it as mini, but he’s not here to challenge me on it, so mini it is!  So, I had a mini meltdown – tears and all – about how I don’t like when my animals get old {sniffle} and how his back problems make him look even older {sniffith} and blahblahblah {SNIFF!}.  But I’m better now!  k talked me  off the ledge.  Thanks, k!

I’m very glad we did not have to drive drunk cats around for 2 hours today but I would have preferred less foamy cat drool around my house. Eh, I can’t get everything I wish for!

The Big Move

Welcome to {d&k} take on the world! Thanks for stopping by for a visit! We hope you like it here…we do!

So, it’s moving week! Eek! So much to do in a very short amount of time. d’s parents and 2 sisters were nice enough to come over and help us pack, which was a huge help! We have a lot of stuff…much more than we realized!

d was pretty stressed out about getting everything packed up and in time for the movers to take it away on Saturday. But, she’s feeling better about it now! Plus, k is now back here from Dallas, so while d is finishing up work Monday – Wednesday this week, k is at home packing. (Which is only fair that k fully experiences the move, hehe).

On top of packing and getting everything taken care of for the big move, d still had her Etsy shop open and was taking orders. Yes, d is nuts! But, after much debate, she put the shop on “vacation” and will reopen it the 1st week of December, after we are settled.

There are still so many things to do! Laundry has been piling up and needs to be done. Utilities have to be transferred. The cats have to go on a trial run to make sure they’ll be able to make the move and not drive us crazy. So tomorrow, we’re giving the cats Benadryl and then we have to drive around for 2 hours to make sure it works. Ugh. Who has time to drive around for 2 hours the week of their big move?! Apparently {d&k} do. So, we decided to head up to Ann Arbor, grab some good food, and head back to T-town. Fun fun fun! Try not to be jealous.

Enjoy your day!!