A Clowder Or A Glaring…

…is more than 2 cats. Yes, I know this 🙂 Don’t be jealous of my cat knowledge. (Some days, even I’m amazed I’m married).

Anyways…today is the big day! Yes, that’s right…we are taking our little glaring of cats on a mini road trip to see how they do in a car, under the influence of Benadryl. I have been quite worried about how in the world we are going to get 6 animals (yes, that is correct. 6.) to Dallas. In a car. With {d&k}. The vet said the pups should be fine but the cats will need to be sedated. The vet also said that Rx sedatives can drop cats blood pressure and Benadryl does the same thing as the sedatives, only without side effects. So, we are loading the cats up with their recommended dosage of Benadryl and hitting the road. The cats will all be in their own cat carriers, with blankets over the top to keep it dark (so hopefully they’ll want to sleep), and then {d&k} will drive around for 2 hours. FUN. The vet said if the cats meow the whole time and drive us crazy, then we’ll have to get the “real” sedative. Fingers crossed for happy, sleepy cats, and less-than-annoyed {d&k}.


So, we tried to do a trial run with the cats tonight but Charlie gave us a little scare.  After I pried Charlie’s mouth open and attempted to squirt the syringe of Benadryl into his mouth, he started flailing and running around the house like a banshee.  It was absolutely hilarious!!   Then, he started drooling and foaming at the mouth!  (Note: NOT so hilarious).  We were a little worried so we called the vet and the vet said it was just because he didn’t like the taste.  The vet also said he’ll just give us the sedative.  So, no more trial run with the cats.  We’ll call it a success anyways!

On another note, Oskar has been limping all weekend and I was beginning to get pretty worried about him.  So, k took him to the vet today and it turns out it is his back.  Poor little guy.  So the vet gave us 3 different Rx’s for him and hopefully he’ll be feeling back to his grumpy old self in a few days.  But, watching him limp around the house made me realize just how old he is getting and I had my first mini meltdown of the week (since it is move-across-the-country week, I’m just going to guess they’ll be more).  I’m sure k wouldn’t classify it as mini, but he’s not here to challenge me on it, so mini it is!  So, I had a mini meltdown – tears and all – about how I don’t like when my animals get old {sniffle} and how his back problems make him look even older {sniffith} and blahblahblah {SNIFF!}.  But I’m better now!  k talked me  off the ledge.  Thanks, k!

I’m very glad we did not have to drive drunk cats around for 2 hours today but I would have preferred less foamy cat drool around my house. Eh, I can’t get everything I wish for!


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