The Big Move

Welcome to {d&k} take on the world! Thanks for stopping by for a visit! We hope you like it here…we do!

So, it’s moving week! Eek! So much to do in a very short amount of time. d’s parents and 2 sisters were nice enough to come over and help us pack, which was a huge help! We have a lot of stuff…much more than we realized!

d was pretty stressed out about getting everything packed up and in time for the movers to take it away on Saturday. But, she’s feeling better about it now! Plus, k is now back here from Dallas, so while d is finishing up work Monday – Wednesday this week, k is at home packing. (Which is only fair that k fully experiences the move, hehe).

On top of packing and getting everything taken care of for the big move, d still had her Etsy shop open and was taking orders. Yes, d is nuts! But, after much debate, she put the shop on “vacation” and will reopen it the 1st week of December, after we are settled.

There are still so many things to do! Laundry has been piling up and needs to be done. Utilities have to be transferred. The cats have to go on a trial run to make sure they’ll be able to make the move and not drive us crazy. So tomorrow, we’re giving the cats Benadryl and then we have to drive around for 2 hours to make sure it works. Ugh. Who has time to drive around for 2 hours the week of their big move?! Apparently {d&k} do. So, we decided to head up to Ann Arbor, grab some good food, and head back to T-town. Fun fun fun! Try not to be jealous.

Enjoy your day!!


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