Mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, OH MY!

So, it’s almost Thanksgiving.

K and I will be spending this Thanksgiving together, just the two of us.  This is a first for us.  Normally, we’d be having at least 3 different delicious meals and feeling very sick by the end of the day.

I’m attempting to cook a turkey this year.  Another first.

It has surprised me how many of my friends haven’t made a turkey either.  We have always gone to Thanksgiving dinner (or in our case, early lunch, late lunch, and dinner) at different relative’s houses and they’ve made the turkey.  I usually just bring a side and dessert.  Well, actually a few desserts.

So this year, I’m doing everything myself.  And I’m terrified.

I’ve never made a turkey before.  I hope I don’t burn it.  And, I hope I cook it all the way through so it’s not frozen.  Ugh.  So much can go wrong.

I’m not worried about anything else.  Just the turkey.  I’ve made everything else before.  Just not the beast.

DW walked me through it last night.  He said, “If I can make a turkey, anyone can.”  Well dad, we’re going to put that theory to test on Thursday.

I’m not going to lie, I’m most excited for day-after-Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches with swiss cheese.  So much, that I have to make a special trip to the store to get the said cheese that I forgot.  Oh, and canned cranberry sauce.  Is that disgusting to anyone else?  I can’t help it.  I love that stuff.  And k won’t eat it, so I get a whole can of cranberry, jello-like goodness to myself.  Hello, fat pants.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving sides?  I am also making a TON of mashed potatoes just so I can have days of leftovers.  Yum.  Again, hello, fat pants.  And fat shirt.  Crap, I hope my shoes fit.

Since it is just the two of us this year for Thanksgiving, we decided to spend Thanksgiving evening volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, cooking dinner for the families that are staying there.  We’ve done this a few times before and we love doing it.  Friends of ours do this every year on Thanksgiving and invited us to join in this year.  We are really excited to give back and share a holiday meal with those who can’t get home to have their own.

So, we have a pretty exciting Thanksgiving coming up!  What are your plans?  Anyone traveling?  If so, safe travels!


Thanks for stopping by.  I’ll be sure to post after-Thanksgiving photos of the burnt frozen beast.

Enjoy your day,


Last pug bombing

Hello friends,

The humans said they want their blog back, so today is our last post…for now.  Little do the humans know that I have the Mac power cord in my bed.  Ha ha ha.

We (the pugs) wanted to leave you with something good on our last pug bombing day.  Something to make you laugh.  Something to get you through this Friday.  So, this is what we’ve settled on.

Go ahead.  Laugh at this big, dumb animal.  DW (oops, we mean grandpa), this is for you:

Source: via Dani on Pinterest



No way would we ever fall for something like that. Wait. What’s that? I smell peanut butter. Gotta go!

The Chickens Are Coming!!

Fact: I hate birds.  And chickens.  And roosters.  And giant, gross, blue & red bumpy-faced turkeys. 

All of which are at my parent’s house. 

This morning, after enjoying breakfast and coffee with k, we hear the rooster’s sad, pathetic attempt at a cockadoodle-doo and it sounds like it’s coming from INSIDE the house. 

Of course, I panic. 

How did a rooster get IN the house?

Would DW bring it in the house as a pet?  Why does DW think a rooster is a pet?

How do I get the rooster out of the house?

How do I get around the rooster?  Without it seeing me?

I have so many questions!! 

So, after weighing my odds that there could in fact be a rooster in the house, I decide against it and let the pack of wild dogs (aka, the biggest babies in the world) out into the back yard, just in time to see millions of chickens and the rooster under a pine tree, right by the house. 

I run back inside to give k the scoop.  He clearly doesn’t care based on the look he’s giving me.  Meanwhile, I’m in crisis mode, preparing for an emergency of chickens-gone-wild

Then, as we’re sitting in the living room working we hear the chickens getting louder and realize they’ve come around to the front of the house.  They have us surrounded!  They are ready to attack!  What to do?!

So, I text DW.  Here’s how the conversation went:
{d} – They’ve got us surrounded!!  They’re planning an attack!!

DW – They know you don’t like them.

{d} – I know. That’s what worries me.  How fast do they run?  Can I out run them?

DW – I wouldn’t try.  Maybe you should try some kindness.

{d} – Ew.

DW – They really are friendly.

{d} – To you! You like them and you bring them food.

DW – Take them a strawberry.

{d} – NO! Those are mine! They can get their own strawberries!

DW – Have fun. Go visit the donkeys.

{d} – After the chickens move along.

DW – They will run the other way.

{d} – I’m taking a baseball bat, just in case.

DW –  A broom.

{d} – A bat.

DW – Don’t let them take it away from you.

{d} – Quit giving me things to worry about.

Thanks, DW!  Just send me out there to see the donkeys in the middle of the-chicken-attack-of-the-century!  If I don’t come back alive, you’ll miss me.  Just promise that on my tombstone it doesn’t say anything about being defeated by chickens.  How embarrassing!

Enjoy your day & wish me luck getting out of this house alive!

Inappropriate or Awesome

I’ve decided to start a new post, called Inappropriate or Awesome.  I think it’s pretty self-explanatory, but in case you don’t understand….I decided to take photos of things that are either inappropriate or awesome and then blog about it.  Now, these things can pertain to {d&k} or they can just be random.  I’m pretty sure they will most likely all pertain to {d&k}, hehe.

And, here we go…


It’s inappropriate to send your 10 & 12-year-old nephews their birthday presents in these boxes:

(Don’t worry, I felt too guilty and switched them to non-alcoholic boxes.  Who does this?!  What kind of aunt am I?!?)


It’s awesome when you get up in the morning to find this:

(Best husband evah!)

It’s inappropriate to dress your oldest, grumpiest dog up for Cinco de Mayo and let your party guests take photos of him…

(But look at that cute little face!  This one might be a little awesome too!)


It’s inappropriate to make fun of dw for texting mistakes, when his fingers are clearly too big for his iPhone keyboard…

(Haha, I crack myself up.  dw didn’t even think it was funny.  This one can be categorized under awesome too!)


It’s inappropriate to make your husband get a picture like this in the middle of the Farmer’s Market:

(Look how sad he is.  Thanks for being a good sport, k.  And you’re welcome that I’m an awesome wife!)


It’s awesome to find a statue that looks exactly like your dog!  It’s not awesome to charge $80 for it!

(What the pluck, HomeGoods, what the pluck?!)


Well, there you have it.  The first installment of Inappropriate or Awesome was a success.  Even though the majority of pictures were inappropriate.  Eh, it is what it is.  Stayed tuned for the next Inappropriate or Awesome!


Enjoy your day & do something inappropriate AND awesome today!


Things you may have overheard this weekend…

This past weekend my parents (DW & B) and bestest were in town.  We had a blast.  The weekend was filled with food, fun, laughter, and more food.  Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten that much food in one weekend.  It is almost hard to walk.  I’ve got a little waddle going. Working out will be difficult with all this extra weight.  Damn you Dallas for having such great restaurants.  We did take our food groups seriously…we alternated between Mexican and burgers.  It was a lovely balance of cheese and carbs.  Ooh, and we through a little pizza in there too.  And wine.  Don’t forget about the wine.

If you were anywhere near the five of us this weekend, here’s what you may have overheard or seen…

* DW reenacting a building falling down and the noise could only mean the building fell on a pile of pillows.

* Passing Chuy’s Restaurant and DW immediately imitating Chewbaca.

* B being forced to sit in the corner of the sectional couch so she doesn’t fall off (after 1 margarita).

* B snorting when she laughs.  A lot.

* DW reading ALL of the billboards and signs while driving.  We now know where all of the Jack in the Box’s are in the D/FW area.

* DW changing the GPS to Mandarin.  Hilarious.  Hard to follow, but hilarious.

* K telling me that if I get caught stealing bamboo I can just tell the homeowners I’m “bi-panda“.

* Bestest screaming “Hey” in the middle of the restaurant.

* Recreating the “talking dog” video in the car.  And the rest of the weekend.  And yesterday after everyone left.

* Lots and lots of talking about the Duggar’s and whether or not the babies come out of Michelle via a tunnel slide.  And I’m not sure why we were talking about her being a bounce house?!  Anyone remember this?  This was all outside of a very tasty ice cream sandwich restaurant, with children around.  We keep things classy.

* B getting up in the middle of the night to snack on a Cadbury egg and DW catching her.

* Sebastian yarn-bombing the living room while we were gone.  He also fashioned a noose.  We could only assume it was for k.

* The awkward moment at a Mexican restaurant when we realized there were no menus.  And then the other awkward moment when we realized we ordered way too much food.

* DW, B, and K all getting out of the car after pizza and wine, while Bestest tries to get d out of the seatbelt in the backseat.  D was stuck.  It was not pretty.  When we finally got out and went inside, everyone asked why we were outside for so long.  Thanks for the help family.  Just wait until you are stuck in the backseat, being attacked by your seatbelt.  You can bet I won’t be there to help you out.  Thankyouverymuch.

* Acting like little kids in the aquarium.

* Only taking pictures of food and the animals at the aquarium.  Best blogger evah.

These were the only things I managed to take notes on in my phone.  And all of these happened over 2 days.  I’m sure there are many, many more things we did that I don’t remember.  DW, B, bestest…care to share what you remember?

I’m so happy my parents and bestest were in town over the weekend.  We really did have a great time, even though we all felt miserable at the end of the weekend due to all of the food we ate.  I can’t wait for them to come back and visit again!!

Next up, photos from the weekend.  Be prepared for lots of food and aquarium animals!!

Enjoy your day,

This week…

This week…

has been busy.  work is busy.  busy busy.

we’ve been to a Jesuit basketball game, rugby match (is it a match? game? meet? whatevs).  and will be going to a swimming meet.  whoa, that’s a lot of sports for this girl.  a lot of high school sports.  i feel old.  these kids look like pups.  and are tiny.  tiny pups.  ugh.

we will attend another gala.  but, i do have a cute new dress to wear, so i’m a happy girl.  ooh, and new heels.  yes!

we have been planning fun things to do with our guests next week {happy dance} and they, surprise surprise, all revolve around food.  that’s what you get when this girl likes to eat.

i’ve worked out.  hard.  trying to make up for being sick last week and not working out.  and now it’s hard to walk. ooph.

i almost touched stanley.  the gecko.  that lives in my backyard.  he comes out when it’s warm and suns himself.  i’m afraid he’s going to bite me.  i know he doesn’t have teeth, but it still spooks me.  and then k reminded me last night that i petted a 17 ft. tall giraffe and i should not be afraid of a gecko.  ha, then you pet stanley!  i think i’ll make dw pet stanley when he gets here next week.  there’s no way stanley can get his mouth wide enough to bite dw’s sausage-linky fingers (love you, dad).

i’ve been working on a few projects for around the house.  and i’ve planned another one for this weekend.  i’ll post pictures next week.  you should all be sitting on the edge of your seats with anticipation.

we will be hitting a few antique stores.  i’m trying to find the perfect piece of furniture for the back hallway.  i’m also on the hunt for a new tea-cup to add to my collection.  my weekend project just might be a new way to showcase my tea-cup collection.  like i said, edge of your seats, folks.

we will be washing the zoo.  they smell.  and elvis’ fur is a lovely shade of dingy.  i’ll try to take pictures, but i make no promises.  last time i turned my head for a second, elvis got out of the tub and went streaking through the house covered in shampoo.  not funny. well, ok it was absolutely hilarious.  elvis couldn’t get any traction because his little paws were soapy and he was sliding and running into things left and right.  and when he can’t get traction, his head bobs up and down trying to get enough momentum to throw his little body forward.  haha.  hmmmm, maybe i’ll have to “look away” for a bit just to reenact this hilariousness (check it, it’s a word).

so, what have you been up to this week?  i bet it is nowhere near as exciting as my week.  haha.  prove me wrong, go ahead.

And, I’d like to throw in a quick countdown recap (in case any of you are keeping track…which I know you are because your days revolve around what’s going on in {d&k}s lives, hehe):

7 Days until my parents arrive in the big D

8 Days until my bestest arrives in the big D

40 Days until my lil sis arrives in the big D


Enjoy your day,