I think they know

I think the zoo knows {d&k} are having a baby.  I mean, I had “the talk” with them right after we found out.  You know…the talk.  The one where they find out they are becoming big siblings.  Yeah, that talk.  And, they all seemed excited about it.  Uma kept getting distracted by a piece of lint blowing across the floor, but that’s to be expected.  It’s Uma.

Other than Uma, everyone handled it pretty well.  I’m actually not worried about the pups at all.  They adore kids.  When S was in town with her son, Pax, the pugs would lay outside his door until he fell asleep and they’d be right back there the next morning until he got up.  It was so cute.  When Pax was little, a pug guarded him in his carrier at all times.  Usually there was a pug on either side of him.  If one pug needed a drink, the other would stand at attention until the other pug came back.  They are ready.  And, as for Uma, she is clueless.  All.the.time.  So, she’ll be super excited every day she sees the baby.  Maybe she has short-term memory loss?  Each day is a brand new day to her.  Hmmm.  That could explain so many things.  It could also help me to understand why she hits her head on the back door handle every day, enough to give herself a bump and scar.

Anyways…So, the reason I think the zoo knows that we are having a baby is because they have all become a little extra cuddly lately.  Everyone wants to sleep on me.  Really, ON me.  Not just a head or paw touching me like they usually do.  Nope.  Entire pug/pugeranian/dog-cat body ON me.  Sometimes there are 3 animals that NEED to be on me.  Right now, mom.  Maybe they feel they need to get their cuddles in before the baby gets here.  I don’t know.  But it is definitely a new thing.  Oskar has been laying across my belly at night while I’m in bed and I think he’s crushing the baby.  She normally moves around a lot before I go to bed.  I think she’s having a late night (haha, late night = 9:30 for this girl) dance party in there.  Anyways, the last few nights while Oskar has been on me, no dance party.  I really think his little 20 pound body is crushing her.

And, as for the cats, they keep bringing me things.  Usually cat toys.  And, they are called dog-cats for a reason.  The two of them play fetch all the time.  But now, they aren’t bringing me the toys to throw.  They are little, slim-filled gifts.  Maybe for the baby?  I did wake up the other day with a cat toy on my belly.  Yep, that’s right.  And, it was under the covers.  How did a cat get the toy onto the bed and strategically place the toy under the covers on my ever-growing belly, that not too many things can balance on?!?  They must have had this feat planned out for a while.  As soon as I woke up and threw the covers off, I just started laughing. I actually had to wake K up to tell him because it was that funny.  Why do I have these furry little weirdos?!

So, what do you think?  Do you think my zoo knows?  If any of you have kids and a zoo, did your zoo act crazy too?

Enjoy your day,


Doppleganger Elvis

This is creepy. Prepare yourself.

Have you ever google imaged your dog?  No?  Really?!  Just me?!  Huh.

Anyways, do it.  It’s creepy.

Here’s a picture of Elvis…

Here’s what I found when I googled “dog breed pug pomeranian”…


Okay, isn’t that creepy?!  I mean, Elvis was an “oops” puppy.  Who knew there were more out there that look exactly like him?!

Now, I have no idea what made me ask k to google pugeranians, but I’m glad we did.  I think I should contact these people and see if we can get a pugeranian play group together.  I wonder if the pups would panic a little.  Think they are looking in a mirror.  Not know what to do?!

I wonder:

when these doppleganger Elvis’ run, do their tails straighten out to make them more aerodynamic?

if they have high-pitched, squeaky barks?

if they yip?  All.the.time?

do they eat anything you drop on the floor?  Including lettuce?

do they love to swim in baby pools?

I think I need to meet these guys.  I have a lot of unanswered questions!

Now, your homework for today is to google image your dog’s breed and report back to me with your findings!  GO!

Enjoy your day,

I swear that door was just open a minute ago…

Ever walked into a screen door?  You have?  Well, don’t feel so bad.  Almost every member of {d&k}s zoo has too.  This weekend.  In fact, it may have all happened in the same day.

Our french doors leading from the family room to the backyard did not have a screen door and it’s been so nice here that I told k I wish I could open those doors to get some fresh air in.  So, k jumps at the opportunity to be handy and takes off for Home Depot. He comes home with a lovely new sliding screen door and puts them up in no time.  We had the doors open, a nice breeze was coming in, and everything was wonderful.

Until I let the pups out.

That’s not the bad part.

The bad part is when I tried to let the pups in.

I was standing at the screen door, calling them, getting ready to open it when Elvis comes barreling around the corner of the house, full speed, and slams right into the screen door, tearing the screen at the bottom.  Then he stands there, shakes his head, and tried to come through it.  Again.

Meanwhile, k is yelling at me because I didn’t have the door open.  I don’t want bugs in the house.  I though the pugeranian might be smart enough to know when the door is open or closed and not try to run right through it.  I was wrong.  And k was mad.

So, take #2.  Again, all the pups are outside and it’s dark out now.  I call the pups and this time Uma (the greyhound.  the 75 pound, all muscle greyhound) comes running around the corner.

And straight through the screen.

And into the family room.

And then the yelling began.  K was really mad that time.  Again, I thought I had time in between calling them and opening the door.  Apparently not.

Now, Uma is very cautious when coming in or out of the door.  She stands there and hesitates for a minute, just to make sure the screen is open. Ha.  Too bad it took her running through it and k yelling to understand the difference between an open and closed door.

I’m pretty sure another one of the zoo members went through the screen at some point, but since it was completely torn across the bottom and up the side, who knows who or what came and went as they pleased.

So, today k is out buying a dog-strength screen to replace the current screen.  Fingers crossed that no more members of the zoo go through the screen and that k doesn’t have to yell anymore.  Fingers crossed.


Enjoy your day,



Moving Right Along…

Yes, yes we have been moving right along. Almost all of the packing is done except for a few randoms in each room that will inevitably be thrown into one box, most likely labeled “master bedroom”. I started off really well with the whole packing-in-an-organized-manner-to-make-it-easier-to-unpack theory. Then stress and fear of not finishing in time sunk in. So the packing now is more like throw a handful of items in a box (doesn’t matter from what room) and label “master bedroom”. I branched out and even labeled some boxes “living room”. There were even a few times during my fury of packing evenings I almost packed up a cat. Good thing I gave those boxes one more look before taping! That’s one way to get Charlie there.

Last night we also took a very romantical (trust me, it’s a word…just look it up in the Dictionary-o-Dani) mini date. We started by catching the last hour of the UT women’s basketball game, where we sat in front of the most frightening fans evah! I was scared for my life. Then, we went to a very fancy, gourmet restaurant called Jimmy Johns and oh-so-sweetly wolfed down our food. I’m pretty sure the employees thought we hadn’t eaten in days! Hot. Let me tell you. And then we went home, I worked on my last Etsy order and k removed the shelves in the kitchen. And friends, that’s date night. It’s how we roll. Try not to be jealous.

In other news, today is my last day physically at my office. For those of you that don’t know, I will be keeping my job and working from home in Dallas. I can see it now…me in my pjs with a pugeranian snuggled up to my left, a pug on my right, and a dog-cat on my lap with the computer. That’s what it looks like in my head anyways. In reality it will be me on the couch (because, who really works from their desk at home?) in the middle of an epic battle between The Puffy-Tailed Pugeranian, The Snot-Nosed Grumpy Pug, and Charles the Dog-Cat Mullan!!!!!! (imagine those were all said in k’s announcer voice for added drama). I would be hunched over the computer, protecting it, flailing my legs to keep the animals away, all while trying to protect my head because for some reason, during epic battles, the animals use my head as home base. And, let’s just hope no one comes to the door while I’m working from home, in my pjs, now with a ratty nest of hair that the dogs so lovingly helped me style. Hmmm, maybe this whole working from home thing sounds a little better in my head.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and our last big par-tay before leaving on Sunday. We will be going to 3 (yes THREE) dinners and will probably eat so much we’ll want to explode, but not enough to keep me from wanting a snack when we get home. Just a little one. Maybe a bag of popcorn? I mean, not the whole bag…k will eat a handful to make me feel better about eating the entire bag. We are very excited to see all of our family and spend time with everyone before we leave. But, it comes with a warning: if there are tears, I WILL punch you in the face. No tears. I am super emotional and do not want to cry, thankyouverymuch. So, just to summarize for you…TEARS = PUNCH IN FACE. Questions?

Enjoy your day,