Bulls, grapes, and basketball

Can you believe it….3 blog posts in a row!  I’m on a roll!  But, I should stop before I jinx myself.

So, in the last post I mentioned how behind I am in our October and Halloween pictures.  Well, don’t worry, I’m here to post those today.

First, {d&k} went to a Mavs game last weekend and had a great time.  I’ve never been to an NBA game before and it was a lot of fun!  The arena was huge and very nice.  It was a pre-season game so it wasn’t very busy so we were able to wander around without the craziness of a large crowd.  And, I sort of wish we wouldn’t have eaten dinner before.  There was so much good food there!  Oh well, next time.


Next up, Halloween!
So, in Texas, there are no specified times for trick-or-treating. That is weird to us because in Ohio, there are designated times per city and sometimes even neighborhood. For example, trick-or-treating might be held from 6:30-8 or 7-8:30. Here, nothing. It’s just a free for all. I was a little worried that 1, we would run out of candy early since our neighborhood is centered around an elementary school and the majority of kids that go there live in the neighborhood and 2, since there were no designated times I was worried we’d be handing out candy all night.

The trick-or-treaters started coming to the house around 7 and didn’t stop (well, we stopped because we were out of candy) at 9:30! Some of the kids were so tired. The parents were literally dragging them from house to house. That’s too late for those little ones to be out trick-or-treating. I think the parents just wanted more candy.

Despite that, we had a great Halloween. We had friends over for dinner and they helped pass out candy. It was beautiful out, around 80, so we sat on the front porch eating our dessert and passing out candy. While we were eating dinner, we were in the dining room and we’d get up to pass out candy when a kid knocked on the door. There were a lot of kids dressed as werewolves this Halloween and 2 in particular were very scary. Our front door has a window at the top that just happened to be the perfect height for these werewolf heads. We heard the knock and went to answer the door and as soon as we turned the corner all four of us stopped because there was a very frightening werewolf staring at us through the window! Haha. This happened again later that night when a kid was wearing a Scream mask. Haha.

We also dressed the pups up for a little bit. Mostly just to get a laugh and a few pictures.

Elvis is a bull, complete with bull rider on his back that moves when he runs! Hilarious! And poor, grumpy, old Oskar is a bunch of grapes. Doesn’t he look adorable?! I love that these guys don’t mind being dressed up to humor their mom. I’m a great parent like that!


I hope you had a great Halloween and a fantastic October.  Now, let’s see what kind of adventures {d&k} can get themselves into this November!

Enjoy your day,


The Voice is BACK!

That’s right.  K, aka the voice, is back!

For those of you that don’t know, before we moved to the Big D, k sort of ruled the microphone in good old T-town.  He was the public address announcer for the University of Toledo Men’s & Women’s basketball and football and for the Toledo Mud Hens baseball team.  He also did a lot of announcing for the high school he used to work for, and even got called up to the “big leagues” to announce Detroit Tiger’s baseball games and a Detroit Lion’s football game.

K is kind of a big deal, people.

Haha, that’s hard to say without laughing.  K will even admit that.

But, in all honesty, he’s fantastic at what he does and he’s worked very hard to get there.

Well, after moving down here, he decided to take a little break from announcing and get his free time back.  Football and basketball aren’t too time-consuming, but baseball is ridiculous!  He was never home!

After almost a year off, he is back at it!  K is the announcer/emcee for SMU (Southern Methodist University)!!  He had his first game of the season on Saturday and he did a great job.  He had a ton of fun and he’s so happy he’s back at it again.  His game this weekend is against Texas A&M…so exciting!!  This is a huge game and the exposure will be so good for him (and his voice).  Go buddy, go!!

Congratulations, k!  The zoo and I are so proud of you!  Now, stop talking for a bit and save your voice 😉

Enjoy your day,

K’s bday photos

I know, I know.  These are long overdue.  Since coming back to Ohio, I’ve fallen into the busy, running around like crazy life I left 6 months ago.  Finding the time to blog has not been easy.  But, I’m back and I have lots to share with you.  You are in for a treat, my friends.

Now, onto the long overdue photos of k’s birthday!

Here is k with his bright, shiny new toy car.



And, I made k play a little basketball before work to show off his new hoop (and car, all in one photo, thankyouverymuch).



Here is k at the store, picking out his basketball hoop.  I had no idea what kind of hoop he would want so, being the awesome wife that I am, I let him pick it out himself.  Go me!  And, go k for picking out a great hoop!



Here, Big E and k are trying to put together the hoop.  I’m not sure if they were actually working or playing tug-of-war with all the pieces.  I’m actually quite impressed that the hoop is still standing and that all the pieces were used.  You never know what you’re going to get when these two are involved.



Here’s k putting on the final touch…the net.  Yay!  Happy birthday, k!  I hope you are enjoying your new car and basketball hoop!


Enjoy your day,

What have {d&k} been up to?

I’m glad you asked!  {d&k} have been very, very busy the last few days…

{d&k} celebrated k’s birthday on Friday.  And d’s brother, Big E, was in town.  First, {d&k} went to pick up k’s first birthday present….a new car! (Said in my best Price is Right announcer voice.)  We had been wanting to trade in k’s car for a while and had been shopping around a bit when we found a cute little, black Nissan Altima that was perfect for us.  So, Friday we stopped by the dealership to sign the final paperwork and take her home.  Yay!

Next, we all went to pick up k’s second birthday present…a new basketball hoop!  (Again, announcer voice).  He’s been wanting one for awhile and I was waiting for the perfect time to give it to him and since he’s been playing basketball 3 times a week at the school, I thought this was it!  Well, I don’t know anything about basketball hoops, backboard style and size, and all of that.  So, my best option was to take k to pick it out.  Not very much fun to “open” though.  But, I did wrap up a new basketball that the pugs so lovingly picked out and had him open that before we picked out the hoop. 

After shopping, we all went out for Mexican (what else?!) and then went back home to put the hoop together.  Big E and k spent about 2 hours putting the hoop together and then another 2 hours playing on it.  They didn’t come in until 1am!  I think they had a blast.  The remainder of the weekend’s free time was spent playing basketball.  Yay for a great gift idea!

Before we got to enjoy k’s birthday weekend, we had the “pleasure” of trying to register our cars and get new Texas driver’s licenses.  What a horrible, horrible, time we had.  First, I googled where to go for a new driver’s license and it sent us to the DMV location nearest us (which wasn’t really that near).  When we got there (before it opens) and waited in line, the women at the desk tells us we are in the wrong place and that we have to go to the other end of town.  Ok, then what exactly are these other 20 people waiting in line for?  What does the DMV in Texas do?!? 

Then we drive across town (and it’s Dallas, so it is not a short trip) to the Department of Public Safety and we wait in a really, really long line, only to find out we have to have our cars registered before we can get our licenses.  What?!  Then we tell the lady that the website first sent us to the DMV and didn’t say anything about registering your car first and she said, “Oh yeah, the website is wrong.”  Thanks, lady.  You’re very helpful.  And so it your WRONG website.  Ugh. 

So, back in the car we went.  We drove across town (closer to where we live) again and went to register our cars.  Thankfully, the line wasn’t that long and the lady that helped us was very nice (something we had not been used to thus far).  Now that we had already wasted 4 hours, over 2 days trying to get this stuff done, it was time to go back to get our licenses.  We waited until Friday morning to do this, so we could get there at 7:30, before they opened at 8am, and get in line.  Well, a line was waiting for us.  We were probably 25 people deep, oi.  So we wait, and wait, and wait.  Finally get in the door and “check in”, only to wait more.  We’re finally called back and have to show our Ohio id’s, our birth certificates, social security cards, and practically give them blood for them to believe it’s us, before they give us a Texas license.  I’m confused by this.  People can walk into a store and buy a gun and go to war with less documentation.  And, after all of that, they gave us an 8.5×11 sheet of paper with what our license will look like until we get it in the mail.  Seriously?  So after 6.5 hours over 3 days, we get a piece of paper?!  You should have seen us trying to get into a bar on Saturday night to celebrate k’s b-day.  They looked at us like we were nuts with this huge sheet of paper, trying to pass it off as our id.  Then, even though our picture is on it, they didn’t believe us, so we had to show them something else with our picture on it.  Well, the only other thing we had were our Costco cards.  Haha.  They eventually let us in.  Good Lord!  And, I was terrified to try to go through airport security with that, which of course, was no problem at all.  Strange? Yes.  No, you can’t come into my hole-in-the-wall-bar, but sure, hop on a plane across the country.  Enjoy your flight!

And, that transitions me into…we are back in Ohio!  {d&k} are back home visiting friends & family, and d has 4 weddings to coordinate {happy dance}.  I’m already missing my zoo, but they are in good hands.  I just hope they are behaving.  Sneaky little weasels. 


So, that is what we’ve been up to.  I have pictures of k’s birthday, and I’ll post those soon. 


Enjoy your day,


This week…

This week…

has been busy.  work is busy.  busy busy.

we’ve been to a Jesuit basketball game, rugby match (is it a match? game? meet? whatevs).  and will be going to a swimming meet.  whoa, that’s a lot of sports for this girl.  a lot of high school sports.  i feel old.  these kids look like pups.  and are tiny.  tiny pups.  ugh.

we will attend another gala.  but, i do have a cute new dress to wear, so i’m a happy girl.  ooh, and new heels.  yes!

we have been planning fun things to do with our guests next week {happy dance} and they, surprise surprise, all revolve around food.  that’s what you get when this girl likes to eat.

i’ve worked out.  hard.  trying to make up for being sick last week and not working out.  and now it’s hard to walk. ooph.

i almost touched stanley.  the gecko.  that lives in my backyard.  he comes out when it’s warm and suns himself.  i’m afraid he’s going to bite me.  i know he doesn’t have teeth, but it still spooks me.  and then k reminded me last night that i petted a 17 ft. tall giraffe and i should not be afraid of a gecko.  ha, then you pet stanley!  i think i’ll make dw pet stanley when he gets here next week.  there’s no way stanley can get his mouth wide enough to bite dw’s sausage-linky fingers (love you, dad).

i’ve been working on a few projects for around the house.  and i’ve planned another one for this weekend.  i’ll post pictures next week.  you should all be sitting on the edge of your seats with anticipation.

we will be hitting a few antique stores.  i’m trying to find the perfect piece of furniture for the back hallway.  i’m also on the hunt for a new tea-cup to add to my collection.  my weekend project just might be a new way to showcase my tea-cup collection.  like i said, edge of your seats, folks.

we will be washing the zoo.  they smell.  and elvis’ fur is a lovely shade of dingy.  i’ll try to take pictures, but i make no promises.  last time i turned my head for a second, elvis got out of the tub and went streaking through the house covered in shampoo.  not funny. well, ok it was absolutely hilarious.  elvis couldn’t get any traction because his little paws were soapy and he was sliding and running into things left and right.  and when he can’t get traction, his head bobs up and down trying to get enough momentum to throw his little body forward.  haha.  hmmmm, maybe i’ll have to “look away” for a bit just to reenact this hilariousness (check it, it’s a word).

so, what have you been up to this week?  i bet it is nowhere near as exciting as my week.  haha.  prove me wrong, go ahead.

And, I’d like to throw in a quick countdown recap (in case any of you are keeping track…which I know you are because your days revolve around what’s going on in {d&k}s lives, hehe):

7 Days until my parents arrive in the big D

8 Days until my bestest arrives in the big D

40 Days until my lil sis arrives in the big D


Enjoy your day,

What k has taught me, Vol. 2

Hello friends!  I learned a few more things from k during our drive to San Antonio over the weekend.  Are you ready for this?  I’m not sure you are.  In fact, sometimes even I am not ready for some of the things k says.  You may want to write these down.

As said by k:  Given our recent discovery regarding the ineffectiveness of punches when the attackee nuzzles the fist,  please note that if in the case you are the attacker, it is most effective to wait for the attackee to go to sleep or pass out before attacking, because then they can’t nuzzle.  You’re welcome, people.

As said by k:  I have now learned why d is not good at shooting free throws in basketball…

They say your follow through is supposed to be like reaching for a cookie in a cookie jar.  K is pretty good at free throws because he reaches up to the cookie jar on the top shelf, his arm straight up in the air, his hand arched over, gently reaching in and grabbing a single cookie.

D on the other hand knocks the cookie jar on the ground and attacks it like a hungry badger.  That is why d is not good at shooting free throws.

As said by d (right now):  If you gave me the choice of gently reaching into a cookie jar and grabbing 1 stinking cookie, or knocking the cookie jar to the ground and grabbing as many cookies as my little paws (oh who I am kidding, man hands) can grab, you know which one I’m going to choose.   Hungry badger, people.  I am always the hungry badger.

But, I will point out, in our last game of PIG, I won.  Yep, that’s right.  This little hungry badger kicked the snot out of k’s game of PIG.  Woop, woop.

Stayed tuned for more What K Has Taught Me.  You know there will be more.  K seems to be full of “important” life lessons.  Very, very “important”.

Enjoy your day,

Moving Right Along…

Yes, yes we have been moving right along. Almost all of the packing is done except for a few randoms in each room that will inevitably be thrown into one box, most likely labeled “master bedroom”. I started off really well with the whole packing-in-an-organized-manner-to-make-it-easier-to-unpack theory. Then stress and fear of not finishing in time sunk in. So the packing now is more like throw a handful of items in a box (doesn’t matter from what room) and label “master bedroom”. I branched out and even labeled some boxes “living room”. There were even a few times during my fury of packing evenings I almost packed up a cat. Good thing I gave those boxes one more look before taping! That’s one way to get Charlie there.

Last night we also took a very romantical (trust me, it’s a word…just look it up in the Dictionary-o-Dani) mini date. We started by catching the last hour of the UT women’s basketball game, where we sat in front of the most frightening fans evah! I was scared for my life. Then, we went to a very fancy, gourmet restaurant called Jimmy Johns and oh-so-sweetly wolfed down our food. I’m pretty sure the employees thought we hadn’t eaten in days! Hot. Let me tell you. And then we went home, I worked on my last Etsy order and k removed the shelves in the kitchen. And friends, that’s date night. It’s how we roll. Try not to be jealous.

In other news, today is my last day physically at my office. For those of you that don’t know, I will be keeping my job and working from home in Dallas. I can see it now…me in my pjs with a pugeranian snuggled up to my left, a pug on my right, and a dog-cat on my lap with the computer. That’s what it looks like in my head anyways. In reality it will be me on the couch (because, who really works from their desk at home?) in the middle of an epic battle between The Puffy-Tailed Pugeranian, The Snot-Nosed Grumpy Pug, and Charles the Dog-Cat Mullan!!!!!! (imagine those were all said in k’s announcer voice for added drama). I would be hunched over the computer, protecting it, flailing my legs to keep the animals away, all while trying to protect my head because for some reason, during epic battles, the animals use my head as home base. And, let’s just hope no one comes to the door while I’m working from home, in my pjs, now with a ratty nest of hair that the dogs so lovingly helped me style. Hmmm, maybe this whole working from home thing sounds a little better in my head.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and our last big par-tay before leaving on Sunday. We will be going to 3 (yes THREE) dinners and will probably eat so much we’ll want to explode, but not enough to keep me from wanting a snack when we get home. Just a little one. Maybe a bag of popcorn? I mean, not the whole bag…k will eat a handful to make me feel better about eating the entire bag. We are very excited to see all of our family and spend time with everyone before we leave. But, it comes with a warning: if there are tears, I WILL punch you in the face. No tears. I am super emotional and do not want to cry, thankyouverymuch. So, just to summarize for you…TEARS = PUNCH IN FACE. Questions?

Enjoy your day,