K’s new toy and the pug that is afraid of it…

K brought home a Roomba sweeper the other day.  He thought it would be helpful to run it while I was in my office working and that thing could sweep the living room, hallways, and kitchen.

He was so excited for this new “toy.”  I wasn’t quite sold on the thing.

It was frustrating because it doesn’t have a set path it takes.  It doesn’t go around the perimeter and memorize the room.  It just sort of goes and when it bumps into something, it redirects.  Well, if you are not watching it, that’s fine.  However, it will drive you mad if you are watching it because you can see a giant clump of cat fur on the ground and the stupid thing will circle it and then go off in a different direction, never picking up the car fur.  Now, it does come back to it…eventually.

We decided to let the Roomba run while we took the pups on a walk.  I was surprised to find the living room floor spotless when we came back.  And, the nice thing is that if can fit under the couch to get all the fur that hides under there.  So, I’m feeling a little better about the thing now.

The pups, however, hate it.  So do the dog-cats.  Except for Oskar.  He could care less.  I’m guessing because he can’t really hear it.  He’ll walk right up to it, while it’s moving, and sniff it, snort on it, kick his back legs at it, and walk away.  Elvis and Uma just hide.  Uma does her deer-on-ice skit while sliding down the hall.  Elvis thinks it is going to steal his toys so he makes a mad dash to his toy basket, picks up a toy, and then runs it down the hall to the office where it is “safe.”  Then, when the coast is clear, aka – the Roomba is at least 10 feet from the toy basket, he makes another trip out there to save the next toy at risk.  Meanwhile, there is a massive toy pile collecting in the office.  Uma is rifling through it to find a “good one” and Oskar is sleeping.  Uma gives Elvis a look when he gets back, sort of like you-didn’t-get-my-favorite-toy-jerk-and-if-you-don’t-go-back-out-there-I-will-eat-you-while-you’re-sleeping.  So, Elvis, fearing for his life, runs back out there to find Uma’s favorite toy.  Which just happens to be the size of Elvis.  This was my favorite part of the day.  Watching Elvis trying to carry “dog” back to the office by the ear, dragging it on the floor, all while trying to look behind him to make sure the big, scary, noisy, monster isn’t on his tail.  Literally.

These animals are ridiculous.  I’m ridiculous because I have a post dedicated to how terrified my pug is of the vacuum.  Wow.  But, it’s entertaining.  That’s all I’ve got.

So, not only are my floors clean, but my dogs are terrified and entertaining.  I love it!

Are your dogs terrified of the vacuum?  Or anything else around your house?

We just discovered that Elvis is deathly afraid of feathers (the little ones that come out of the pillows) and straws.  Yep, drinking straws.  If you tilt the straw towards him he panics and hides.  Wow.  I’m really glad we have two other dogs to protect us from possible intruders.  Man, if burglars show up with a feather and a straw (not even a whole bag of them, just one) Elvis is going to have a heart attack.  Help.

Thanks for stopping by!

Enjoy your day,


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