Weekend plans…

…were rained out.  Booooo.

So, that means I didn’t get to refinish any of my furniture or use my new sander.  Boo.

And, I did not get to reorganize my office because I could not find the shelving I wanted.  However, k found something better…


6 giant fruit crates from our local market.  For FREE!  Yep, that’s right.  Go K, go!  I have been wanting these smaller wooden crates from JoAnn’s but I didn’t want to spend that much money on them.  I wanted to stack them up and build shelves/cubbies.  Well, I didn’t want to spend $12 on each crate, so k and I went looking around for something similar.  Well, after we couldn’t find anything, k hopped on the internet and searched for fruit crates but we couldn’t find anything less than $10/crate.  That was still more than I wanted to pay.  Then, k had his brilliant idea and called over to our market.  They said they get tons of fruit crates in and if they can’t use them for displays, they throw them out.  k found out they had 6 crates that they were planning on getting rid of and k said we’d take them.  We drove right over and loaded up my car with these 6 awesome crates.  Good job, k!!  My plan for these puppies is to build 3 together to make a bookcase.  I need to sand and stain or paint them too.  This is my labor day weekend project! Wahoo!  And, now I will have 2 new, huge, bookcases that cost me nothing.  How great is that?!

So, even though my weekend projects were rained out, I now have those and a new project to look forward to this weekend.

Aside from that, we were really boring this weekend.  We stayed in and watched movies all weekend.  d didn’t feel good, plus it was raining, so it made for a good weekend to lay around.  We did venture out to take the pups to the dog park pond.  Elvis made a new friend that kept stealing his toy.  We had to wait for this pup to be distracted by something else before we could throw Elvis’ toy into the pond.  And, Elvis wouldn’t let his toy out of his sight.  If another dog came near him while he was holding his toy in his mouth, he would growl.  It was really amusing.  He’s very protective of his toys.  This is how he rode in the car on the way home…

He wanted to make sure no one touched his toy…not even his brother or sister.  Goofy dog.

The pups were pretty exhausted the rest of the day.  Swimming in the pond takes a lot out of them.  When we settled in on the couch for the night, this is what I found…


I’m not exactly sure why dog-cat#2 was tired.  He spends all day in that exact spot, looking out the window.  But, he did made for a good cuddle buddy.  And Elvis makes for a good foot stool, according to Oskar.





That’s about all the excitement our weekend held.  How was yours?  Did you do anything exciting?

Enjoy your day,






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