Our Week in Photos

I left out a few pictures from the last post, so I thought I’d show you them here, along with a few others.  Enjoy!!

  {d&k} are really.really excited about the weather in January!  Really excited.  (Except for today because it’s 45*.  Not cool, Texas. Not cool).

  Yay!  Our first Texas gecko!!  I named him Stanley.  I love new pets (just don’t tell k)!!


The pugs created a little bed pile, {d&k} like to call Mega Bed, and cuddled up for a nice nap.  Then, Mega Bed started to collapse and pugs began rolling down their beds.  But, fear not, neither pug realized this and didn’t miss any sleep.  Oh to be a pug.

  Not only to {d&k} bust out random dance party moves, we also break out random shadow puppets.  Oh yeah, go dog, go!  Be jealous of my mad shadow puppet skills.

  This is Charlie’s new favorite spot to hang out.  I don’t mind, except when I don’t know that he is up there and he jumps onto the couch and lands next to me.  Jump.out.of.my.skin.  Thanks, Charlie.

  K, the deer is staring at me again!!

  Here is the view from the tower restaurant we went to over the weekend.  You can see the downtown Dallas buildings out the window and then the reflection of the kitchen in the window.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what we’ve been up to lately.  Sadly, most of the pictures are of the zoo, but that’s our life!

Stayed tuned for my next post…Recipes!  I have a crock pot mac n’ cheese and corn bread coming your way!

Enjoy your day,


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