Charlie, The Sneaky Little Hoarder

Charlie is a hoarder.  I’m pretty sure someone from the tv show will read this and want to come film Charlie’s house box.

Yes, Charlie spends the majority of time in his box.  Not his litter box.  Nope, an actual cardboard box filled with packing paper.  It is on the floor of my office and if I can’t find him, that’s usually where he is.  I also cannot move the box.  If I touch the box, no matter how quiet I am or where he is in the house, he will come galloping down the hall, letting out his weird roar-like noises, and pounce into the box, forcing me to drop it.  Mine. All mine.

Lately, he has been hoarding things in there.  Yesterday, I found THREE of my nail files.  I didn’t even know I had THREE nail files!

I stole MY nail files back and replaced them with a pencil.  He was not thrilled about the swap.  But, this morning when I went into my office, guess how many pencils were in his box?!  FOUR!  Four pencils.  That means, he was on my desk, digging through my writing utensil holder, through the pens and pencils, letter opener, scissors, to find his little treasures.  He had all sorts of pencils.  There was the original No. 2 pencil I gave him (I don’t have a pencil sharpener and No. 2 pencils keep popping up around the house.  Ghosts?  Do ghosts drop pencils to let you know they’ve been there?  I think I was secretly hoping Charlie would sharpen my pencil with his razor-sharp teeth.), 2 mechanical pencils, and a grease pencil.  What was he planning on doing with all of these?  Possibly decorating the inside of the boring house box?!  Planning and writing down his next attack or escape?!  I know he’s plotting to kill us in our sleep.  I just didn’t know it would be so soon.  I thought we had a least a few more years together.

I’m curious what will be in his box tomorrow.  Dog toys?  No, those are too big.  Hair ties?  No, he’d rather drop those in the dog’s water dish so I can never use them again.  (This is how he’s slowly taking me down, folks.  Grossing me out, one dog-slimed hair tie at a time).  Bookmarks?  Hmmm…maybe.  We shall see.

I will keep you updated.  I know you are dying to find out what’s in Charlie’s box tomorrow.  This could be an ongoing post, people.


Enjoy your day,


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