K’s birthday

Hey everyone!

K’s birthday celebration weekend was fantastic!  We had a great time all weekend together.  I love K’s birthday more than my own, so by Thursday I was chomping at the bit to give him his birthday presents.  I bought them weeks before and they were sitting there in my office, taunting me everyday.  I’m actually surprised I managed to wait until two days before his birthday to give in.  And, I decided to give K his gifts early due to a little conversation we had in the car Thursday on the way home from dinner.  It went a little something like this:

{Justin Timberlake song playing on the radio}
K – Did you know JT is coming to American Airlines Center?
D – No way!  Really?  When?
K – In December.  His tickets sold out in 25 minutes!!
D – Oh man, that’s crazy.  Well, looks like we’ll have to catch him next time around.  I didn’t even know he was going to be in town.
K – Yeah.  Everyone at work was talking about how they tried to get tickets but they sold out so fast.
D – Well, it is JT.  What can you do?!

{D&K arrive home minutes later.}
D – Ok, so I feel like I should give you one of your presents early.
K – Ooookkkkkkk.  You know I won’t say no.
D – Ok, here you go.  I thought that since we recently had a conversation about this, it was appropriate to give you it now.
K – {Opening a small envelope containing 2 tickets to see Justin Timberlake at American Airlines Center in December.}  WHAT?  HOLY COW!!  How did you get these?!
{K running over to hug D.}
K – Seriously…how did you get these?  They sold out in 25 minutes.  You are the best wife ever.

Hehe, I am the best wife ever!  I saw a friend’s Facebook post about scoring tickets to the JT concert.  Someone commented asking how she got them early.  She said she signed up to be on the mailing list and they gave her a special code for presale tickets.  Ok, don’t mind if I do.  At that time, I didn’t even know he was on tour in Dallas or when the show was.  So, I hopped on his website and did a little research.  I found out he’d be here in December and that day his tickets went up for presale with the special code.  So, I signed up for the newsletter and got my code.  Then, I sat on the stupid Ticketmaster website for about half the day, hitting refresh every few minutes trying to get tickets.  Ugh.  It was painful and pretty much impossible.  Eventually, the website switched to “sold out.”  Sniff.  Then, I notice on the website that you can purchase presale tickets the next day if you use your MasterCard.  Apparently, MasterCard is sponsoring JT and had a set amount of presale tickets set aside.  Our bank card is a MasterCard, but I wasn’t planning on using that to buy the tickets because I didn’t want K to see if he logged into to check the bank account.  But, if I wanted these tickets, that was my only way.  I knew if I waited for the tickets to go on sale for everyone, I wouldn’t be able to get any.  So, I got up early the next day and tried again.  Again, I sat at the computer hitting refresh, waiting for tickets.  Finally, in the second tier of tickets (I was hoping for the cheap seats, haha), some opened up and I scooped them up.  Just as I’m about to enter my credit card info, I get an error message, saying that Ticketmaster’s website is experiencing technical difficulties and to try again.  NOOOOOOO!  This basically happened about 5 more times.  I almost gave up.  Then, on my next try, those tickets were still available and I was able to enter my credit card info without any error messages.  Success!  I just scored 2 tickets for my baby for his birthday.  YES!  Best wife ever.  Then, panic set in.  I quickly went on to our bank website to check the account to see how the purchase showed up on there.  Sure enough, it said “Justin Timberlake” on there.  Crap.  Now what?!  This was almost 2 weeks before his birthday.  How was I going to keep him from looking at the bank account?!  So, I sent K a text telling him that if he looked at the bank account anytime before his birthday, I would cut off both hands, which would inevitably leave him unable to speak (because he talks with his hands, hehe).  He agreed to stay away from the bank account, but I was paranoid for those 2 weeks.  Then, on that Thursday before his birthday when he brought up JT’s concert, I almost died.  I thought for sure he had logged onto the bank account and saw my purchase.  But, he was a good boy and he did not log on at all.  He had no idea what I was up to and was honestly surprise.  YES!

So, that is my story about how I got K a fantastic birthday present.  I probably should have mentioned that K LOVES JT.  I mean LOVES him.  So, this will be an awesome show to take K to.  I cannot wait.

So, since I gave K his gifts early, Saturday (his actual birthday) wasn’t as exciting since he had nothing to open.  We made the best of it though.  K volunteered that morning, serving breakfast to the homeless.  Yes, how sweet is my husband that he volunteers on his birthday?!  Love him!  Then, we went out to lunch for pizza at Grimaldi’s.  (If you haven’t been here, go. Now.  So.good).  And, we spent the rest of the afternoon driving around Dallas looking at multi-million dollar homes.  There are so, so many.  It is so much fun and really depressing at the same time, haha.  Then, we headed up to Frisco to a Roughriders baseball game, in the 95 degree heat.  Too bad they didn’t win.  I think we are bad luck.  That’s our 3rd RRs game and they’ve lost all 3.  Get it together, boys.  All in all, it was a pretty good birthday.  We had a ton of fun and spent the next day sleeping in and catching up on sleep.  Happy birthday weekend, K!


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Hellooooooo, Rob!

The bestest and I are super pumped about the Matchbox Twenty show tonight.  But, mostly to see Rob.  Yay!  It’s been a few years since our last show and we’ve waited long enough.  Thanks again, K, for the tickets!  We owe you!

Since you all can’t be there to watch two preggos act crazy, I thought you could watch a few MB20 videos to see what you’ll be missing.  Enjoy and be very, very jealous 🙂

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Wooo, Ingrid! Finally.

That’s right.  I finally saw an Ingrid Michaelson show!!  Woooo!  I’ve been waiting and waiting, not so patiently and k got me tickets to see her last night.  It was an amazing show and I love every minute of it.  Well, except for the 12 year olds in front of us who were constantly making out.  Ew, the boy had braces.  It could not have been a pleasant experience.

K’s friend, who books bands, actually got us the tickets for free {happy dance}, and it was in a quaint little warehouse that only holds 1500 people, so we were very close to the stage.  The last few shows we’ve been to have been in large arenas so we’ve had seats.  I forgot what my younger concert days were like…pushing to get closer to the stage, people spilling beer on your feet, folks flailing to the music, and lots of smelly people.

If it were for anybody else, I would have said nothankyou and went to the back.

But not for Ingrid.

I pushed right back.  I stomped on people’s feet after they stepped on mine.  I gave nasty glares to the 12 year olds in front of me (the kid’s head was huge!  His poor mom!).  I almost punched a crazy lady when she asked who Ingrid was and whether or not she was a country singer.  Umm, excuse me? Why are you here?  Go flail at home!

All to see my favorite singer.

It was totally worth it.

She was amazing live and she sang some of my favorite songs.  I wish I could have had you all there with me.  Instead of the 12 year olds sucking face in front of me.  That’s how much I love you.

Oh, and we were probably some of the oldest people there.  That was depressing.  It made me mad because I have been listening to Ingrid for longer than these pups have been.  K told me I’ve been listening to her for longer than they have been alive.  Ha.  Probably true.

Sorry the pictures are pretty grainy.  I can only do so much with my iPhone camera.  But, you do get a lovely shot of people’s heads.  You’re welcome.  Short legs, what can I say.

So, the point of this post is…
If you ever get the chance to see Ingrid Michaelson live, DO IT!  You will not be disappointed.

If you have no idea who she is, then I’m sorry, but we can no longer be friends.  It’s just the way it is.  (If you want to make it up to me, go here, here, and here, and then report back on how much you love her).

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