Family visits JR

Sorry for the lack of posts recently…we’ve been very busy around here.  The last two weekends, we’ve had family in town visiting and meeting JR for the first time.

We had a great time with my parents and K’s parents, and so did JR.  She loved being spoiled with cuddles from both sets of grandparents.  We are now recuperating and trying to get back into the swing of things before our next set of visitors come in 2 weeks (yay!).

Papa is comfy!

Grandma & Papa G

Cuddles from Grandma M

Enjoy your day,


Doppleganger {d&k}

Ok, so not a look-alike {d&k} but we did meet another {d&k} couple.

We were at a gala on Friday night and at our table, actually sitting next to us, was another Dani & Kevin.  Seriously.  How weird is that?

I’ve never met another couple with our names.  Sure, I’ve met other Kevins and other Danis…heck, we have friends named Dani and Kevin.  But never another Dani & Kevin couple.  We were all shocked by it.

And, it’s just so random.  Out of the 7 million people in the Dallas Metroplex, and then out of the 3,000 people at the gala, we sit next to another Dani & Kevin.  The world feels smaller now, somehow.

And the new Dani & Kevin were very sweet and funny.  We decided we all need to get together soon because it was just too weird that we all met.  It has to be a sign or some sorts.


Well, that’s my randomness from the weekend.  I have a lot more to share with you, including pictures.  Get excited.  I also have to write about my weekend projects that I have yet to do, hehe.  It was cold here.  I mean, in the 30s.  What the pluck, Texas?!  And, it snowed here last night.  I know all of my Ohioans are doing a little happy dance right now.  And I deserve that.  I have been taunting them for months with our warm, Texas “winter”,  but don’t dance for too long.  It didn’t stick.  Ha!  So, I’m not sure it can even be counted.

And, guess what?!  My parents and bestest will be in on Thursday & Friday!  Yippee!!  I can.not wait.  I miss them all so much!  K is super excited too.  We can’t wait to show them around our new city and enjoy really, really good food.  Oh, and the pups all got a bath yesterday (photos coming soon) so they smell good not-so-bad-anymore for their grandma and grandpa (or, as we have to say around here so they don’t get fired up, g-ma and g-pa).


Happy Monday!
Enjoy your day,