Inappropriate or Awesome, Vol. 3

It’s been awhile since I have had an Inappropriate or Awesome post.  Sometimes I don’t stumble upon anything good and then all at once, there’s a bunch.  Well, you are in luck because I have some good ones.

Are you ready?!
It’s INAPPROPRIATE (but a little awesome) to make tails for your cell phone.
I think it’s inappropriate for a 30-year-old, soon to be mother, to carry a cell phone with a tail. But, the middle-schooler in me was jumping up and down with excitement.

It’s AWESOME that there is a neighborhood up in Plano that goes all out for Christmas! If your house wasn’t decorated, you got shunned. I mean, the houses that weren’t decorated (and there were only a few) didn’t even have any lights on. I’m pretty sure the neighbors cut the power.


It’s INAPPROPRIATE how much I think this woman resembles a garden gnome. Poor, little old lady. Do you think she knows?!

It’s AWESOME how good K is at Christmas gifts and presenting them. Here is a gift he got me this year. See if you can figure it out:




It’s AWESOME that I am the new proud owner of a circular saw. Watch out, Bob Vila, I’m coming for you! Thanks, K! AWESOME Christmas gift!!
It is also INAPPROPRIATE that I look that bad on Christmas morning. And, that I didn’t fight a photo. Ugh. Poor k.

I can’t decide if it’s INAPPROPRIATE or AWESOME that my friends think of me when watching Gremlins. Hopefully it’s because I’m cute and sweet like the mogwai (spelling?!?!) and not because if you get me wet after midnight I turn into a gremlin. I mean, who likes to get wet after midnight?!!?   Hmmmm…

It’s INAPPROPRIATE for a shop in Michigan to have a canoe full of taxidermy animals (with paddles). It’s even more INAPPROPRIATE for me to stand there, petting each one individually while asking, “Was this one real?!” (The fox was the softest, btw).

It is AWESOME that K bought this outfit for Phil. It is also AWESOME that they make an outfit like this for newborn girls. Haha.

It is INAPPROPRIATE for this to be your vanity plate:
It’s also INAPPROPRIATE for {d&k} to try to guess what it says. I’m still going for “Fart Maker.” And, ew. Someone at the DMV is getting a kick out of bad license plates and their stupid owners.


Thanks for stopping by!  Go find something Inappropriate and/or Awesome today!


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