I think it’s time for another countdown!

Yes, that’s right.  It has been way too long since our last countdown.  Here is what {d&k} are looking forward to:


12 days until Christmas (I feel a song coming on)

13 days until we are back in Ohio/Michigan to visit with family and friends (I’m sure I can think of a song for this too)


And, that’s it.  Now it seems pretty uneventful.  Only two things made the countdown.  Now, I could have given you our schedule of events while we are in Ohio and Michigan but I think that’s probably more information that you’re here looking for.  Am I right?!  So, we’ll leave it at that pitiful little countdown.

But yay for only 12 days until Christmas!  Seriously, where has the time gone?  Thankfully I’m finished with my Christmas shopping.  Now, all we have left is to ship a few things off.  Ooh, and make Christmas cookies.  That’s this weekends project.  Get excited for pictures.  And pack.  We’ll have to pack sometime soon.  But, then we are done and we get to enjoy our first Christmas together as a family (of 3, sort of).  Yay! We have a few Christmas traditions we’ve started over the years and I’m excited to add to those.  Yay for Christmas!

Yay for Christmas!!


Enjoy your day,


Projects, Vol. 1

I love projects.  Lately, I’ve been finding inspiration on Pinterest.  Haha, go figure.

Anyways, I revamped this plain lamp shade ($8 from Target) by hand writing the lyrics from one of my favorite songs.  It was super easy and since it’s hand written, it does not have to be perfect.  Clearly, mine is not.  And I’m ok with that.  If you are a perfectionist, you may want to use a stencil.  K really wanted me to use a stencil.  Hah.  No thank you.  I like the imperfection of my own hand writing.  Plus, a stencil doesn’t really go with our home.  Everything is miss-matched, antique, hand-me-downs.  Imperfectly perfect for {d&k}.  A stencil would throw that off.

Anyways, here is the lamp shade.  Pretty cute, huh?  And, here is a the song that inspired it.

Next, I revamped this wooden cubby that k bought me a few years ago.  I think it is adorable but I had a hard time trying to figure out what to use it for.  The cubbies are pretty small and I could never find the perfect spot for their piece of furniture.  And then, it hit me…why not use it as a tea-cup holder for my slowly growing tea-cup collection?!  So, after a little revamping, that’s what I did.
Here’s how the project went down:

1.  Original Cubby:

2. Remove the backing, so I can hang it on the wall.

3. Prime it!

4. Paint it!  I gave the cubby 2 really good coats and then went back and touched up any areas that needed it.

6. Take inside.  Hang on wall.  Add tea cups.  Admire your hard work.

* Note – If your husband gets upset that you spray painted on the grass, remind him it could be worse.  You could have spray painted on the patio!

What projects have you been working on lately?

Thanks for stopping by!
Enjoy your day,