I hate snow.  I was not ready for it this year.  At all.  And, I thought I’d just have to see it when we visited our family in Michigan.  Oh no.  I was wrong.

Guess what showed up in TEXAS on Christmas?!  Yep, you guessed it.  Snow.
Texas snow

Then, we get stuck at the airport for 4 hours due to snow in Michigan, which delayed our flight.  When we finally landed in Michigan, there was way too much snow for me.  Way too much.  K said there was a little path cleared for the plane to land on the runway.  That’s why I don’t look out the window when flying.

And then we spent the rest of the trip in this:

Snow.  Everywhere.  And, it was cold.  Like 9 degrees cold.


Thankfully when we got back to Dallas, it was in the 50s.  I’ve only been gone a year, Michigan.  I’m not ready for snow yet.

And, I’m happy to report we haven’t had any more snow since we’ve been back. Unfortunately, it is raining right now and going to continue to rain for the next 24 hours. So, we’ve replaced snow with mud. But, at least it is not 9 degrees!


Did anyone else see snow on Christmas?   Anyone else in Texas see snow recently?


Enjoy your day and stay rain and snow free,


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