Weekend Recap

Over the weekend, we ventured out into different suburbs of the Metroplex.  We went to downtown Plano and Grapevine.  We were scoping out antique stores on the hunt for my new office chair, with no such luck.  I think I need to stop looking for it and the chair will find me.  Come to me, little chair!

Anyways, we had a blast!  We went to the “older” parts of these two towns and wandered down the cobblestone streets and in and out of every shop.  We also had some really, really good food.

We noticed that every shop in Grapevine has what looks like a banker’s vault in the back and the shops have turned it into a little room with goodies in there.  Well, after noticing about 3 of these, k asks one of the shop owners if her shop was a bank at one time because of the vault.  She said that we were in Bonnie and Clyde territory and that all the shops had these vaults to hide their valuables, incase Bonnie and Clyde came through town.  How cool is that?!  You could totally picture that.  You could see the horses coming down the street, instead of cars. The horse hitching posts are still outside every shop.  It is a very cool town.  We are actually going back this weekend for their Grape Fest and wine tasting.  Yum!

So, here are the few pictures that I snapped of our outing.  Enjoy!

{d&k} in downtown Plano.

Only in Texas will you see life-size statues of farm animals. And, k has to pose with every one of them!

Antiques! No chairs though 😦

Yummy pizza. If you are ever in Plano, TX, stop by Urban Crust. It was amazing.

K found this sign and he thinks it fits him pretty well.

We went to a wine bar in Grapevine. Yes, those are wines on tap! We didn’t get any of those because they had house wine half off! Yes, please!

Downtown Grapevine.

K, skating with some statue kids. Don’t fall, k!

D found a sign that fits her to the T!

K posing with some really creepy man!

The town is getting ready for Halloween.

Again, only in Texas will you find life-size statues of animals.  K would have posed, but it was in the median and we were driving.

Well, there you have it.  That was our weekend adventure, summed up nicely with little pictures.  You’re welcome!


Enjoy your day,


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