Well, that was short-lived….literally

Remember Harrison, my fish?

Well, he’s dead.

Yep.  He lived all of one week, to the day.

But, he had a good life.  He wasn’t living in a bucket with 100s of other goldfish.  He had his own bowl.  Some rocks.  And a shrub.

Apparently carnival fish have a much shorter life span than they used to.  When I was younger, I won a fish at the carnival, named him Jaws, and watched that thing grow for years.  He lived for a long time.  And, I really do mean years!  I think at one point we were trying to kill him because we were convinced he was Supermanfish.

Quite honestly, I’m surprised Harrison didn’t go sooner.  I mean, I have two giant dog-cats who had been eyeing his bowl that entire week.  I’m glad he went on his own, and not due to a cat fang puncture wound.

I had a nice burial at sea for him.  As he was swirling around the toilet bowl, I told him to “find Nemo.”  I hope he does.

Happy swimming, little guy.


Enjoy your day,





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