Inappropriate or Awesome, Vol. 2

Yay!  It’s time for Inappropriate or Awesome!  I’ll let you be the judge…


Let’s just start off with a very Inappropriate salon name turned bad text message strand:
It’s INAPPROPRIATE to name your salon “The Pretty Kitty” and sell waxing discounts on Groupon.
It’s INAPPROPRIATE for us to come up with similar, yet better, names.  I win, by the way.



It is INAPPROPRIATE to stalk your wife.  K, you are a creeper.





It’s AWESOME that I am the proud, new owner of a Bedazzler!  It’s also a little inappropriate that I am just now buying this.  Hello, 80s!  What can I sparkle-up for you?  Jeans?  Cowboy hat?  The possibilities are endless!



It is AWESOME that k has sock tan lines.  It looks like he has white socks on, all.the.time.  It’s hilarious!  Especially when he wears flip-flops.  You’d think wearing flip-flops and socks would be uncomfortable.  And, it’s not the best fashion statement I’ve ever seen.  Feel free to jump in here anytime!




It’s AWESOME that I found this fuzzy dog that looks like Uma.  It’s inappropriate that I am that happy to be holding it and nuzzling it in the middle of a shop.  K, sometimes you shouldn’t take me out in public.  However, if you are looking for a birthday present for me, I think this is a pretty good hint!  He can sleep with us in bed!!!!!!!!


I hope you enjoyed this installment of Inappropriate or Awesome!  What have you done or seen lately that is inappropriate or awesome?


More Inappropriate or Awesome, here.


Enjoy your day & go do something Awesome!  Or Inappropriate.  Or BOTH!!


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