79 days

I just saw a countdown today.

It scared me.

It said 79 days until Mini Mullan’s arrival.

79 DAYS!  Holy cow.


We’ve been very busy getting ready for Mini Mullan’s arrival.  I thought we were doing okay.  That is, until I saw the 79 number on the countdown.  79.  That’s not that many days.

We had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and Mini Mullan is doing great!  She’s right on schedule.  Keep up the good work, little one!  And, we had to register for the childbirth class.  Eep.  I’m not really looking forward to this.  I think this class is going to make me worried, scared or have anxiety that I really don’t want.  I’ve been pretty good up until this point.  Not really worrying about anything, especially not delivery.  Maybe because it seemed so far off.  Damn you, 79 days.  I also haven’t been worrying about that because she has to come out one way or another, haha.  And, I really like and trust my doctor, so I’m not worried about the process.  But, I’m sure this class will change all of that.  And, I’m not going to lie.  I’m naive.  I like it in my bubble.  It’s clean and warm.  Perfect for this little germaphobe.  I’m okay with not knowing things.  Really okay.  And, so is K.  He’s a fight or flight kind of guy.  If he knows too much going in, he’s likely to pass out.  No joke.  Head on the floor.  We’ve already warned our doctor.  So, the less he knows, the better.  We’ll see how this class goes.  You may see a bit more panicky posts from me.  You’ve been warned.

We also had to register at the hospital.  Yep, this just got real.  Aside from the wiggly, little alien inside of me, trying to claw her way out, it hasn’t really felt that real yet.  And now, dun, dun dun, it does.  That, and the fact that we’ll be seeing our doctor every 2 weeks now.  That makes it real.  Oh yeah, and those pesky 79 days.

And today, we went and interviewed a daycare.  We really liked it and we hope they turn out to be the best one for us.  We are still looking into a few others, just for comparison.  But so far, we think we know who we want to go with.

So, see…I think I’m doing okay for only 79 days out.  Right?  RIGHT?!?!  Someone tell me yes so I can stop freaking out.  And, the nursery is finished.  That’s huge.  And, we have one more shower here in Texas to look forward to and then we’ll be all set.  I hope.  Fingers crossed.

Well, we do need to work on dog-cat #2.  I think he’s going to be the one affected by Mini Mullan the most.  He’s pretty attached to me.  He has to be on my lap every chance he gets.  I’m worried he’s going to try to lay on top of the baby while I’m holding her.  I wouldn’t put it past him.  And, he’s already tried nesting in her crib.  That is why her door must remained closed at all times.  I can definitely see dog-cat #2 cuddling up with her in her crib.  Did I say cuddling?  I meant smothering.  Have you seen how fluffy he is?!  So, any suggestions on how to get an overly attached cat ready for a baby?  I’m not worried about the pups and dog-cat #1 at all.  The pups love kids and become very protective little watch dogs.  And, dog-cat #1 could care less.  He’ll ignore and avoid her and me at first.  Then, when he realizes I’m still feeding him and he still gets to sleep with me at night, we’ll be best friends again.

Well, there you have it.  79 days until Mini Mullan.  Get ready, world.


Enjoy your day,




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