Everything’s Bigger In Texas

…including the bugs

…and their shadows!

We have these beetles that only come out at night and attach themselves to our screen door and wait to come in.  Uma treats them as a delicacy, slowly waiting to pounce and devour them.  The crunching of their bodies in between her teeth grosses me out.

The beetles are so big, they set our motion detector lights off.  Sometimes the pugs don’t even set those lights off!

While the motion lights are on, the beetles will fly over to the screen…but since it’s dark, you can’t see them, just their huge shadows.  It looks as if a bird is heading straight for the house.  I’ve nicknamed these bugs birdbugs, for that very reason.  (I’m very creative with my nicknames.  I put tremendous thought into them).

I do not like bugs.  At all.  And here, the bugs are big.  I mean, what bugs have their own shadows?!

K said the birds take cover in the birdbug’s shadows to stay out of the heat.  It’s probably true!  These things are huge, people.

Every time I see a shadow, I dive inside for protection.  The dogs think I’m nuts.  K thinks I’m nuts.  You probably would too.  I’m waiting for the day that I throw myself through the screen door to take cover from a birdbug shadow.  I can see it now…birdbug at full speed, right for my head.  Me, diving through the screen door because I thought it was open.  Landing, painfully, on the wood floor.  Pugs, running around like little banshees, free at last.  K standing over me, angry forehead wrinkle staring down at me.  Then comes the yelling.

I think it’s safe to say that I will be inside this summer, away from all birdbugs and their humongous shadows, thankyouverymuch.

In case you wondering, the saying is true.  Everything IS bigger in Texas.  I’m not sure how I feel about these birdbugs and their creepy shadows.  {Shiver}


Enjoy your day & beware the birdbugs!


What a weekend!


Did you miss me?!  Yay!  I thought you might have.

Sorry I took a mini break.  But, no worries…I’m baaaaack!

The wedding this weekend was fantastic!  Everything went well and the bride and groom looked amazing.
See for yourself:

There were no catastrophes (which there usually are) and everyone had a great time.  The bride said to me at the end of the night that she was sad it went by so fast.  It’s true.  There is so much that happens during a wedding and you are pulled in so many directions that it is very hard to take a step back and really enjoy the moment.

It was a very, very long day for the Queen B and me.  (I’m not sure if I told you that the owner of Bee for the Day, Queen B, was coming in to help me with this wedding.  Queen B is an amazing wedding coordinator and a fantastic friend, so we had a great weekend!)

We didn’t end up getting home from the wedding reception until around 3:00am, and of course, we were wired from working all day that we didn’t go to bed until 4:00am.  Ugh.  I easily could have slept the entire next day.  But, I couldn’t.  We had some serious shopping to do!!  And we did, too!   I mean, come on…we totally deserved it.  We had a very successful 1st wedding in Dallas!

So, the wedding set-up, rehearsal, and actual day-of took up the majority of our weekend.  We did manage to find time for food, shopping, food, shopping, and more food.  Queen B found a little extra time to cuddle with the animals too.  And, she did assist Elvis in running into the screen door.  It was great!  Absolutely hilarious.  And, since k upgraded the screen to heavy-duty, Elvis didn’t go through it!  But, you know what was NOT hilarious?!  K didn’t get mad at Queen B.  He laughed.  Now, if that were me doing it (again), he would have yelled.  Whatevs K, whatevs.

So, that was our weekend.  I’m so happy the wedding went well and my first wedding with Bee for the Day – Dallas was a success!  I cannot wait to start booking more!!

Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy your day,

I swear that door was just open a minute ago…

Ever walked into a screen door?  You have?  Well, don’t feel so bad.  Almost every member of {d&k}s zoo has too.  This weekend.  In fact, it may have all happened in the same day.

Our french doors leading from the family room to the backyard did not have a screen door and it’s been so nice here that I told k I wish I could open those doors to get some fresh air in.  So, k jumps at the opportunity to be handy and takes off for Home Depot. He comes home with a lovely new sliding screen door and puts them up in no time.  We had the doors open, a nice breeze was coming in, and everything was wonderful.

Until I let the pups out.

That’s not the bad part.

The bad part is when I tried to let the pups in.

I was standing at the screen door, calling them, getting ready to open it when Elvis comes barreling around the corner of the house, full speed, and slams right into the screen door, tearing the screen at the bottom.  Then he stands there, shakes his head, and tried to come through it.  Again.

Meanwhile, k is yelling at me because I didn’t have the door open.  I don’t want bugs in the house.  I though the pugeranian might be smart enough to know when the door is open or closed and not try to run right through it.  I was wrong.  And k was mad.

So, take #2.  Again, all the pups are outside and it’s dark out now.  I call the pups and this time Uma (the greyhound.  the 75 pound, all muscle greyhound) comes running around the corner.

And straight through the screen.

And into the family room.

And then the yelling began.  K was really mad that time.  Again, I thought I had time in between calling them and opening the door.  Apparently not.

Now, Uma is very cautious when coming in or out of the door.  She stands there and hesitates for a minute, just to make sure the screen is open. Ha.  Too bad it took her running through it and k yelling to understand the difference between an open and closed door.

I’m pretty sure another one of the zoo members went through the screen at some point, but since it was completely torn across the bottom and up the side, who knows who or what came and went as they pleased.

So, today k is out buying a dog-strength screen to replace the current screen.  Fingers crossed that no more members of the zoo go through the screen and that k doesn’t have to yell anymore.  Fingers crossed.


Enjoy your day,