One Week

One week.

That’s how long it will be until I see my k again.  7 days. 

They cannot come soon enough. 

This has been the longest month ever.  Even longer than the month of October when k moved to Texas before me. 

I also miss my little, squishy faced dogs.  And the big, dumb dog too. 

I can’t wait to be back in my own bed, cuddled up with k and a pug or 2.  Hurry up, 7 days! 

But, I will say that this week will be the busiest week since I’ve been here, so hopefully these next 7 days will fly by.  I shouldn’t even have that much time to think about it.  So, I guess I have that going for me. 

Ok, let’s go, 7 days.  Quickly!


Enjoy your day,